Trying Corn Starch for the First time | Choking on Corn Starch | ASMR Corn Starch

Enjoy this ASMR video with many triggers and guaranteed tingling; I know you'll find something to help you relax. There are many wrinkles; tapping, chewing gum, clicking noises on the gums, colorful lipstick applications and soothing soft whispers spoken in all my ASMR videos created with you in mind for your entertainment and entertainment purposes.

These sounds can be used to help you sleep, study, relax, clear your mind, get more clarity and creativity. I hope these videos offer some relief with your anxiety, depression, sleep problems and, however, find them beneficial for you and your personal situation and an additional advantage for your lifestyle.

Frequent questions:
Canon EOS Rebel SL2 camera
MOVO microphone
Blue Yeti Microphone
EFS camera lens 18-55mm

What is ASMR: Autonomic sensorial response of meridians, is described as a pleasant tingling sensation that can be felt most often in the back of the scalp, neck and spine, but is not limited to this area.

It is difficult to describe the ASMR to people because everyone has different triggers, therefore, everyone can experience different tingles and satisfactions.

You can experience ASMR in your daily life without knowing it; If you like to listen to something over and over again, that helps you to relax, to fall asleep or the touch of something brings you peace and tranquility, or simply the appearance of something gives you pleasure and relaxes you, then you have experienced ASMR.

If you think you have never experienced ASMR, you can easily find your trigger or triggers by watching ASMR videos or listening to different sounds. Because each person has different triggers, what gives them relaxation or puts them to sleep may not work for you.

The way a person speaks or speaks can be a trigger for you; It is possible that your voice is very relaxing and peaceful, allowing you to enter a mental state of peace.

This quiet stay can make you fall asleep, help you relax, help you study, help you think more clearly and much, much more. Often, you can get a clear point of view of things once you are in a relaxed state of mind.

It has also been known that ASMR helps many people with depression, anxiety and insomnia. Everyone has their own reasons to use ASMR and see ASMRISTS.

Consult a professional if you have a mental health problem; please do not use ASMR to replace your therapy: ASMR is meant for entertainment, as it can help you with some minor sleep problems, such as white noises that help you fall asleep and relax, but never intends to replace your medications or your doctor.

Observation massage ** The best head massage of Baba Worlds **
Watching a person concentrate and describe something about what there is passion ** The deep voice of Bob Ross talks about painting, scraping sounds, brushing sounds. The ancestor of ASMR **
Whispering ** Maria GentleWhispering the queen of ASMR **

Listen to someone's voice and their way of speaking.
Soft spoken voices and certain accents.
Movements of the hand
Seeing someone focus on a task
Personal attention – like a haircut
Any type of role play, the best, are those that involve personal attention for you, exams, facial brushing.
Seeing someone draw or paint
Sounds: wrinkles, tapping, scratching and multi-layers of different sounds together

So sit back and relax; close your eyes if you want and go to a calm and relaxed state until you forget all your worries. Enjoy the soft whispers of my beloved voice and let go of your hair, take off your shoes and socks and let everything worry.

I would love to know what your triggers are and what gave you the most relaxation in my videos; Feel free to let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe, like the video, activate the notification ring and be sure to come back for another video. Thank you very much for joining me today; It really means a lot to me !!!!

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Video credits to ASMR Tingle Queen YouTube channel

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Trying Corn Starch for the First time | Choking on Corn Starch | ASMR Corn Starch

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