TRT CONFESSION… (I wish I’d known this before starting Testosterone)

TRT has been a complete game-changer, and if you're struggling with chronic fatigue, low motivation, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction … A low test could be the cause.

Since I started TRT, my game has exploded, and women may feel that I am a more alpha and dominant person. Women are naturally attracted to me now.

I have more impulse, more desire to crush him in life.

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    TRT CONFESSION… (I wish I’d known this before starting Testosterone)

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    1. realy happy for ya bro… i just found out that mine is even lower at age 28 and had all systomes for all these years and didnt know

    2. I went to the doctor and my T levels were 240. I was put on TRT and after 6 weeks I feel amazing.

    3. I understand you perfectly. I had hiperprolactinemia (totally fucked up hormones) for like 12 years.

    4. the men who have 800 in the morning he will have 500 or even lower in the evening ,i see two man have testosterone level between 840 and 475 all in the morning so the norman male can have different levels in the same hour. i think this is exaggerated symptoms and that's not just becaus of trt

    5. Test by itself is not good at all, you should be giving advice about way to combat the sides. They will come, testosterone aromatizes(converts) into Estorgen, and DHT; DHT is the hormone which causes acne and hairloss. And your balls will shrink down to peanuts. That's why you need HCG, but that causes your body to aromatize faster over time. You'll slowly turn yourself into a women if you keep fucking with your hormones. What are going to do for pct cause prolonged use is very bad for your body. Just things to think about. Your libido will go up first month then shoot down lower then it ever has due to high estrogens in your body…

    6. very informative thank you very much i will be getting tested later this week i assume.

    7. You will 100% regret this decision one day, just watch.

      Wont be long before you need to start taking an anti estrogen, after that HCG, and then maybe another drug. Pinning yourself the rest of your life.

      You seem to have a very immature outlook and reek of psychological issues, your intro into the video is fucking bizarre. Also having a testosterone above 400ng means the symptoms you were having were not from a lack of T. It might be that exogenous testosterone is making up for the symptoms but they were not the root of your cause.

      Just watch a few years down the road when you start getting issues. For now, enjoy the ride while it last.

      Testosterone does not mean Jack shit also, you need to look at estrogen and Free T. The fact that you didnt even mention this shows your lack of knowledge at the time. You are just getting high of the feelgood dopamine that T produces. But there Will come an end to that. Just wait and see

    8. I’m 17 and I have 232.. hope this helps me 🙁 i want to look better and feel better. I feel like I’m not even a man and i just hate my body it sucks

    9. My testosterone level was way below yours (159) before starting doctor prescribed injections. Despite having low testosterone I am a huge mofo cuz I spent 25+ years working out. IMO your 400+ test level was great. Don’t treat TRT like a joke. It will permanently lower your natural testosterone level. Heavily increasing your chance of early death. It forces you to stay on TRT for life. After spending a considerable time on TRT you can never go back. Low testosterone is associated with insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, immune disorders, heart disease etc. Remember that once you start you can’t quit because your T levels will never come back. You’d be surprised what 8 hours of sleep, healthy eating and exercise/weight lifting can do for your health and happiness. Try that first.

    10. F you all I am 20 and have a level of 129 ng/dl. I see a neuro endocrinologist she explained to me that normal levels are in between 250-850. According to the drug and food administration I belive it said 400-1200. I am about to start it threw a doctors supervision.

    11. 430ng is not a low amount of testosterone for someone your age it falls right within the standard deviation. You shouldn’t be on TRT when you’re under 25 and not under 300ng, your endocrine system hasn’t fully matured and you can cause serious long term damage. Especially when you are self monitoring and treating yourself outside of professional care.

    12. So you went through all that just to end up with this haircut ? All that work for nothing 😂

    13. I know what you mean. I mean Im about 20 years old and half the testosterone you had, 220 NG/dl if not lower at times.

    14. 75mg a week is super low I'm surprised you noticed a difference. The problem with low-testosterone and lifestyle is that it is a chicken and egg question; yes, testosterone levels are genetically determined, however, lifestyle does play a major role in your testosterone levels, especially in the "normal" range. So is your lifestyle bad because of testosterone or is your testosterone low because of your lifestyle?

      Sleeping well, having no vitamins and minerals deficiencies, having a balanced diet, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, losing fat, and managing stress all play a significant role in testosterone levels and all the things you mentioned such as libido, stress, and anxiety.

      Also, facial hair surely is correlated with testosterone levels but that doesn't mean it causes it. For example, Asian bodybuilders who have 10x the testosterone levels than the average male still can't grow facial hair because of their genetics.

    15. At the age of 35 I started using testocreme a compounded formula from California. I am one of the original study patients. I used this for 12 years. At the age of 49 I had three clogged arteries and suffered a heart attack. It finally resulted in having open heart surgery. I went to the gym 5 days a week, was fit and looked in good health. Do not use this medicine. I was promised longevity and ended up with heart disease.

    16. where do you buy the testosterone from? any online websites? i would also like to to take take it, i have similar symptoms but all the doctor says is im normal.

    17. Very informative vid man thanks for sharing. Made my anxiety about taking T a lot better.

    18. I am on TRT too, but I am several times your age. You likely know this, but Testosterone alone will shrink your nads and eliminate sperm production. If you use it long enough it will not come back. For me, I don't care. I have five kids and so I don't care if they shrink to the size of a marble. A lot of young men will think that they don't care about children; live for the moment and all. Don't be too quick about eliminating the possibility. Besides there are approaches to TRT that will allow you to keep your ability to father children as well. You can have both. Good luck.

    19. Thank for your video. I’m 23 and my levels are 117 ng/dl and my doctors are refusing to prescribe me trt. I guess I’m gonna get trt from outside of hospitals.

    20. exactly my story bro. Tried everything, put in so much fucking effort, but nothing would change. Got my T levels checked, they are loww as fuuuuck. Hoping T therapy will finally change things

    21. Hey Nick do you take an aromatase inhibitors to lower estrogen/estradiol? Also how old are you now man? Any issues with red blood cell count or hematocrit?

    22. The skrillex haircut is your problem, not low t or lack of facial hair. Low t doesn’t mean trt, there is a clear algorithm to lh, fsh and free test values. I sincerely doubt you ever brought a single girl at your place with this haircut.

    23. How old were you when you started using finasteride, how old are you now, any side effects?

    24. Mine is about 450, and my doctors were hesistant. I think it was like 425 before. It didn't improve much after a couple of months so I'm assuming it was small doses by my urologist. The thing is I'm 24 and over 200 pounds so I believe that if I just lift weights and build muscle and stop receiving injections that my testosterone will be fine. I'm guessing me being overweight was why it was kind of low in the first place.

    25. Do you watch a lot of pornography? Maybe this could be the reason of low T levels. Also careful with the Kratom. It's not well researched and some people have coincidentally gotten jaundice while on it. Well at least make your money before it gets scheduled.

    26. Few comments/questions:
      1) I'm also 21, got my levels checked and came back at 452 ng/dL. However, I don't suffer from all the negative things that u were suffering from, not many issues w/ libido, drive etc so like u mentioned, genetics do play a role. I've always contemplated the whole TRT thing b/c my doctor says the same thing "its good enough."
      2) Do u monitor/manage other blood work too like lipids, hematocrit, RBC count, WBC etc while on TRT?
      3) How much has doubling ur T levels affected ur muscle mass/gains as compared to when it was in the 400s?
      4) What testosterone ester are u using and at what frequency? cyp, prop, enanthate etc?
      5) Have ur balls shrank/became nonexistent since ur getting an exogenous source of test?

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