Toyota Celica GT4 track racing

Track races Celica GT4. More fun and then racing really;)

Video focused on two Celica GT4 Limied Edition Carlos Sainz. I'm driving one of them, a friend the other

Video credits to Kenneth Ellefsen YouTube channel

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    Toyota Celica GT4 track racing

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    1. Those red gt4 are st185 right I want the st205 version it looks epic XD nice drifts I want these to be my first car gotta what a few months and a year to get my drivers license my best friend older brother got his and his dad has a car in the garage for him I'm so jealous T_T

    2. It depends, on the tight slow bends in the video I started the drift by a jerk of the ebreak, followed by power. But on the fast corner after the straight, I did a scandinavian flick, followed by power, i.e at 2:51. And before you go mental on me about gearboxes and diffs and 50/50 and breakage…I do not have a stock rear diff, I have a limited slip cusco racing diff, so unlike the stock torsen diff, it will slip instead of break. 🙂

    3. The Celicas in the video has 4wd, of course the "drifting" is not spectacular, we are just having fun, given the limited space on this particular outdoors go-cart track 😉

    4. hmm you can really drift a 4wd car, especially on a loose surface, but for tarmac I agree, 4wd can be difficult to break traction and maintain a drift for any length of time.

    5. 4wd car is bad for drifting lol, unless you remove the front drive, all the 4wd car that use in D1 drift have been removed of its front drive, dont get fool by the look of a 4wd drive car its actually a rear wheel drive, the subaru,evo,skyline and others

    6. That was my favorite part about the Celi… always had a great feel behind the wheel.

    7. gotta give this a go in my GT4. done the off-road rally thing recently, along a beach, drifting through the shallow surf, it's so easy to get these things to hold some mad AWD powerslides on the hard sand, fun too!

    8. @BCmountainDriver No, but I can do that same course without ever screaching my tires.. why the fuck buy 800$ tires only to fucking ruin them by driving like a fucking moron that needs prosack?

    9. @Branden1119 hey let em. but they are saying they are selling them. you have any idea what driving a car that way does? and besides they aren't even controlled maneuvres. stfu. and no i dont' drive my truck or my car that way~!

    10. the way you people are driving them, i wouldn't take them if you paid me. that isn't driving at all. you shouldn't be hearing skidding as you're going around the corners. a sad sad day for the gt4

    11. oh sorry, yes that's what I mean ( i'm dutch ), tires in dutch = wielen, so I translated it to wheel ^.^

    12. Handbrake turns should be fine as long as you step on the clutch, otherwise you can easily burn centre diff, same as in subaru.

    13. There's plenty of them in the UK, mostly Japan imports, just look on eBay if you're interested. The only problem is that I would swap 4yr old WRX for over 10yrd old GT4 and we all know these cars are not driven slowly to local supermarket. I would need a second car for everyday use for my family and don't have space now. Anyway, GT4's are amazing machines and one day I'll get it just for fun. 🙂

    14. i would get gt4 way better the wrx but good luck on finding one, it took 6 years for me to find one, an it was a parts car for someone else project. I'm way happy with mine. I don't play in the drit much but its awsome when dump about 5k in engine mods. Close to 350 hp and 290 trq

    15. Is it oversteering by nature or you played some tricks to make it go sideways? I'm somewhat dissapointed with my WRX understeering like a fat pig in the dirt and GT4 is on my 'cars to consider' list.

    16. the black saloon is a sierra sapphire has a cosworth turbo engine came in rwd and 4×4, wouldnt have the handling capabilities keep up with celica on this small track which looks to me like a go kart track… lol at volvo bein a nuisance definitley has no buisness bein there

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