Top Anxiety Chest Pain Triggers!

Here are my main anxiety factors related to chest pain! Chest pain is another common symptom of anxiety! It can be very scary and often send people to panic or to the hospital! Muscle tension was the culprit of most of my anxiety chest pain. I had horrible heart anxiety and I was able to concentrate my negative energy on the middle and left sides of my chest. This would send me into a panic attack! I had panic disorder so I would have panic attacks 5 to 10 times a day. I would confuse panic attacks due to heart attacks due to the intense pain in my chest that I would experience. So, how can we overcome anxiety or overcome anxiety disorder? These are tips you should try every day to stop your anxiety! Do not skip any day and remember that there will still be bad days. It's how we handle bad days, that determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your causes of anxiety! Practice gratitude every day! Everyone has something to be grateful for! Be sure to exercise daily, eat healthy, keep a diary, take a multivitamin, practice meditation in the mornings and afternoons, practice cbt, continue with counseling or therapy as an option, see positive affirmations and videos of Asmr, join online support groups and the most important thing is to do this every day and do not give up! Thank you very much for the comment, keep in touch and subscribe if you have not had the opportunity.

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    Top Anxiety Chest Pain Triggers!

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    1. Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! For more Resources or Books on Defeating Anxiety, Click the Description Above! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe, hit that notification bell next to it for updates, like this video, hit up my social networks above in the description & Join the facebook group for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attack Support!

    2. I have every single one of these triggers!!! I’ve never heard of anyone having these exact things I have! The times when I don’t think about heart stuff for a long time I have way less chest symptoms but everything in my body wants me to believe the chest symptoms I have are heart related.

    3. I smoke to and always worry that I shouldn't be doing it do you feel better now that you don't smoke πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    4. Great videos bro u dont know how much this has helped me.. just wanted to ask u.. I feel like am on the process of recovery still have ups and downs. I felt the way u did it was all bout worrying bout my heart I feel like am doing better but still feel like I have heart pain like small pinches or just some small pain then it goes away and comes back . Do u think its still form the fear that I had? I did go to the hospital cuz I thought I was having a heart attack but the ekg,xray and blood wrk all came out good. So wanted to ask u if that's normal. Thanks again bro for all ur time and dedication on ur videos!!

    5. Mate, you're describing my life right now. The word heart triggers me, as does chest pain. Tests have revealed I have a strong, healthy heart but the negative voice in my head refuses to accept its anxiety. Panic disorder, health anxiety and GAD are a curse. Just started my journey dealing with them. But shared experience is a great comfort. Glad to know I'm not alone.

    6. I’ve been struggling the past few weeks. I think I’ve watched most of your videos, and can relate to all of them. Sometimes just listening helps. Thanks a lot man. You give me hope

    7. Chest pain is a serious issue of mine, this video, as well as the others, was very relatable. It still blows my mind how similar I find my situation with many others on this channel. Sometimes it can feel so isolating and impossible to explain, but all of you get it x's 1,000. I am thankful to have this channel and the people who watch it.

    8. I've been there for 5 years. It's a terrible loop of fear that screws you up. Eventually you won't want to walk up stairs, lift a bag of groceries or go anywhere. Just live life without fear as fear is the enemy of freedom and happiness. My anxiety started getting worse and worse since last August and came to the peak last week after months of going to GPs and feeling really scared all day every day. I had a melt down and ended up in ER. When they said I was okay, I still had terrible doubts. It's absolutely awful and a very destructive habit. You even question your own sanity!!!

      What you describe is exactly what I felt and experienced. Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. Walk 3 miles every day, eat less and eat well. Meditate, be calm and allow yourself to be yourself. Keep busy and do what you love. Keep your loved ones in your daily actions and help others. Be bold and take command of your live, it's your life, anxiety is only a habit of faulty thinking. Get up and dump it like a bad friend that sucks you dry.

      Trey, I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and may the New Year be one of great adventure and freedom from self doubt and past demons. You have helped me in many ways with the bravery and honesty you display in your videos. God Bless.

    9. Trey what about your weight-lifting? Doing bench press and chest exercises can increase chest pain/soreness . Should we avoid them as a trigger? What did you do?

    10. Hi Trey happy holidays! Have you ever taken SSRI? I took it for two days and it freaked me out at first. I felt so amazing on the second day but all the side effects and all the videos I watched on YouTube made me discontinue use. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia along with my anxiety and panic disorder so it really helped a lot with those things even though I only took it for two days. maybe it was placebo effect but I feel like I had never felt better in my life so naturally I wanted to hold onto that feeling I haven’t taken it in about a week now and I am back to what is considered normal for me, so not feeling great but I also don’t feel horrible. I do everything I can to try to stay healthy. I eat a very clean diet, (only vegetables and fish) very low sugar, I try to stay away from foods that cause inflammation in the body I don’t drink anymore (besides wine or champagne on very special occasions) and try to work out when I can (very low energy due to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia) but I just feel like nothing is helping. what is your take on SSRI’s?

    11. Im struggling with this right now. Ive had about 4 tests all normal thank the lord above but i still have some minor chest pain and im constantly torturing myself that my heart is not healthy. Yet i bike 2 miles and im completely fine. But like you said seeing all heart related issues scares me and its the worst to look up things. I can relate so much to a tee. Thanks!

    12. It’s so crazy how often a commercial on TV or an ad in the radio would trigger my anxiety about my chest pain and would almost immediately have my chest tighten up. I’m starting to just get use to the idea that the pain isn’t anything serious and I’m slowly but surely trying to get comfortable doing this again like having fun with friends or planning trips to do things. Chest pain is no joke not just because of the pain but the thought of the pain was just as worse if not more worse. I thank you for almost all your videos you post but it’s still isn’t enough to show you how much i appreciate them and appreciate you. You help a lot of people trey thank you!

    13. Can u get nerve symptoms? Besides numbness and tingling? Like head pressure and a weird feeling i cant explain. I’ve done a cat scan

    14. Panick attacks bring chest pains on for me & stress brings chest pains on & if anybody happen says they have chest pain or anything related to that, then feel pain in my chest

    15. I've mistaken panic attacks for heart attacks. I'd go to the ER, they'd do an EKG, and comeback to pat me on the head, give me an Ativan and send me home. I have a history of addiction so anxiety meds are not really a good option. I end up deep breathing, distracting myself, etc… Great video! – Steve

    16. Trey, as well as it being muscle tension because you were so tensed up from being anxious, have you ever thought of it being Gerd? When you are stressed and anxious, acid builds up in your stomach and the acid can also travel up your esophagus causing mid chest pain. That is also a very common thing.

    17. When I have been extremely anxious I won't always get the chest pain but the next day I will feel a heavy tightening pressure on my chest, it scares me! I then try look back and relate it to how anxious I have been in the past few days. All muscle tension, that is all it is.

    18. Do your chest pains begin to evolve? Now im just getting a different kinda pain can run from my chest to my spine? Then guess what? Somehow I manifest the pain into my heart then here we go! Bracing myself for that heart attack!

    19. Going through this today actually all day thinking at work I was going to have a heart attack!!!My anxiety has been really strong the past 2 days.I know though that I am stronger than it!!!Get well Trey as always love the vids!!

    20. Hey bro I am watching your video from india and I have generalized anxiety disorder since many years and not able to get out of this mess.can you share some light on the gad from India

    21. Honest to god this is me, not as bad now. I see a commercial on medical anything, I freak out. Sad part of this Trey I was a rn for almost 29 years. I retired early because of panic disorder. And the always feeling my chest too.

    22. wow i had the exact same experience. the radio one was spot on, i would hear them say "do you know when your heart is sending you a warning?" my god, it still scares me

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