Top 5 Scariest Anxiety Symptoms!

Here are my 5 most fearful anxiety symptoms! Anxiety causes many different sensations and symptoms! Some of these anxiety symptoms can be very scary!
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So how do we overcome anxiety or overcome anxiety disorder? These are tips you should try every day to stop your anxiety! Do not skip any day and remember that there will still be bad days. It is how we handle bad days, which determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your deep causes of anxiety. Practice gratitude every day! Everyone has something to be grateful for! Be sure to exercise every day, eat healthy, keep a diary, take a multivitamin, practice meditation in the mornings and afternoons, practice CBT, maintain orientation or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation videos and others, join to online support groups and The most important thing is to do this every day and don't give up! Thank you very much for the comment, stay in touch and subscribe if you have not had the opportunity!


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*** Disclaimer *** I am not a doctor, therapist or mental health professional. This material is based on my life experiences and other research for educational purposes.

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Top 5 Scariest Anxiety Symptoms!

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  2. Does anyone else's panic episodes feel like a very sudden rush, where you feel like you've got to hold on for the ride, then your heart skips a beat or two and starts racing and you're convinced you're going to pass out/faint, which only amplifies the panic? The episode itself is quick – but the comedown time after is full of apprehensive feelings of doom. I always feel like I know it's anxiety/panic a while after – but right after – I start overthinking and telling myself it's a heart defect etc. Anyone relate???

  3. Headaches is something I suffered from quite badly. I'm off the mirtazapine anti depressant now, which was a nightmare to come off and made the head pains a whole lot worse. Currently, I have tension in my neck, throat and back of head and this causes quite bad head discomfort. Note: taking pain relief often for this condition/headaches can make the symptoms worse and the pain meds cease to solve the problem. So try if possible to avoid the meds and relax it off with sleep, hydration and other alternative natural remedies. Advice that my neurologist gave me.

  4. In the past my worse anxiety symtoms where headaches, pain in my head & spasms in my head & pains in my stomache, pelvis & back, where they were so bad they affected my balance & I had to get on the floor & push myself along to get where I needed to be. Heat beating to fast or to slow .That's the ones I worried about the most at the time. Disocation & hearing voices ( auditory hallucinations) Now my worst are losing my balance, my legs going so stiff & being unable to move them & going into spasms & feeling paralised & hearing voices ( auditory hallucinations). Heart beating to fast

  5. When I get real tired and fatigued especially after work or right after I wake up and try to go back to sleep, I'll start hearing random thoughts that won't stop. Just random bullshit and it won't stop it's like someone flipping through TV channels and I can't turn it off and I'll get scared. Also the disconnection from reality, tingling, chest pain ect

  6. 1. Muscle twitching / muscle spasms / jerking – I'll be sitting there and my muscles will start to move. A flutter, a twitch, or feeling a body part jerk as though I'm falling to sleep – hate, hate, haaaaaaaaaaate this. Makes my health anxiety think MS / ALS / spinal cord injury.

    2. Numbness, tingling, crawling, burning – I get it almost everywhere, but mostly in my fingers, forearms, and face. The burning is on my scalp a lot. I get freaked out each time my right hand / arm is affected because I work with my hands a lot as an artist.

    3. Vision changes – It's bad enough that I have bad eyesight and astigmatism which makes contrasting and illuminated things look streaky / smeared. My anxiety disorder will enhance this, and being an artist? It really freaks me out, which makes the anxiety worse, which makes the smearing worse. T-T

    4. Muscle weakness – Each time my muscles feel heavy or weak, I think 'This is it, this is the day I lose function in my (limb currently experiencing fatigue).' Then I'll be just fine after the thoughts subside, and I'll rationalise the fact I've been working out or it's just the anxiety.

    5. Extreme fatigue mixed with insomnia – When this bout of my anxiety disorder began, I was just so dang tired I could hardly function, but I also could not sleep. I really thought there was something wrong with my brain at this point; that I'd never know a normal night's sleep again. Well, this horrifying symptom has since resolved itself, and I'm back to sleeping just fine! ^-^

  7. I would get a full feeling in my stomach and chest. A weird detached feeling as though something horrible was about to happen. Legs and arms would also get weak.

  8. I hated heart palpitations, my heart would actually STOP for a beat or two, then SLAM in my chest when it got going again, it was awful. Doctors couldn't find ANYTHING. Had all the heart tests, stress tests, holter monitor for 3 days…. UGH. They never could find the actual problem, but found out I had genuine anxiety. I've been in and out of the ER regularly. I've been cutting back on things that cause me anxiety, and haven't had very many problems since.
    Brain zaps, HORRID!!!!! One of the WORST side effects of going off antidepressants I've ever experienced! It's like getting hit by lightening or a similar feeling like sticking a fork in an electrical socket.
    Always get checked out, but mostly remember most regular doctors don't know about psychiatric withdrawal syndrome from antidepressants.
    Thank you for this video! LOTS of useful info for all of us! <3

  9. I went for a work physical and the doctor just mentioned lab work if I wanted it because it would be free… I told him about recent lab work at the ER because anxiety sent me.. he said oh ok well that's fine and mentioned did they do vitamin D and thyroid check… ect… All I heard was thyroid I have tightness in my throat… and in a panic rage… I was fine before the visit… Now my anxiety has come back a little…

  10. My left arm be twitching alot and feels sore like all the time and I just get so scared ughhh

  11. I feel so bad for all of us we sure dealing with every type of symptom from heart attack to brain zap to thinking we about to die I don’t wish this on my worst enemy you good one minute then next you feel like your brain about to explode worrying about everything anxiety would make you feel like everything is wrong with you.

  12. I had left are pain the other day along with a clammy hand. It scared me so I started to exercise and it went away. It came back but it left thank God.

  13. Just came off of Wellbutrin after 7 years of max dosage and my Anxiety has gone to a whole new level. Mostly physical stuff, CBD is slightly helping but I never want to get on meds again after Wellbutrin.

  14. I have most of these symptoms except brain zaps. My anxiety usually starts out of nowhere with tightness in my chest or my throat. Of course I start panicking. I get pain in my back, heart palpitations, get dizzy, shaky, etc. I absolutely hate anxiety and I do feel an impending doom coming over me. It sucks. I wouldn't wish anxiety on my worse enemy.

  15. And ringing in the ears 👂 I don’t like it it’s making me feel like something bad is going to happen

  16. I don’t like floaters or skip beat they just remind me of what happened to me in the beginning not good 😓

  17. Do you guys feel unusual headaches like it feels like electric waves moving around from one area to another and comes and goes?

  18. Does anyone ever see things out the side of there eye like back spots or lights that make you think youe going to have a psychotic brake down?

  19. When you mentioned that you can focus a symptom on one side of your body, YES! I had pain in my right hand knuckles and someone said the words rheumatoid arthritis and I looked up the symptoms and it said that rheumatoid arthritis would present symptoms on both sides equally and the next morning I had pain in my left hand too. Not cool brain, not cool.

  20. Heart palpitations that felt like my heart would thump and then slow down like my heart was turning off, tightness in throat, muscle and bone pain, numbness, and yes, brain zaps!

  21. Anyone feel like you have a headache and worry whenever you eat something and think your gonna get food poisoning?

  22. I don’t have brain zaps that has to be freaking scary now that’s how my damn back feels sometimes

  23. Mines the muscle tension Trey and my muscle get warm as well. That and shaking are my two worst

  24. It is believed by many researchers that Brain Zaps are due to an imbalance of serotonin in the brain (either too much or too little). Coming off antidepressants can cause this due to a reduction in extra serotonin, and taking certain psychoactive drugs like mushrooms can do the same because of a sudden increase in serotonin. This is just a working theory, but the consensus is – like you said – they are scary but NOT dangerous. Be well, everybody!

  25. Okay ive got a question for anyone who wants to throw a theory my way. Anytime I'm at the front of a large room with people behind me, I FREAK OUT. So imagine a church. I'm sitting up the front of this huge church and lots of people are behind me. My brain has a complete meltdown.

  26. I have have all of those Symptoms except for the brain zaps. I want to say thank you to you when I started have problems with my Anxiety your videos help me a lot .

  27. The feeling of pressure in my head when the panic hits me. Scares the crap outta me. Brain zaps!

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