Top 5 – Most depressing game characters ever

Games can be entertaining, but like any other form of art, it also has its share of tortured souls. These are the five most depressing game characters of all. Hide the razor blades because these guys are really discouraging.

5 – Metal Gear Solid 4 – Solid snake

The story of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4 is really sad. Snake is old and is dying. It literally becomes toxic to the people around him and his back hurts all the time. His only goal is also to stay alive long enough to complete his final mission and that is a bit heartbreaking.

4 – Silent Hill 2 – Mary

Mary is the deceased wife of James Sunderland in Silent Hill. She was a sweet young woman who spent the last moments of her life in agony after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Things get extremely depressing every time he appears in the Silent Hill games.

3 – Dinner Date – You

The Indie Dinner Date game allows you to experience the agony of getting up. You are alone in a restaurant waiting for your appointment. You get more nervous when you start to realize that your appointment may never appear. There is nothing more miserable than a man eating alone at the table for two.

2 – Max Payne 3 – Max Payne

Max Payne is in a very bad place in Max Payne 3. Unable to deal with the loss of his wife and son, he tries to numb the pain with cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. With nothing to lose, he moves to Brazil only to discover that he will work for a group of rich imbeciles. It's hard not to feel sorry for the boy.

1 – Heavy rain – Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars is undoubtedly the saddest character in video games. This father lost his oldest son in a car accident and then fell into a coma. When he wakes up, he remains depressed and discovers that his wife wants to leave him. Just when things could not get worse, her other son was kidnapped by a serial killer. Ethan has to go through a huge amount of suffering to get it back. Guy is a shit to be this guy.

Video credits to ZoominGames YouTube channel

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    Top 5 – Most depressing game characters ever

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    1. It’s nice that I’m on here, but what about Simon from Cry of Fear and Sayori from DDLC?

    2. Venom Snake (Big Boss's Phantom) has a much more depressing story than Solid Snake. He lost his past to become a decoy for Big Boss, lost the woman he loved and finally used as an expendable by Big Boss to stop Solid Snake…who leaves Venom to die while Outer Heaven is in self-destruct sequence

    3. 1. the last of us
      2. this War of mine the little ones
      3. life is strange
      4. heavy rain
      5. the walking dead game series

    4. If they make a second list they should include Joel (TLOU), Chloe Price and Jodie Holmes.

    5. I think max should be first on the list since he lost his whole family plus his friend and another loved one he is dead man walking amongst the living

    6. I know one character who is much more depressing, a certain amalgamate (think the last one) from Undertale. Her theme alone is extremely depressing, and she's basically like 15 monsters melted together with monsters replacing her eyes, and she's so pathetic that her attacks either just drop down the screen or move slowly outside the battle area, or spin around in one spot without doing anything.

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