Top 5 Depression Warning Signs

Top 5 Warning signs of depression. Depression is described as a low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. There are many different types of depression and many ways to detect the warning signs of depression and that's what I was going to talk about today.

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    Top 5 Depression Warning Signs

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    1. When you're depressed, you really want to talk to someone and hope that they will understand you. But there's always worries that's keeping u away to open up. It's a tough situation in my opinion and sometimes you would ask yourself, that nothing will change even if you will tell someone about how you are feeling. The other side of you have hopes while the other side is just scared. Depression is no joke.

    2. I told myself i had depression when i was 7 it turned into out i had actual depression when i was 8 woooooo

    3. Jesus I'm already depressed but your happy mood just fucked me over. Anyone else think about how nice it would be to fall before it ends? So relaxing

    4. I’ve been crying all night all year remembering all the years my mom and sister like literally fight I even had to get in the middle of them and I almost lost it and have all of these symptoms I don’t know anymore and i think I’m the reason of it

    5. I'm 11 years old and going through depression, this morning both mental and physical state were weak. I can't sleep and I want to die. People tell me to tell my mom like it will make things better. It wont. I just need help

    6. what does it mean when when you Cry when you think of the people/animals you love will die

    7. about my depression my mom and dad always control me do to this and that if i didn do chores they will mad at me i was alone and my depression came to my life everyday i sit in my room after school watching every single kinds HAPPY went the depression pick in my life i became the weirdo and i can talk in my class i just shut my self in the deepest darkess corner in my i been suffering of depression for 2 years and now.Last year i plan to commit suicide of the building but some guy save me and bing me back home and last week on march i plan to drown my self but the guard safe me.i feel very sad my head always think i have no option to run away but i almost do that but i was sacred of the world around me till at school i found this girl fall from the heaven a we become bff went she heard that i had depression and antisocial  since then she become closer to me she like the same thing i did every day she all was try to cheers me up but it didn work after 2 years of being bffs she move to the other school and that was the dark cloud and depression and the anti social pick in every night i watch some youtube to cure ur depression but it always says that "the best way of the medicine is to talk about with ur friends or family"i dont have friends well theres one but she move and my parent always not there for me and i have no option to stay on the dark side every childhood i just let them fade away i was a 12 year old child with a problem that cannot be sroved alone.went i say all the funny video it clear me up well a little on march 18 2017 i make my youtube call the furry world and it was a not very help but it cheers me up and then after my phone was broken my youtuber channel was delete and now fast forward till now i make a another one and this icon profile and it was a amazing them for me but i has till on the depression and anxiety but i know one think that some day went im older i will make my new chapter of story and i hope i can make it there flash as a speed lighting #OurLifeIsLikeABoxOfChocolate

    8. I'm just usually sad, there aren't alot of things that make me happy. I don't want to be around friends that much anymore.. i get angry or dissapointed about the littlest things. I don't want to say that i'm depressed but if i am my parents played a part in it.

    9. Daily mood


      Happy in the morning I don’t feel it in the much in the morning

      But when it’s ours night I feel so sad I beg God

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