Tips for coping with depression and anxiety | Michelle's Mental Health Story | Mind

"What happens with mental health is that it is so subjective, there is no clear way to treat things, it is about experimentation … you should not stop trying anything suggested by your general practitioner".

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    Tips for coping with depression and anxiety | Michelle's Mental Health Story | Mind

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    1. I hate how we are treated I got an appointment with CAMHS as I got referred by my gp then it got rearranged so it will mean I have been waiting 9 weeks for the referral appointment. Then they have told me I could go on to a 2month waiting list which isn't good enough as it would mean possible treatment end of May when that is during exam time as I have my gsces I went in January to get help with them not afterwards. If I had a broken leg I would not be told to leave it for about 4 month they would treat it straight away so it wouldn't get worse why can't they have the same attitude with mental health, as I find if they can't see it then they don't want anything to do with it. I want change

    2. When I tried to get help for my anxiety the Doctors just offloaded me to stress management. I wasn't stressed I was anxious, I needed the support but I didn't get it. Now I don't have the courage to reach out and get help again.

    3. You are lucky that you got treatment on the NHS. Most people get fobbed off with a few pills. There should be more talk therapy on offer. I finally found low cost therapy. It saved my life! Too many lives are lost because they are unable to find help.

    4. What do you do when you've experimented with everything your doctor has offered and have now run out of things to try?

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