Tips For Coming Off of SUBOXONE without Withdrawal. You CAN do it!

More talk about getting clean easily:)

Video credits to Intellectual Explorer YouTube channel

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    Tips For Coming Off of SUBOXONE without Withdrawal. You CAN do it!

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    1. I'm on 4mgs from 8. I weaned only half in 3 years. I'm going to try and lower to 2mgs for a week then 1mg for another week etc untill I don't have to take any. Then just deal with the rest until I'm ok again. I know it's gonna suck , but if I keep my mind busy I think I'll be ok. Wish me luck !

    2. Hey everyone I was on subs for 5-6 years from age 18-almost 24 ..anyways I quit 4 years ago next month I just decided to stop by and check out some videos because I know it helped me push thru knowing someone else has done it ..even tho most of the videos were taken down that I used to watch I wanted ppl out there to know it's possible and yes I'm happy yes I'm healthy …ish lol the only things that stuck with me were the restless legs but it's not too bad to be honest and I still have anxiety which took while to get used to but I had it before I started suboxone so it's just something you have to get used to again ..but yea if I could give a few pointers I quit on .8 mg and it was still tough but ya gotta do what ya gotta do I would recommend cutting as low as possible and from what I've heard they make lower my strips now I had to cut me 8mg into 10 small pieces lol pain in the ass ..and if you go to na or aa meetings and they work good but if not don't beat yourself up about it I went to one wasn't for me they told me if I smoke a little weed I'm not sober while they puffed down packs of cigarettes and drank coffee lol anyways I'm going on a tangent point is if u need to smoke weed or something to get thru the hell go for it as long as ur not substituting for something like alcohol or another pill or hardcore drug ..but let's be real weed or anything else isn't gonna help as much as you would like it's gonna be tough and it's gonna be hell but it makes you a better person in the long run trust me if you're out there right now struggling thru the pain DONT GIVE UP . IF ANYONE CAN DO IT, YOU CAN.. BE THE PERSON YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER

    3. My name is Byron Burkhammer and using someone’s phone (in Mexico mine not working ha). I’m a partner in an Ibogaine clinic. My number is 903 707 0258. And the website is and number is 1 800 649 2399. Our clinic is Beginnings Ibogaine. Would love to educate your viewers on Ibogaine as a way to recover. No withdrawals. You can use till the treatment itself.

    4. Down to about 1mg a day. Going to move to NC in 3 weeks and start new. Also self employed. Army veteran. Damn this video is like a sign and motivation. Wish me luck. Any tips appreciated. It def. Is all mental. I'm having with quiting.

    5. Hey man, thanks for sharing your story. It’s awesome to hear when someone successfully rids buprenorphine from their life. I have been on subutex for 6 years with one unsuccessful attempt to get off of it. I was able to taper down to .25 mg a day. The first day was fine. The first night was fine. The second day was fine. It was the second night that it started. I had such bad restless leg syndrome. I didn’t experience any other withdrawal symptoms that I would normally expect to get. I weined myself down to such a low dose that I didn’t have any physical withdrawal. The restless leg at night kept me up for a month straight until I went back to the doctor and got back on subutex. It’s a shame that I got as far as I did. Watching your video is inspiring me to give it another go. Hope you’re still doing alright man. Thanks for your video.

    6. This medication may be legal because you believe that it is more healthy than street drugs but its turned into a major gateway drug. kids find it easier to get than most street drugs and the in a lot of ways its more addictive. Also easier to hide from family. The pills are snorted and shot up instead of taken. Think about it, your new drug dealer now has a Doctor before his name now and drug kingpins are the drug companies. I have seen first hand 18 yo using there summer job money to pay cash as Clinics then miss useing.
      I was told by more than a few people the hardest part about quitting Subs no matter how much u reduce your dose is stop using those little 1/2 mg after working your way down. But after 7 days i am still feeling the ramifcations of that quitting that little peice once a day. Your body hurts, you lay there late at night the fist 4 days beating your legs because you cant sleep normal hours and your muscles acke yet no enery to leave home. But just take it day by day and Remember this. Its a fact. If you even think about going back to using with in that first month. All those withdraw feeling hits you like a rock. Distance and burning the bridges with those who still use is cridical. This guy moved an ocean away and found it harder to get. But God bless you for putting yourself out there to talk about it.

    7. Please tel me how many days your withdrawal symptoms last. I need to know please tell me

    8. Actually in rehab they tell you to find a higher power, something or someone you look up to. Never once did anyone tell you that you should believe in “God-Figure or God-Like Figure”. I think you’re on the right track, but keep things honest, even if you’re staying clean.

    9. I'm on day 2 coming off subutex. I did the same thing letting my intake diem to a crumb of the pill for the last month. I'm definitely swetting a bit and getting some chills with mild anxiety. Thank you Brother for your tips. Going to get some imodium now. And yes spirituality is the key. That's the only reason I have enough faith and trust this time. Cheers brother. Upward and onward

    10. You are NOT pleasing to the eye. Very disgusting. Take that ugly ass nose ring out closet case.

    11. Try stopping a 24 mg dose cold turkey with that new age-y mindset – You'll be praying to the fuck'n devil for some relief haha good on ya dude, thanks for sharing.

    12. I been on for 4 years and I’m tired of this!! It has taking my life my whole pay check goes to my drs visit and I’m always broke…I’m so scared of the withdrawals!!

    13. Damn your story is so similar to mine! I moved to Oahu with my last script, just went off 2 weeks ago

    14. Thank you for this!! What is the best coconut water? I am definitely going to take this advice! Thank you. Namaste'!

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