The US Economy Flashed Another Major Warning Sign Of A Depression – Episode 1193a

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Report Date: 02.01.2017

The Parliament of the United Kingdom authorizes Theresa May to proceed with Article 50. Italian youth unemployment increases to 40%. The United States adds 246 thousand unexpected jobs in January. The CEO of Manufacturing says that Obamacare hurt business and costs increased dramatically. Construction in the United States decreases as housing decreases. The mortgage application decreases after a small increase. Another economic indicator is blinking, a depression is approaching. The IMF reports that Europe is in trouble with a lot of debt, high unemployment. The Fed does not increase interest rates.

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The US Economy Flashed Another Major Warning Sign Of A Depression – Episode 1193a

Comments 38

  1. Is there a similarity between brexit and state's rights in the USA? Forget new world order… we need a COMPLETE reset.

  2. Sorry you can't trust this data because people are unsure in the USA and this could be
    because of us getting a new president!
    Though most date does say things usually go bad around the changing of the guard!
    We will have to see but I would not suggest panicking because we have heard this
    kind of fear mongering for years!
    Al, we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Good luck and God bless!

  3. The economic storm Dave talks about in all of these videos is now about 1 cd full so Maybe all his disaster videos can fit on that cd. But yes this storm is becoming a problem for America.

  4. why does it state in disciption that the art work is a visual for information, yet at the same time stating that the information in the visuals should not be taken as (construed) as facts, why even post the video?

  5. I just stumbled into a field of nut, well at least I will have something to eat during the Great Depression

  6. Montague Norman, a former Governor of the Bank of England, taken from a
    speech he made when addressing the US Bankers Association way back in
    1924 “Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by
    combination and legislation "Debts must be collected, mortgages
    foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the
    common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more
    easily governed through the strong arm of the government applied by a
    central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well
    known among our principal men, who are now engaged informing an
    imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the
    political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in
    fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action,
    we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so
    successfully accomplished.”This is what today’s process of globalisation
    is really about!

  7. They have put Trump in place to be the bankruptcy president. How long left to keep prepping and getting stock? That's the question

  8. I'm tired of your ass talking like Trump isn't working for the elite "Dave", you propagating dumb shit!

  9. Dave, please shed light on this issue. The whole medical care debate is a non starter if you don't reform tort law. If we don't put a reasonable cap on medical practice lawsuits that the care industry can work with then we will never solve this problem. The reason it is not being addressed is again MONEY. This is how the legal industry makes their money, out of thin air. The lawyers and judges don't care how much they hurt the middle class as long as they get their personal wealth. This above what the market can bear legal cost drives the malpractice insurance industry and they are happy to charge this price as they are making huge sums of money out of it as well. Add big pharma to ride the artificially increase cost of health care in general and you give them the pass to charge astronomical rates. THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE THAT THE MEDIA WON'T TOUCH.

  10. Ok, let's make something clear in here: the UK is a Net Payer to the EU, meaning they Pay More, a lot More, then what they receive from the EU budget and Eu programs.
    So the Pay to get out in the case of the UK should be the EU should Return UK's Money in the first place!
    It is truly amazing how they distort the news about Brexit!

  11. Contrary to what Reggie posted, the Baby Boom generation is the generation born AFTER the 2nd World War, not prior to 1940!!! LMAO!

  12. The comments in this channel have so digressed.  The Jesuits, The Rapture, Nephalim Giants, etc.  LOL!  Not to say you are incorrect in this video, but you know historically analyzing the economy through the first quarter of any year is a total waste of time.

  13. the system can only be repaired by reducing taxes on the whole population whilst increasing essential services and government must also show surplus budgets whilst they make additional interest payments. The preceeding is logically and fiscally impossible, therefore…the system cannot be repaired or bailed out anymore successfully the the Titanic.
    And I think we hit the iceberg in 08, pumps (call the QE1, QE2 ect) have been keeping up for a while but as bulk head after bulkhead is breached ( rate rise ) ths ship will sink faster and faster into the bottomless ocean debt.
    Most of the rich got bout of that one though did'nt they?

  14. Keep up the economic, trade and physical wars and you will have refugees, immigrants and people of all ethnic religious and business ( black market blue collar white collar ao) orientations cross, crawl, creep under, climb over, falsify identities or use whatever means to cross borders! Just stop the wars and make the trade route silky for all!!! One belt One route waytogo!!

  15. Manufacturing has gone to the Far East and that is the main reason over the last 25 years ,And it will never return the collapse this time will be total

  16. I've heard this Wierd logic. Since trump went through bankruptcy. He can help USA go through bankruptcy. Like WTF logic is that. Trump wants more of the same rich get richer poor gets poorer.

  17. agree we see no real growth in our city but business,like clothing, and appliances stores, grocery stores closing to,at around 10:00 am city has very little customers, or shoppers,why isn't there video out there showing this cycle, the real picture of the people.kennithmayhamnews :2/1/2017.

  18. wow Dave cut the man some slack trumps only been in office a few days listen it takes time to screw up the economy just ask Obama or bush gees

  19. wow nave cut the man some slack trumps only been in office a few days listen it takes time to screw up an economy just ask Obama or bush gees

  20. most people with money don't realize how little they have, fake paper measured and valued against other paper currencies. Now value everything you own in that paper. DOW 20g measured in commodities was also fake

  21. If NWO Globalist bankers win the "War on Cash" it will accelerate the evolving worldwide depression as we see clearly in Modi's Imdia.

  22. ️Trump can't do anything till he builds more political capital…he's showing everyone he's pro AMERICAN and he cares about AMERICA, and he's got to make sure he's got his favorability up and the rats like Schumer are exposed as the idiots they are, so we trust him when he goes after the tough stuff, we tune out the noise and trust him to do the impossible job he has to do. I'm going to be behind him 100% right now, because he's ALL we've got.

  23. Donald j trump is sitting in the chair of satan in Washington D.C.. the pain is coming to American and the world !!! 🔥💀🔥

  24. We are all f××k & that is for sure.The big bankers & all the elites with other very rich fokes have their underground bunker's.
    It's all about the NWO let people come in the United State full it up with anyone.
    And the United State makes WAR with all the people that is coming in.
    Think about it every place the United State have WAR with we get the people as the United State said we need to help them.
    The bankers, elites, & others wants everyone to kill each other. They say its to meany people in the world. But they just want control so lets people more control. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. NWO get ride of Russia and China well go along with it. They already do that anyways.

  25. The Best way to CONTROL a ''People's REVOLT'' is to Give the People a Leader who Directs the Revolt.
    –Rabid Rabbi Hyam Satansziojew Fakelstein.

  26. If nothing happens with James Alefantis, I demand Anthony Weiner, Jared Fogle, Jeffrey Epstein and Stephen Hawking go free. And Jerry Sandusky.

  27. 1:57 to 305 This is frightening for the unconnected. is this what the Latin Romans might have experienced when their way of life came crashing down upon them?

  28. The Ruling Elite and Central Bankers are too arrogant for their own good. Knowing the System must come crashing down, most members of the Establishment act in ignorance of this fact. They have pushed it deep into the red-zone. Not only will there be a default of Governments, but almost all corporations will be bankrupted out of existence by the imminent crash. So, for what is coming, billions of people will find themselves at great risk; the mass of humanity having to seek safety with a newly installed global tyrant, who offers salvation at the cost of eternal servitude.

  29. The Scripture speaks of nations, but under a global control; it will
    eventually reach that point…I think we have temporary retreat for the
    good. However beginning near the end of the 3rd quarter 2017; we will
    see a multi-year decline in the stock and bond markets. It will last
    for a few years and watch Japan and China dispute over the S. China sea
    islands, which may start WWIII, which is now due. The time is to
    prepare, for civil unrest will also increase as well.

  30. My kids and myself laughed so hard when the clown was bragging about creating 160,000 jobs one quarter, census takers every last one what an idiot.

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