The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Marcia Brady

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Maureen McCormick is best known for playing the popular and incredibly beautiful Marcia Brady on the hit TV show The Brady Bunch. She lived her formative years in front of millions of viewers, playing Marcia from 12 to 17 years old. When the show came to an end in 1974, McCormick resumed his role in the spin-off series and was made for television movies that followed, but despite everything, no one knew that his real life was losing control behind the scenes. Here is the tragic real-life story of Maureen McCormick.

Alleged abuse | 0:30
Fear of infection | 1:13
Marcia and Jan | 1:43
Overcoming addiction | 2:20
Battle of bulimia | 2:51
Dark depression | 3:28
Destroying a race | 3:58

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    The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Marcia Brady

    Comments 32

    1. Can you think of any other former child stars who have had rough experiences growing up in the limelight?

    2. Hold your head high u desetve the best….
      Adored u on TBB
      Marsha marsha marsha so cute funny isn't it i say it with love Maureen n fab memories ❤💋🌟

    3. Congrats Maureen hete in Australia watched u avidly on IASGMOOH you wete do real n fabulous to watch so fun too / so brave n humble
      Love n happiness always sweet girl…👱💕💋🌟🌟
      June 29th

    4. Like a lot of guys in the 70s had a crush on her from the Brady Bunch. It’s good to know that she survived the trauma she’s gone through in her life. I’ve been through some my own so I definitely understand. Hopefully she is doing well now in 2018?!!

    5. The concept of the Brady Bunch, made to look ideal to audiences, really isn't all that ideal an arrangement.  The broken families of divorcees coming together to form a better "American Ideal" or "Happily Ever After" family, is a pipe dream.  Divorce has been a great devastator of many families in this country, creating decades of broken souls!

    6. All of these child stars, molested , drugs, alcohol , Hollywood ruins people !!!!

    7. Marcia Brady is not and never was Maureen mcormick the difference is Marcia was sweet and tried to make good choices. On the other hand Maureen made a mess out her life with bad choices like being Rick James hoe.

    8. I ran into her while shopping a couple of years ago and was surprised at how short she was. I'm 5' 5" and she's several inches shorter than me.

    9. her t.v. dad was a closet homo.wonder if florence henderson runs for mouthwash every time she remembers sucking face with rock hudsons toyboy.

    10. “Insanely” beautiful? She was a pretty girl, but at the age that she did the Brady Bunch pretty girls are a dime a dozen. Insanely beautiful is someone’s like Gene Tierney, Sylvia Sidney, Heddy Lamaar, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Charlize Theron. These women had exceptional beauty.

    11. This was good; however, there are many others who had it FAR worse than Maureen without the opportunities she had in life.

    12. Marcha marcha marcha oh my i was a bread y kid every week we were at the Brady bunch tv

    13. Words from a song….I kept on saying to myself there must be something more than emptiness and sorrow, a sea without no shore. All the time I thought I knew the way that I should go, following an empty road, I fell to grief and woe. In Yeshua I found answers that I never thought were there, I had looked for them inside myself but they’d vanish into air.

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