The symptoms of depression

Am I depressed? Should I see someone about it? Watch this video to discover it. We explain the main symptoms of depression and why you should not feel bad about receiving help if you feel it. Most people have depressive episodes at some point in their lives and getting help to deal with that does not weaken them … it makes them smart. Share this video if you think you could help someone find help to overcome their depression.

Video credits to MinuteVideos YouTube channel

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    The symptoms of depression

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    1. I have all these feelings EXCEPT suicidal thoughts but I’m okay all bc of my friends they make me feel happy and I am forever grateful for that

    2. My BFF has depression she doesn't like enyone even her parents she is just locked in her room and she doesn't get out. One day her mom wanted to enter in her room and it was locked like always. But she didn't hear her she started calling her and she was just quiet. Then she called the police and she was just laying on the flor doing nothing. the last thing that she said to me is get out so i found another girl now she is my bff and we love spending time together i hope we will be friends for ever

    3. That’s great I have all 9. What a great day to finally accept the fact that I’m worthless

    4. i think i have depression but i cant open up to my family because they don’t get it and i’m so so tired of it. i’m so tired of it all.

    5. I think I am depressed I have been thinking am I worthless ? Do I deserve to live in this world ? I'm thinking I could go suicide or something I feel empty I wish it would stop I can't take it anymore why does it have to come to this why……?

    6. I have 1,4,7,8,3,9 and 5 I faced these everyday but I won't self diagnose myself none of my family members know that I feel this way plus I can't walk

    7. I’ve been sleeping for 12 hours a day for a while and I am emotionally abused by my father.
      I don’t want to commit suicide because there really is no escape.
      I really want to be healthy.
      I don’t want to learn to cope. I want to learn to build and get out. I’m slowly doing it myself as well. Maybe I am healthy!!

    8. This video is correct. I was diagnosed with depression and I have to take medicine not only for that, but for sleeping too!

    9. Before I was diagnosed with depression, I would stay home when my family was going to fun places. Now, I'm still struggling with it, I've started not wanting to eat because I have no appetite. When I was first diagnosed, I was forever sleeping and eating

    10. I went to see a therapist and she said to my mom, "Your daughter is a very depressed little girl." I can't stand it. Nothing helps.

    11. How i can consult a psychiatrist if am a child and my parent dont like me to go out in our house

    12. Im always sad and im just trying to hide it with a smile
      I lost my interest in drawing
      I stopped eating breakfast and dinner i only eat lunch with little amount of food
      I cant sleep at night
      I lost my motivation to bcm a better person
      Im laying down allday yet i still feel tierd
      Im a useless peice of sht
      I cant focus on my exam wich causes me to fail
      I wna die cuz i dont wna feel these things anymore

    13. …I’ve felt all nine on a daily basis, but I don’t really know what the point in getting help is. I’m broken and I don’t deserve to be fixed.

    14. I have 8 of these symptoms and it's been happening for the entire summer.I feel lost.what should I do?

    15. This was the ad I got when I was searching the album ‘Mania’ by Fall Out Boy..

    16. I have felt these symptoms for a whole year and I have A.D.D ;-; does it mean that I have depression?

    17. I live with it for 5 years now and I already accept it as my "friend" always beside me. Sometimes it is worse, sometimes it's normal, sometimes in my mind screaming "kill me kill me"

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