“The Spirit of Self-Control” by Marcus Corpening

Marcus Corpening's sermon on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at New Philly Hongdae.
Passage: Genesis 2: 14-17

-Video Broadcast Team: Jess Kim (Producer), Danielle Witter (Sound Engineer), Kellie Teague (Camera 1 and 2) and Lexie Okosa (Wireless).

File H.264

Video credits to New Philly YouTube channel

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    “The Spirit of Self-Control” by Marcus Corpening

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    1. you have to be a blind bartimaeus to not seee how fat christians are today . OM Jesus we are getttting sooo fattt.!!! what will it take cause we are soooo fattt. maybee God will send a skinney person to make fun of how fat we are just to get us to get more serious about self control. Let the fat jokes fly!!! oh man yall getting fattt. how do u find cothes to fit you.? wow yall are so fat that they had to recontruct the church door!! wow yall are so fattt. yall are so fat that the pew made for 10 only 4 of yall can sit there.Tell it like it is preacher, stop canndy coating and telling that fat sister that she is alright. its a sin to lie. a good man tells the truth!!!! tell em u are fat and need to doo something about that. you aint my brother when you dont tell the truth!!! if u care for your sheeps u wont let them be decieved and lose the abundant life that God promised because they are to fat to enjoy it. ya i didnt see Jesus Christ as afat man on that cross and he didnt stop everywhere to eat and even if they had fast food back then he would not have ate there. the fat pastor eating that buffet and all his church members want to follow him. oredering that fat fried food cause your too lazy to get some real food. try some veggies man!!take up your cross to the grocery store and buy some food that you can prepare for your self.amen be blessed in God for the truth sake. Jesus loves u even if he offends u. but in hopes we will get better.

    2. fattness abounds in black churches. fat pastors fat deacons fat women singers. i mean reall fatt

    3. i need this today
      so i wont gett more fatt.
      fasting is a part of christ life in the bible. he sed " when u fast"

    4. That aspect is one of the hardest to have today in this perverse generation n except we pray for that gift we are doomed. It has driven the world to the grave especially when they gave in to sensual appetite

    5. Good stuff! I like the message, but the energy in which Pastor Corpening delivers it. When I go to Philly, I must visit his church.

    6. Amazing sermon! I'm gonna use it😊 Really good way to explain about the fruit as well because many unbelievers ask all the time.

    7. It was such a good sermon that spoke to my life in so many ways, and especially on the importance of developing long suffering. It was clear and right on spot, and I could feel the heart behind the sermon. Sometimes events in life take a longer time than I like, but this sermon gave me practical steps on how to deal with a season like this, and not let the circumstances control me life and thoughts as well. Super sermon that I feel very thankful for

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