The Science of Heartbreak

Why is a "broken heart" so painful?
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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Why does social exclusion hurt? The relationship between physical and social pain

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Video credits to AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel

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    The Science of Heartbreak

    Comments 20

    1. my bike's shifter is completly broken
      i cannot use it

      1 like = 1 prayer for savage

      IM 12!

    2. I love you so much since the very first day I saw you. I only wish I had the guts to talk to you, but you are just too perfect! 💔😢

    3. How to alleviate this pain?

      Laugh it off

      What you though i was gonna say kill yourself?

    4. OMG sorry but Harry Potter was a gryphendor (excuse my spelling its late) so why did he give harry a huffelpuff scarf

    5. but the problem is when we find someone to be around us, there is no one :') more painful

    6. What's worse than a heartbreak?

      "That moment when you woke up in the morning and you realized that your phone didn't charged at night"

    7. No you silly fool. Drugs are the answer!

      Some people have no friends, and don't love their family.

    8. In high school I was a pitcher, I was struck by a line drive in the face by a ball going around 85 mph and was out for two minutes… I would rather do that 100 more times than go through another break up where I got dumped

    9. this is the first time i feel heartbreak.. i'm not joking.. it really really really is hurtt, I thought people are just over reacting before.. like, you literally can't do anything except waiting for time to heal you. BUT THE PROBLEM IS YOU JUST WANT TO GET RID OF THIS FEELING ASAP.. please I'm so tired of this feeling.. sleep too late at night because you think of her, and waking up too early because of the exact same reason..

    10. I don't understand what if you don't have friends and family I just supposed to go meet a bunch of strangers and say hey I have a broken heart be my friend? This is not the exact moment in my life when I feel like picking up a new hobby or joining a book club to meet strangers

    11. My friend told this guy that I like him and ever since the guy that she told I liked. He never spoke to me or even looked at me for the last week of school. And me and him always use to laugh together look at each other and talk but that changed. So whenever I listen to a song that's sad I cry a little.

    12. I went to see my family but the pain doesnt go away. I'm one of those one girl kinda guys. I just got to get over it and find hobbies to distract myself. I got addicted to being happy when she was around. Being alone again takes some adjustments. I'm sure this pain will go away some day.

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