The Real Causes of Depression

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Dr. Berg talks about depression and its causes and then gives natural solutions. Vitamin B3 and l-tryptophan help with depression, but if your digestive system can not make lactic acid, these nutrients will not be absorbed. However, lack of sleep will cause chronic fatigue and this may resemble depression.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 51, is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior US government officials. UU And from the Department of Justice, ambassadors, doctors, high-level executives of important corporations, scientists, engineers, professors and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied health professionals in his methods, and to date has trained more than 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a part-time assistant professor at Howard University.












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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of "doctor" or "Dr." in relation to him he only refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not treat patients. This video is for general information purposes only. It should not be used for self-diagnosis and is not a substitute for a medical examination, cure, treatment, diagnosis and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any changes to your health or diet regimen before first consulting a doctor and obtaining a medical examination, diagnosis and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, service or product obtained through this video or site.

Video credits to Dr. Eric Berg DC YouTube channel

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    The Real Causes of Depression

    Comments 33

    1. All of my irritation comes from being abused, then labeled mentally ill for complaining and asserting my right, and abused more by the psychiatric system.
      The more I tried to challenge the system, the more I am abused. It's an endless cycle and no one is doing anything about it.

    2. LOL you haven't met me yet. I run 4 miles a day and spend most of my time alone and crying. I have never had a healthier diet and my life is just as miserable, if not more, than it used to be. You can easily be healthy and depressed.

    3. Everybody s thanking this sexy doctor..hevs tellung so simply how t deal w any health issue…u dont even have t g t doctor. I was looking for some scams in his lectures…i found few in this video. Now i start t think that his lectures may bot work at all….people i m not insulting nor just trolling…i wish it was that simple t treat mental issues, weight issues, heart disseas….i heart that he even gives hints how t deal w cancer.

    4. Suppressed rage and being unable to escape oppression results in depression. Physiological processes break down as disinterest in wanting to further feel the frustration to its fullest, how bad one can feel, results in ritual eating, and eating crud out of convenience. Plus the things you say.

    5. diet has nothing to do with chronic depression. the real reason for depression is trauma, physical or emotional abuse etc.

    6. Dr berg, im sick as all hell, been so all my life. Dont quite know which came first, chicken or the egg, but there were a lot of chickens and a lot of eggs and now ive got a really stressful situation, too horrible to explain but I must deal with it but im too fatigued and in pain to do so so here I am trying to heal myself to deal with the stressful situation. Catch 22 right? I've got 30 new supplements, a mini gymnasium of therapuetic equipment, YouTube channels on everything from self empowerment, nutrition, natural cures to magick and everything else that could possibly get the dominoes to start dropping. Idk what else to do. I guess be patient but im afraid that as you suggested unless the stress is relieved no healing will happen. Well im basically paralyzed in fear then to deal with this situation i have on my hands. I can totally see myself dying from attempting to take it on. Any ideas?

    7. true that depression and anxiety are totally different things but the milder version of depression can coexists with anxiety

    8. For breakfast I use Kefir with blueberries, two things that help stimulate movement in the gut and, I guess, thereby increase production of serotonin?
      How about consuming proper red meat and drink kombucha with dinner?

    9. Dr. Can sleep apnea cause depression and memory problems? I wake up exhausted with headaches and feel like I cant learn or remember things. Any help? Thank you.

    10. People actually feed into this kool aid? Hes pretty much bullshitting mindless morons into thinking keto literally cures every disease and mental illness in existence jesus Christy

    11. That little history lesson says it all, heartbreaking those with power and money control our very lives. Excellent video Dr.

    12. I feel cry dr berg. I was so worried about my health but when iwatched ur videos. You saved my life. Thanku sooo much. I dont have words to say thanks to you🙏🙏

    13. I have MTHFR & factor five laiden mutated genes, which is partly why I have B12 deficiency. Doc can you please educate people about that in a video? Seems like hardly any Dr.’s no about it. Thank you

    14. I'm always thinking is crazy and it makes me sad angry too that I wake up tire too I'm not a junk food eater so I hope I get more sleep soon and start being happy I miss life

    15. Thank you so much for your video. I have a question, my husband has serious anger bad mood issues and i need some advice on how to help him. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

    16. What about having a difficult life?!? Why is this never a real consideration? Things can just always be totally f'ed up! And maybe you stopped pretending that "everything is alright." Maybe… maybe thats whats happened

    17. Hi Dr. Berg, thanks for all your great videos! Could you make one of these videos on stress and depression with STUDENTS in the title please? I teach at a large university and it breaks my heart to see how many of my students are quickly put on meds for anxiety and depression by the guidance personnel and doctors. I think drug companies are profiting big time from the student lifestyle. The kids are just tired, often malnourished, and anxious about grades, exams, etc. I know a lot of them search STUDENT ANXIETY DEPRESSION keywords, and I hope your videos will come up! Thank you 🙂

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