The REAL cause of depression and how to overcome it.

The medicalization of depression has led patients to believe that they are sick, that there is something chemically wrong in their brain, and that it can only be treated with medication and therapy.

In addition to being false, these beliefs are completely decoupling and are likely to increase the level of depression in patients.

People, understandably, feel powerless and helpless when they tell them something is wrong that can only be treated with medication.

But depression is not something that happens to a person, there is nothing physically wrong with someone who is depressed; has a psychological problem created by the way they have reacted to the pressures and obstacles in life.

Some people have the skills to react to the pressures of life in a useful way, managing their thoughts and emotions well and tolerating difficult or stressful situations.

Other people have never been taught these crucial skills and instead may feel desperate and depressed, believing they have no control over their lives.

A lot of scientific research confirms that most depression is caused by the useless ways in which we process events and experiences, particularly in relation to the amount of control we think we have.

The Thrive Program can teach you all the critical thinking skills you need to overcome your depression in a few weeks. You can do the program at home, face to face with one of our consultants, or in a group in one of our bootcamps or events. The program is easy to understand and the results are measurable and predictable.

Regain control of your life and learn to thrive. Contact us today

Video credits to The Thrive Programme YouTube channel

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    The REAL cause of depression and how to overcome it.

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