The Psychology of Depression – How to Ruin Your Life

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In this video we explore some of the psychological factors and patterns of life that predispose us to depression.
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Video credits to Academy of Ideas YouTube channel

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    The Psychology of Depression – How to Ruin Your Life

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    1. High school was loads of fun especially with depression, it was the best years of my life! Right?

    2. Ah fuck, I just realized I'm in that "Caesar or nothing" mentality. Difference is, I KNOW I can and WILL achieve my goal. Though what I wonder now is what would come next?

    3. I thought this was really well written. Cant be too in depth at only 10 min in length but sketched the basics out well. Will listen a few more times i think.

    4. Depression in males is almost always the result of being improperly prepared for the nature of competition for mates and resources in the world by being raised by a single mother.

    5. The only trauma I can think of can be born in a divorce family, but rather than dwell in it I use my background to understand what I want from life I accept my depression and at times enjoy the way a view the world for it.I don’t believe in the traditional make a family and build wealth. I measure myself by what I make not what I own which in part comes from my depression of how formulaic life is but I look past it and seep into my minds creativity to make me put up with this world we did not ask to be in

    6. My life has been an embarrassment. I lost my fiance 10 years ago, and ever since I have fallen into a downward spiral to hell. Started drinking heavily and soon I got hooked into drugs in the range on meth,coke, and weed. When I mean heavy drinking i mean heavy drinking. On average of a 12 pack or a bottle of Hennessy. I know I'm not that old, I'm only 32 years old but honestly I feel like I lived long enough. What's the point really in me going on? I know I can't find another woman, I don't even want to look. Why? Well I am to much of a package to deal with. I might already destroyed my organs with all the drugs and alcohol. So I don't want to be a burden to a woman by bringing all my drama and diseases to her.i am convinced I will be alone for the remainder of my life, the bigger philosophical question I ask myself is, when will I commit suicide?

    7. The predicament set forth in this presentation is, all cliche aside, the story of my life, for better or worse…

    8. Thank you, this is beautifully crafted. It seems that when the 'l' thought drops away, then immense happiness is what you are.

    9. Whatever it is and for whatever reason it is and at any rate i am not going anywhere in my life.

    10. While the phrase "Follow your heart" is ridiculous for many reasons. It's also simply true. It doesn't mean follow your impulses. It doesn't mean go play video games for 8 hours and then feel shit about your life. It means looking at what makes you feel shit and developing the discipline (aka, self-respect) to remove those things from your life. Discipline, like anything else, is a muscle you can exercise and get better at. You will never forget or get over trauma, but you can choose what to do with your life after and you are not your trauma, you are who you chose to be and what you train yourself to do. If you choose to be a victim of your circumstance and you train yourself to perpetuate it, you will stay where you are.

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