THe NEXT Great Depression

Danny tells a story and then talks about how it will be after the NEXT Great Depression.
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    THe NEXT Great Depression

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    1. I can tell you a hidden problem no one is talking about!!!
      I was on 100 mg of Zoloft for 15 years.
      I knew what was coming down with our economy, etc. and that many drugs would be disrupted and not available, I was convinced that my LORD Jesus would not want me on these meds (my opinion only), so I went off Zoloft, cold turkey. I went near insane for 8 days, 1 to 2 hours sleep a night, and I had to go back on it and ratchet down. 75 mg for 3 months, 50 mg for 3 months, 25 mg for 3 months then 1/2 of a 25 mg for about 3 or 4 months. Then zero Zoloft, from then til now, over 3 years later. I still have bad effects from that drug. It effects the brain is very strange and bad ways. I have panic attacks, strange thought patters and a lot more. I am slowly clearing my head but it;s not been easy.
      I want to tell you, when the supply line is disrupted, we will see many people in the streets going Crazy!! They will not be able to help themselves and I don't know what thye will do! Not all folks have been on the psychotropic drugs that long but many have and with equal or higher dosages. Many children and young and old folks are on it – it will be a nightmare.
      My advice – never take those meds. If you do, slowly go off of them if you are able.

    2. i love what you are trying to tell some of the people that will lisiten i am also trying to get people to prepare and most just make jokes about it they say nothing is going to happen so i keep storing what i can and pray and hope the best god bless you and your all yall do

    3. I have no doubt we are headed for another "Great Depression". This will be worst because people are addicted the the internet and when the companies go broke, there won't be internet.

    4. The Great Depression wasn't just in America, it was world wide. If you really research it, there were dead bodies laying on sidewalks in Russia that people just walked by or over. Any where these things happen should be considered as if it were on our own street just a few houses away.. because tomorrow it can be. Those ration stamps I wonder how many people think that stamp alone entitled them to that food item & amount, & do not realize they still had to have money to pay for it.. the stamp was only permission to purchase it with money.

    5. My grandma taught me how to make egg noodles from scratch. I haven’t done it since bit I know how. I have a rolling pin, salt, stored a bit flour but I just gotta figure out a way to come up with a egg without having chickens. 😂
      Bread is easy to make. Kneading is the hardest part of it.

    6. in 1980's up in WV when there were no jobs, I stood in line at McDonalds. They advertised 2 jobs. Just 2. And the line went out to the street. A fight broke out between 2 men. They both had college degrees and here they were fighting over a job at McDonalds. I just walked away. I didn't have a college degree. I didn't even have a GED at that point.

      Things are going to get bad!

    7. Only thing about unclean meat is that makes you have a more sinful nature,desires. From my research on it .

    8. When push comes to shove we will pull our heads out of our butts and get it done. It's happening now one family at a time, just keep preaching and teaching. Keep relying on GOD the FATHER and Christ JESUS.

    9. Count the blessings you have in knowing how to do things. I am in my thirties, my grandparents farmed, my parents chose not to. I never ate home-cooked meals unless I was at Mawmaws house. So far In my adult life I have taught myself to garden, to can, to cook (very well actually) to raise dairy animals and chickens. Im slowly expanding my areas of expertise, but it takes time. Most especially since most of what I learn is learned through books, not through others. It is very sad to know that most people dont know anything about how their survival is even possible, it is simply taken for granted that the water will flow when I turn on the tap, and the frozen dinner will cook in 15 minutes.

    10. I agree brother ive been getting hard squash that will last a year as it is, its amazing you realise this is the Lord that has us working our field i have only 2 acres God put me here he will move me when its time, when ive been found worthy ~ sheena

    11. God bless you your spreading Gods message i had the same message 3 years ago, prepare i got down and failed but im going to keep pushing forward ~ Sheena

    12. Funny that the people who are seen (and ridiculed) as preppers are doing EXACTLY what was a normal way of life years ago

    13. Danny, a friend of mine told me "I have never seen the righteous forsaken, or HIS seed begging bread". We don't call souls, we can only help direct those that are called. "Love covers a multitude of sins". Love in JESUS NAME to all.

    14. My parents were born and raised in the Great Depression. We were taught to provide for ourselves. I have taught my children that. Grow even a small garden. I am currently on a no spend year and trying to upcycle my stuff.

    15. Main thing is you need self defense. A guy I work with said he would rob people for their food bc he doesn't know how to hunt or grow food. Imagine all the millennials with that same motivation to rob bc of ignorance..

    16. Folks, THEY need to feed all of THEIR troops a substantial number of whom are foreign mercenaries killing as proxy soldiers for Dick Cheney's visit to the Dark Side. And, using the still enforceable statutes codified in this Confiscation Act of 1862, will do so again should the depression that's on our doorstep make confiscation of your personal food stores and lands necessary.

      BTW, could many of these foreign mercenaries have been spirited into the USA under DACA ??? Well, consider this: CA is the BIGGEST sanctuary state, and many of the plague of wildfires burning the CA to the ground are very provably NOT naturally occurring, but are instead arson. That's pretty strong evidence that THEIR foreign mercenaries are in fact here, and THEY'll need to be fed during the depression that's on our doorstep.

    17. How true it is Danny. Even though you and I are to young to have seen the dirty thirties, I however was in Russia just after the Berlin wall fell. Most of the poor people there were so hungry it was incredible. Little old ladies trying to sell the 2 potatoes that they had stolen from the farm that day so they could buy a loaf of bread. Each stolen potato was a shooting crime. I could have bought a whole sack 100# for about 100 rubles. $5. our money. For 20 old ladies I gave each one the equivalent of a dollar so they could go and buy 4 loaves of bread. Keep up the good work.
      God Bless Joe

    18. I was just talking to my wife about the difference with people now and during the depression era and the WWII rationing stamps.  Society would erupt if the Government would try to go back to the rationing systems to save our country through hard times.  It would not be accepted now. Complacency and "That can never happen here" mentality is what will crush this country when times of Great turmoil hits.  During the depression people in general were much more self sufficient and much more resourceful as individuals. There're a lot of people who can take care of themselves in our country but the majorities are flipped in the wrong direction compared to the Great Depression times of the 30's.  People will die just because they cannot get a Starbucks coffee during SHTF.

    19. There will be major violence and crime in every large city.  Roving gangs of thieves will be the norm.  The uncivilized will rule the streets.

    20. Honestly I think you are spot on with what your scenario was except I don't think our society will be quite as nonviolent as that. I think that riots will be held at first but I could see people killing each other for bread crumbs. Still not interested in growing a garden because that means you have to think too far in the future.

    21. I don't get most people. The government is the biggest prepper in America. It puts back tons of food and supplies and even has hidden bunkers and plans to move people to shelters in case of some kind of event that would shake our country to it's core. But, that ain't for us – the common people. We will get feeding stations and holding pens unless we can provide for ourselves. Our government tells us to keep on hand 3 days worth of food in case of an emergency but some people can't seem to do even that. I think we are the messenger and people tend to shoot the messenger instead of dealing with the message, which would require them to make changes. I pray for my country and want nothing bad to happen to it. But, I will not lay down and do nothing when the writing on the wall tells me bad times are coming. Every year now for at least 5 years I am doing more with the same amount of money. I thank the Lord that I have an income but you can stretch a dollar only so far. Some people say things are getting better but I don't see it. Yes, some people have gotten jobs but they have no benefits because of multiple part time jobs. I splurged this evening and bought my family a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts – a treat we rarely get anymore. Not to many years ago they were under $4. a box. This evening I paid 10.89 for them. I bought a loaf of store brand bread for .99, 5 years ago. Today that same bread cost 2.39. The signs are there. Whether people pay attention or not is up to them.

    22. You nailed it! Great approach to a hard subject. I have learned so much from your channel. Thank you for sharing the wisdom.

    23. i just love Porch Time… have awesome points on so much…thank you……may the creator bless you and Wanda in the greatest of ways..

    24. The children in the VPK class tasted the Amish Deer Tongue lettuce today without any salad dressing all 15 children enjoyed the lettuce they grew. There was no pesticides or fertilizers used to grow it.

    25. everyone will go on same level because the government will enact the executive order to take the food and supplies and distribute as needed..homesteaders are lulled to think they will be better off, but that will only be if the executive order isn't issued. otherwise everything that is stored or grown will become free game for the government picks. Happened in the civil war and Kennedy put the executive order in place and it has continued on the books ever since. My trust isn't in what I grow, prepare, etc my trust is only in the living God. He owns it all.

    26. The first ones to die out would be the ones who are self-entitled and wait for our government to deposit money in their bank accounts every month. I am on a very limited budget but I buy supplies here and there especially medical supplies, etc I am even reading up on medicinal herbs and what in nature we can eat in our surrounding areas. I even save every dark plastic bottle I can or plastic bottles with the #1, 2 and 4 on the bottom of it. I really feel though that we are preparing for those that will be left behind after our Lord comes and gets us, but that could be interpreted different by everyone. God Bless for South Carolina.

    27. The first dinner I had as an introduction to my husband's family was dove wrapped in bacon and fried squirrel. I threw up. I don't eat unclean. I could be a vegetarian easily but when your life depends on it God prefers life to death. There is no law broken for survival.

    28. These scenarios are always hard for me to contemplate, because if there was an economic collapse, it would mean an immediate death sentence for me. And I'm sure, many more who depend on pharmaceuticals to keep them alive. If I couldn't get access to insulin, I wouldn't survive a year – and it would be a matter of how my family watches me die. Which is a greater weight on my heart, than the thought of us all going hungry. Because then at least we'd experience the struggle to live, together, rather than having food (what little of it we could acquire) go to nourish them, while in turn, it kills me. What a guilt trip for my children to have to survive. So I don't entertain these scenarios much.

      We attempt to grow our own food, and be resourceful because I respect God's creation. Although we are far from perfect in carrying that responsibility too. But we strive to do better with our land, every year. Should the economic system, collapse however, I'm dead. I hate to think of the enormous burden I will become to my family, as they struggle to survive themselves.

    29. Thanks Danny this is a video that all Americans need to see. The fact is not if but when will it happen. Your channel is great. Thanks

    30. I've already been in your hypothetical shoes because of having a terrible first husband. No food, medicine, sometimes no electric or transportation. Never again! I taught myself gardening, farming, raising and butchering livestock, sewing, food preservation, wild foods and medicines, working with a chainsaw and making wood planks for building, cooking over fire and using solar, home schooling, fishing, firearms and more. Never again do i want a child looking up at me with big eyes and saying "I hungee mama". I sold my books for $30 and bought baking supplies, turned that into over a hundred dollars and just kept doing that until I was making 2 grand a month in the early 90s. Remarried a first responder and we farm 200 acres now. Yall can all do it too! Read read read! Better than college-level educations right here online in videos and books.

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