The Mormon After – Ep. 13: Erika Gritton – Depression within Mormonism – You are Not the Only One

Erika Gritton shares the challenges of living with a mental illness within Mormonism. While fighting depression and other symptoms arising from her illness, the help she needed was delayed by her parents and church leaders who encouraged her to fast, pray and read more scriptures to overcome her illness.

The Mormon After Channel is a video podcast of special interest to former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, their friends and family, and others familiar with the Mormon faith. No compensation is received from its participants. The channel will remain without advertising. It is purely a service to this community.

The purpose of the channel is threefold:
1) Provide an outlet for former members to share their personal stories.
2) A place for former members to receive moral support, learn from like-minded people and receive advice to navigate successfully after leaving the church.
3) A window into the lives of former members to help foster a better understanding of our friends and family who are still active in the church.

We believe that your story matters more than you probably think. There are many people inside and outside the church who could benefit greatly from hearing his voice. Each trip is unique and each story is interesting, regardless of our tendency to believe that it is nothing special. Your story can brighten someone's day, give a better perspective, help someone who needs it and even save a life! Consider sending your own answers to these questions.

When recording your video, adhere to the following format and answer these questions:

1. Name and place of residence.
2. How long has it been since you left the church?
3. Your story (Be sure to summarize in 15 minutes: the most important events that made you leave the church)
4. What is something you have learned (either from success or from failure) that would be useful for others who are going through a crisis of similar faith? (This is where he offers moral support and advice for other people instead)
5. In what ways has your life improved since you left the church?
6. What are some of the disadvantages that you have experienced leaving the church?
7. What would you like your friends and family to know are still active members of the church?

Be sure to record yourself on a widescreen or 16: 9 aspect ratio. The size of your video file will probably exceed what can be sent in a typical email. We recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive. Please contact us if you need instructions.

Send video presentations and any questions to: [email protected]

We will consider all the videos sent for publication on this channel. Consider the objectives of the channel and follow the question format and you will likely see your submission posted here in the near future.

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Video credits to The Mormon After Channel YouTube channel

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The Mormon After – Ep. 13: Erika Gritton – Depression within Mormonism – You are Not the Only One

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  1. I'm an inactive member in England and spoke to two Elders in the street yesterday and was surprised how defensive they were when I tried to criticise the early lds church history, but having said that they were fairly respectful

  2. You are so brave! Every time someone young wakes up in the heart of Utah or Idaho it is incredibly impressive, especially when you have faced very intense struggles as well. Thank you for sharing your story. It will help so many!

  3. You are not at fault. Those leaders who you were lead to trust lied to you about EVERYTHING.
    EVERYTHING they taught you were lies. They knowingly and horrifically lied to you about EVERYTHING and shattered the lives of innocent thousands in doing so. You are not alone and you are very loved by the thousands of the ex Mormon family you now belong to.
    Much love!!

  4. This is a total BS. Why did not they just delegate the situation to church-based mental health therapist? I saw one MSW who was a faith-based counselor and sho was wonderful.

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