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The Longest Depression Chamber Story Ever

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  1. My car just ran out of battery on the side of the road so I had to spend 20$ to get and Uber back home then realized the early relase of Sekiro was in 15 minutes so I had my friend rush me down to Gamestop just to have them be already closed at 9:15 when the release was at 9. Fuck me. Fuck cars. Fuck video games. Fuck life. I stole alchohol just to make myself feel better, trash buzzball, overpriced garbage, thag's why I stole one, payed for the other tho, I like the lady that works at that convenience store. The girl I like is still with her boyfriend that makes a lot more money that me, I've been waiting for my boss to open his new business for over a month so that I can run the kitchen and I'm living off less than 40 hour paychecks for 2 weeks at 13 dollars an hour, porn isn't even interesting anymore unless I'm high on something other than weed, which I'm always baked, so that doesn't matter. I've been taking acid mush kpins zanny bars ex coke roxys, pretty much whatever with alchoholism sprinkled on top. I don't touch caffine tho. I wanna cook my own foot and eat it.

  2. I actually had to stop the video serveral times and let the cringe pass through me. He sounds like someone with very serious OCD because of how much he feels compelled to Laura and other girls. Perhaps there are specific type of girl he goes after; given by how it seems like he doesn’t completely obsess about every girl that talks to him. By what I am gleaming from the story, his infactuation with these girls is so bad that it becomes the only thing he can think about. I don’t think anywhere in the story does it say he has hobbies or interest that don’t relate or are connected to his obsession with the girl he is currently on. For lack of a stronger word, it is very unhealthy. Unfortunately for him, this kind of pitfall will generally make his personality very bland and one-dimentional; which will make his only quest of getting the girl liking him harder.

    Fuck me though. What do I know about anything. I am just a small blue floating heartless.

  3. I want so bad to tell that guy his problem isn't the Asperger's or the social awkwardness. The reason why he's unhappy and undesirable to women is that he doesn't have anything going on other than wanting a girlfriend and it motivates his interaction with girls to the point he treats them as a means to an end as a result, which they pick up on. You've got to learn there's more to life than girls and your obsession serves no purpose than to make you miserable, get a hobby you enjoy and focus on that.

  4. Autism should be treated like aids. But the UK deserves this for all their imperialism!! HAHA!!!!

  5. When I was 14, I would go on various video game message boards and there was usually a venting section where other teenagers would give stories like this. I am thankful that timidity prevented me from ever getting into these wacky situations, because I'm certain I had the potential.

  6. How have they STILL NOT DELETED THIS CHANNEL YET!? 😂 😂 You literally type mumkey in the search and this comes up first hahaha

  7. Damn, if this were a movie, the fortune cookie part is where the montage of the guy preparing for his Day of Retribution set to some overly happy music starts. Maybe he and the Ashley Stalker can team up.

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