The Incredible Story Of A Tiny But Crazy Brave Soldier

One of the most decorated American soldiers … was a little man named Audie Murphy.

He was born in a family of sharecroppers in Texas in 1924. His father left and his mother died when he was 17 years old. As one of his twelve children, he left school early to support his siblings. He looked for food and worked as a cotton collector. After Pearl Harbor in 1941, Audie wanted to serve her country. The Navy and the Marines rejected it because of their age and size. He was 5 feet 5 inches and weighed only 112 pounds.
He enlisted in the army the following year after his sister falsified his affidavit. Murphy was sent to North Africa, and then to Italy and France. First saw combat in Sicily and proved to be a great fighter.

Beginning as a private, he reached the rank of second lieutenant. On January 26, 1945, his unit was near the French city of Holtzwihr. He had 19 soldiers left in his company when they were attacked by 250 German troops. Audie ordered his men to back off while he stayed and called for an artillery attack. Their tank destroyers were on fire, but the machine guns were in operation. He climbed into the burning vehicle and opened fire on the Nazis. He stopped them for an hour, killing 50 enemy soldiers without help. He was exposed to gunners all the time and his leg was injured.

Murphy was promoted to first lieutenant and received the Medal of Honor. It was just one of the 37 decorations he received from the United States, France and Belgium. Upon her return from the war, Audie appeared on the cover of Life magazine.

Young and handsome, he was seen by movie producers. He acted in more than 40 films in the next 20 years. In 1955, he played in To Hell and Back, an adaptation of his memoirs.

Although he was a star, he could not get rid of the horrors of war. Audie suffered from nightmares that led to insomnia and depression. He slept with a loaded gun under his pillow and became addicted to sleeping pills. He spoke about his problems to highlight the importance of special attention for veterans. Murphy died tragically in a plane crash in 1971. He was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery with all military honors.

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    The Incredible Story Of A Tiny But Crazy Brave Soldier

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    1. I m 16 and I m 5.4 tall and i Weight about 130 pounds he was 5.5 and weighted 112 pounds I m surprised

    2. How could you say 5 feet tiny!?? I live in India and all my female friends are around 5'3"". That's average height.

    3. In a country where the average height of men today is 5 feet 9 inches u call a 5'5" man from decades ago tiny,this is ridiculous.And also in the thumbnail it says 5 feet tall,does that mean anything under 6 feet is 5 feet tall for u?

    4. So, basically, he was great at killing people. Wow. If we all could be as great as that…

    5. This one small soldier turned out one of the greatest. Thought of the same: his back story reminded me of Steve Rogers.

    6. God raises up strong righteous people like this in times of distress to show glorify His power

    7. Great one, now make a video on Henry Tandy, who spared Hitler's life in WW1

    8. Wtf i'm only 5'5" so basically i can't be soldier? Fuck that rule! Hold my beer.

    9. I remember my time at Fort Bragg & reading things about him at the All American Museum !! I never gotten a chance to go to the Audie Murphy Board but I’m proud to have served in the 82nd Division just like he did!! As usual, thanks πŸ™πŸΎ for the brief history lesson 😊😊😊!!!

    10. His height is exactly like mine.. And I'm tiny too.. The difference is. He fought with gun and I fight with music

    11. plis let this video reached the army general of India.coz they don't recruite short people in India..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    12. To Hell and Back – Sabaton
      FYI, this is the bad-ass power metal song about this bad-ass little man

    13. Tysm Audie Murphy for saving our states ik your died but if you were a alive i would hug you and give you gifts tysm Audie murphy your really brave man and strong but doesnt mean give up

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