The Hopelessness Theory of Depression

Wondering what causes chronic depression? Perhaps, you are diagnosed with clinical depression or you know someone who has depression, but are you not sure why you suffer from depression? Depression is an extremely complex mental health problem that ranges from a combination of genetic causes to environmental causes. Even professionals are not 100% sure what causes depression and, in addition, depression varies according to individual cases and history. In this video, we do everything possible to cover three possible causes of depression: NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTIONAL STYLES and causes, and have a NEGATIVE AUTOMATIC IMAGE. Hopefully, you will find this video useful to shed some light on the subject of depression. If you want a video about other possible signs or causes of depression, be sure to activate the notification ringer. We will make a follow-up video.

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In addition, we welcome a new member of our team, Amine Bouzaher. He is currently a student at the UBC and is helping us with screenwriting, research and voice-over. If you are interested in being part of the team, contact us 🙂

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Screenwriter: Amine Bouzaher
Script editor: Amine Bouzaher
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Animator: Ben Carswell
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong
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For more readings (important):

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    The Hopelessness Theory of Depression

    Comments 26

    1. When something bad happens

      1. Global cause instead of specific
      2. Because of … went bad then everything is ruined
      3. Oneself is the cause of all problems

      Causes depression

    2. I can't seem to accept positive thinking or trying to see positive outcomes. I am a realist, and life has shown me that if something bad can happen, it will. Every time I take a step forward, I end up taking two steps backwards. Every time. I am 49 years old and have nothing to look forward too, but plenty to look back on and see all of the failure. Positive thinking does not change this. For me, therapy trying to make me have happy peppy positive thoughts is basically me just getting told to lie to myself. Sorry, but that is how I see it.

    3. Ahh I don’t know if you’d respond or not
      But I want to know better because like
      My dads a sociopath
      I’m curios if I’m a sociopath
      Or maybe I’m a narcissist
      I remember hearing somewhere in your videos I think
      You sad about a person who does anything to look like a good person
      And I know In some cases I’ve tried really really hard to seem good
      Like I know somewhere in me I can be manipulative
      Or I can be arugmentive
      For a long time I’ve felt there might be something wrong with me
      I don’t know
      And like
      Some part of me doesn’t want to change
      Some part of me doesn’t know how to change
      And more then I do with anyone else,
      I argue with myself
      And it doesn’t feel like me thinking
      It feels like two people saying stuff for me
      I know I had a clear idea of what was wrong with me but I slowly forgot what was wrong with me
      And it’s buried in the back of my mind
      And I used to lack a lot of sleep
      So much so I would hear things and hallucinate
      I only told one person
      The most I heard was my parents arguments or some kinda “helps” or “ahh” and a scream and explosion
      So like qwq
      I wanna know what it could be and I don’t know if you’d have a video on that

    4. we have to learn that we can't help everyone on the way. I tried and sometimes I hurt myself on the way 🙁

    5. Hello, love your channel! Been subscribed for a while now. Could you maybe make a video covering drug/alcohol addiction, when it becomes a problem, how to help family addicts, etc.? I know you made a video covering porn addiction, but I would love to see some more info on this topic, especially since y'all make your videos very insightful. Thanks for reading, keep up the good work!

    6. My sister (we’ll call her May) currently has depression and called our other sister (let’s say her names Susan) saying that she wanted to kill herself. Susan admitted May in to the hospital. May has 4 children and a husband who always has to travel out of town for work. May has been set up to be treated for electroshock therapy. It’s very sad to know that my sister May is going through this.

    7. Is it really bad I’m trying to avoid thinking I have depression because I know nobody will believe but all the videos I have watched proves I have anxiety and depression 😭

    8. I’m sorry but I don’t really understand. In the end, whether you’re depressed or not, you’re life is still up to you. It’s different if you actually try to seek help or at the very least except help when it’s offered to you, if that’s what you’re doing, then good on you. On the other hand, if you’re not trying to get better or (god forbid) glorifying it in any way, then honestly, you need to get your shit together. All you’re doing is hurting yourself and the people around you even more. If you’re this type of person, if you whine about “everybody hates me and I have no friends” well for one, you’re wrong, people do care about you and that’s why they’re hurt. For seconds, you’re actually not completely wrong. You have friends but chances are they fucking hate being around you half the time because of how whiny and dramatic you are. I know for a fact that not everyone who has depression is like this. You can be a generally normal and pleasant person if actually try, and it will literally benefit fuckin everybody so please. It’s your choice.

    9. The individual blames global causes for life events instead of specific causes

      Right now, we live in a system in which those who get ahead do so by preying on the weak, case in point, the President of the United States. Our capitalistic society doesn't center around creating products that help people live, rather schemes by which to entrap customers into making uninformed decisions. Our legal system is fueled by private prisons and a police state in which officers are, themselves, above the law, and most of us are beneath it, as such we have a 100% indictment rate, a 90% conviction rate and the highest incarceration rate in the world. It's quite possible there are more innocent, wrongfully convicted people in prison than guilty. We don't check.

      And right now the other guys — the Democrats — are trying to resume the same neocon corporate-driven form of administration we saw with Clinton and Obama. Wealth in the US is going to continue to flow toward the wealthy. The common worker is going to continue to be miserable and we're not going to do anything serious about global warming, the crises from which are going to define the lives of our kids and grandkids.

      So, yes, I'm pessimistic. I may be paranoid, but such an outlook is appropriate considering the world we live in. Maybe I was broken not by some neurological anomaly but by naïvely giving the society we live in the benefit of doubt, and being vulnerable when the predators found me.

      Maybe the way to change our epidemic of depression is to change society to something not predatory.

    10. Iam sick of being depressed I always been thus way. I had a terrible childhood and teenage years my all those years were just full of abuse sexually physically and emotionally. I don't feel worth anything. I just want to be happy I'm 42 I don't want to die being this way . I want help 😭

    11. So uh I feel or have all these things but I feel like talking to others about my issues will just annoy them

    12. My depression phase is getting stronger this month: I can‘t sleep very well, I feel hopeless, sad and uncomfortable when people are around me, I don‘t know who I really am and I try to fight against suicidal thoughts…
      I wish I could just snap away that damn Depression…

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