The Federal Reserve Will Crash The Economy! Cause of the Great Depression!

The federal reserve will affect the economy the similarities in the previous massive depression and the headlines that detail the gains of the stock market. The movements coordinated by large banks caused the great depression. What caused the Great Depression and the economic collapse of 1929?

Video credits to Silver Report Uncut YouTube channel

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    The Federal Reserve Will Crash The Economy! Cause of the Great Depression!

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    1. Facebook & Apple is propping up the market…. With the feds and central banks, they are doing a really good job in crashing precious metals… Something is going to snap…

    2. even without msm fake news the internet is not yet suffucient to wake up to the deja1929 plan or the reichstag fire of 1933. therefore the directors can safely use a working model again and again.

    3. In 1929 Wall Street was crashed. This next time the USA will be crashed, then debt called for taken by confiscating US assets like all public land West of Mississippi, including all national parks. It's a planned swindle. The Fed intends to bankrupt America and take all the assets of the USA from counterfeiting the debt. This has to be stopped.

    4. The elite, extremist, radical, 1% have already crashed the economy. The consequences have yet to occur. The Fed is a great crime. Counterfeiting the US Currency is a felony. The Fed has our currency counterfeited. The Fed underlies the great theft, the disaster to our economy. Fed is adding $600 Billion a year to US public debt since 1986, when Greenspan, Bernanke, and Yellen took over. The dollar is down 95% since 1971. The dollar has already collapsed. The consequences have yet to occur. Protect yourself. No one else can.

    5. The cabal prints all the money they want and use it for their own benefit, while charging up the wazz the general public who borrow from them. Overthrow the system now.

    6. The FedRes is the center of most all global criminality. Ban the FedRes, Confiscate their assets, try them for sedition and theft, and return the US to Constitutional money.

    7. Wow, you got the links?, I would love to read the source materials. Researcher Charles Savoie haf similar conclusions.

    8. True this latest round of Fed intervention looks very similar to the great depression. How ever we never got the crash part. When she blows, it will be like nothing anyone alive today has ever seen.

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