The Causes Of Depression (Explained by a Clinical Psychologist)

Houston psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Rune Moelbak explains why depression is not just a chemical imbalance, but an invitation to explore deeper psychological questions about how he is living his life …

Video credits to Rune Moelbak YouTube channel

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    The Causes Of Depression (Explained by a Clinical Psychologist)

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    1. hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out dealing with depression try Nadazma Destroy Depression Helper (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got amazing results with it.

    2. My reason of depression is i met a women in 2012 her name is srishti arya…and my uncle rajesh mapuskar i even feel shame to call him my uncle…after that she hacked my phone ruind my life forced me to b actor…and bcoz of her i dont get work anywere else…till date she is doin the same & even my friends and family members a involved with her….she is a very bad and evil women…i regret why i met her

    3. What is happening?? Idk pls god save meπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» I beg u . I want to live my life in a certain way I have dream of why the hell does this word called depression even exist. I can't take it anymore but I also know that no matter what nothing is gonna happen but still there is hope somewhere n I will continue to fight against it n never stop praying that's it

    4. I really wanna be happy or atleast just want to feel normal so that I can feel life is actually worthy livingπŸ™ƒ I m also aware that it's not possible to have happy life all the time ,but for me feeling like hell has been part of me . I can actually compare it with drugs to people who are addicted towards it because people with this addiction knows that it is bad habit but they get certain pleasure out of it

    5. With me it's all about creating illusative thoughts I guess that always leave me with super pain which I can't handle fuckkkkkkkkkkk off life . And the worst part is it can be fuck Anything like my parents are fighting because of my instinct vibes or some strange person that I know is thinking about me or my nose is big like it can be anything,, what is this?? Is this really depression?? But everything is concern with loosing my identity or loved ones or just fear of not being good enough In people's eyes🀐 but now m actually confused between depression and phsycotic disorder

    6. but what if you've felt depressed constantly since age 8 I am now 20. I know my brothers death when I was 4 is part of the cause but others can go through loss and not be depressed everyday

    7. I have spent months investigating treating depression naturally and found a great website at Sebs Shy Remedy (look it up on google)

    8. Toddlers exhibit a depressed anxious personality. When did they have a "past life event"? And depression is rare when you take the entire population – like schizophrenia; terrible, affects a lot of people (there are 7 billion in the world) but as a fraction of the population, they're only 1%. If all it took was a shitty childhood, billions would be clinically depressed. The prisons are full of men who had the worst childhoods, they are the least anxious, most energetic confident happy heads you'll ever meet.

    9. I am only 14 and i can relate to all these 3 character… What does this mean? But one think i have that strongly causes my depression and its that if i ask for help no one will full understand what i feel

    10. I understand that it may come from family and friend relationship problems but it can also start with any other problems they have about themselves say like genetics or loss of someone. Anything traumatic can trigger it. But for me it was definitely embarrassment.

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    15. Therapy for Depression: Watch a video on the causes of depression by Houston psychologist, Dr. Rune Moelbak:

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