Supernatural: Dean – Symptoms of Depression

* Season 2 Final Spoiler *

It's like an answer to the video from & # 39; The 5 stages of Dean's pain & # 39 ;, which deals with some of the emotions he experienced after Sam's death.

As suggested by MadMidgetTwins02, and a big hello to you for your amazing insinuation! 🙂

I hope you like it!
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The background noise is the beautiful tear – massive attack

Video credits to takeeightyfour YouTube channel

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    Supernatural: Dean – Symptoms of Depression

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    1. it's about brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who initially team up to find their missing father and carry out the "family business" of hunting ghosts, demons, and pretty much any other supernatural being (which is why the show is called Supernatural lol). As the series progresses, the brothers begin to make huge sacrifices to save not only each other and eventually the world. The show gets very Biblical by season 4. Lots of free will versus fate, and the occasional monster of the week.

    2. Ive always had a hard time understanding just what dean is saying when bobby says the something big is going down end of the world big thing. Is he saying 'WELL THEN LET IT?" Or "WELL THEN BRING IT" or "I'VE BEEN WAITING". Someone(preferably someone(s) as to gain extra opinions). Please do educate me. Thanks thanks.~

    3. which episode is the first "guilt" clip from. The one where dean is holding the gun as a child.

    4. Not all siblings are like that. I have 2 brothers and I can say without a doubt that we are not as huggy ,touchy as sam and dean are with each other. And as close as my brothers r to each other I cant see either one of them making a pact w/ the devil in order to bring the other one back. Which is why they call it make believe boys and girls. In fact since my father died I have found it harder to be near my family at all so for the most part Im not.

    5. so sad to see Dean depressed. I would hate to be any demon on the other end of his depression where he takes it out on them. Great video!

    6. Just when I stop feeling suicidal about S3 finale, I come and watch this, and it hits me even harder!
      Great job! Can't believe I haven't watched it before!

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