SUFFERING from PTSD, Fear, Stress, Depression and Germaphobia | My Life Story

*Update* Video:
My Life Story how MY OWN FATHER caused my PTSD, fear, stress, and depression everyday. An update follow up will be made later to explain more as this video was me speaking more through my emotions than anything.

Video credits to KevGuuey YouTube channel

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    SUFFERING from PTSD, Fear, Stress, Depression and Germaphobia | My Life Story

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    1. I see so much sadness, but I also see a lot of suppressed anger (at your father). Not for just what he did then, but for what he has done to you today. Please find a place (even if it's a private place in nature/or counseling or a friend) for you to voice, cry, scream, express out ALL your ANGER because you NEED to get that out. Seriously. I know you will think "that won't change anything" but it will. When you are ready – you need to forgive him (this does not mean excuse his behavior) ———- but it will FREE YOU and allow you to move on in your life and begin to make baby steps toward beginning to live YOUR future. I'm glad you have a counselor. Please put as much of THIS energy into simply CARING FOR YOURSELF and only doing WHAT IS HEALTHY FOR YOU. I relate and care. —- In so many ways yours still defending yourself to him, still having and reliving the argument all over again and again. That's okay, that's part of the process… again, I'm so sorry. Peace and love.

    2. Kev, I hear it in your voice, see it in your eyes. I"m so sorry you had to endure such abuse. You ARE a STRONG person because you survived it ALL and you're here doing the most healthy thing in the world > telling what you went through. I'm 100% behind you in your recovery. If you need help there are lots of people who can help you. Do whatever you can to stay off medications, but if they help at first that's okay. Please take good care of yourself I CARE and lots of people CARE ABOUT YOU! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!! Love and Hugs, Nancy

    3. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I'll have a more in-depth look into my PTSD video tomorrow which will elaborate a lot more into how the trifecta abuse (physical, psychological, and emotional) affected me growing up and how it affects me now. The video was just fully emotional where I couldn't really elaborate on the matter and explain that much.

    4. Hey Kev. I'm sorry that you have a bully for a father. I wish that I could give you an answer for your troubles, but all I can do is give you words of encouragement and praise you for being able to talk about such personal things.

    5. Damien sent it to me, I support you all the way bro. If you wanna talk I’m a message away. Always remember there’s people that still think of you as a friend no matter the distance.

    6. I will always support you no matter what and I feel that if possible you should try and move out of his house to get away from the toxic relationship. Hope you feel better.

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