Subliminal Affirmations: Anti Depression, Releases Negative Thoughts, Let go of Fear and Worries

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Anti-Depression Affirmation

I can do this
I am a strong person
I release any negative thoughts that I have in my mind.
I'm just focusing on the positive things at this time
I am naturally optimistic
It's easy to stay happy
I am free of depression
I enjoy every moment of my life
I always remember that life is great.
I accept failures and that makes me stronger.
I'm tough
There are problems but I stay strong and happy.
The challenges in life are opportunities to learn, grow and be better
Everything is fine and I am safe.
I accept the changes and I grow and I learn from these.
I am brave and I am not afraid to face difficult circumstances.
I am strong in all my weakness
My pain and discomfort will not last forever
I'm letting go of my fears
I always believe that there is hope in everything.
I am gaining strength every day.
I will not let depression defeat me.
there is nothing to fear
Giving up is not an option for me
I let go of the negative thoughts and cleared my mind.
I accept that it's okay not to be okay sometimes
I accept that it is okay not to be perfect.
I'm good enough
I'm still beautiful inside and out, no matter what happened in my past.
I'm always looking at the bright side of life.

————————————————– ———————————————-

Video credits to Life Expansion YouTube channel

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    Subliminal Affirmations: Anti Depression, Releases Negative Thoughts, Let go of Fear and Worries

    Comments 10

    1. Very nice anti depression affirmations….I really appreciate the notes you put in the

    2. Thank you Jason, just what I needed, I think I’ll listen to this just before I start working on my videos! I may get more energy that I so desperately in need of.

    3. GDay Daddy Jason Inspirational Stephenson ASMR thankyou for liking my comments it makes us happy. Shelley Anthony your daughter of Meditations and Art Charles your son of Meditations Father of Meditations.

    4. Thanks so much, Jason. I really needed this right now, it's so comforting, kind of reminds me of a lullaby 🙏❤ now I can relax.

    5. I'm so grateful for you Jason!!🙏🌟💫💞🎊💖💞I've been listening to you a couple years now and your work completely connects and brings so much pracev into my life!! Its like you are one of my best friends! I too want to help people like you do one day !! Blessings sweet one ! Namaste!!🙏🌟💖

    6. Hi Star 💫 🙏As always your music is soothing and so relaxing 🙅‍♀️
      I have just finished meditation🧘‍♀️ in the Himalayas with you. 🤗
      what a blessing of relaxing and soothing you make people’s lives such a comfort to many💖
      Thank you so much my friend 💖 To all enjoy the meditation it’s not hard to put in the effort
      half hour / 5 or 10 minutes whatever you’re doing it’s beneficial to be in touch with our
      Guardian Angels and so much Gratitude for their guidance every day 🙏❤️ My friend Jason who helps me so much gratitude 🙏
      Love to Dharma and you 💖many blessings and hugs 🤗 🌈💖💖

    7. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been struggling with my depression lately and really needed this. Thank you for all that you do Jason! I’m currently taking your Udemy class and have been following you for a few years. You have been a huge part of my mediation journey and an inspiration to me – at the end of the month I’m taking a meditation teacher training and hoping to one day bring peace into peoples lives like you do!

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