Storytime:Being Saved, Depression, Causes and How To Overcome

It's amazing how one minute you can be on top of the world with God's favor over you, winning victories after victories and, suddenly, the spirit of depression comes upon you like a thief in the night. What causes depression to overcome us and, when it happens, how do God's children overcome it? How do we deal with depression, especially if we are married or single, being saved and loving God? In this video I share my story of depression and how I overcame it and how my husband played an important role in the process of my release. Sharing this story was not easy, but God …

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Storytime:Being Saved, Depression, Causes and How To Overcome

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  1. Jesus called me out of full time employment into self employment. I obeyed and I'm enjoying it so much!

  2. I am in a waiting period right now. I know who and why, but not the when. Lord, help me to wait.

  3. Thank you πŸ™πŸΎthank you πŸ™πŸΎthank you πŸ™πŸΎthank you πŸ™πŸΎ for this testimony.
    Confirmation ❀️confirmation ❀️confirmation ❀️

  4. Thank you soooo much for sharing this video and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I was extremely depressed on Friday to Saturday and it felt completely like it came from nowhere. I suddenly got to a place where I decided to give up on the vision God gave me 2 months ago because I did not see any progress regarding fulfillment. I decided after making changes to my life 2.5 years ago in preparation for my kingdom partner and receiving a vision of my husband 2 months ago (who I met 1 month after the vision), I was going back to a man who does not love me because he makes me feel desired right now. All of this because I was tired of being good and waiting for nothing to happen in the end. I'm used to getting what I want now and being in control. Trusting God and giving him complete control is really hard. I'm trying to learn about God's perfect timing and not being discouraged by the process of waiting for God's vision when the process looks discouraging. I confessed my feelings and asked my friends to pray and released it to God. I feel his peace now… I hear God saying "Give it completely to me and see how I will work it together for my good quickly!"

  5. There is a really good book called β€œSpiritual Timing” by Roberts Liardon, about how we need to do everything according to the timing of God, by the leading of the Holy Spirit. God has perfect time for everything.

  6. Just so you know…. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– your channel – transparency… AH-MAZING! Truth sets us free and you can def tell you are free INDEED!
    Just a heads up – I do videos about celibacy & remaining pure until marriage so if you happen to run across anyone in the struggle – send em my way
    Stay GREAT!😝

  7. This was soooo good. I Ioved everything about this video. When you all said singles are married to God and the waiting process is preparing you for marriage. Meaning, once I'm married, God may reveal something to me prior to revealing it to my spouse and I will have to WAIT until he reveals it to my spouse before we move on it. OMG, what will be my posture in that waiting period??? Ummm, what is my posture now in my single waiting season??? Lord, you all have given me a new revelation on waiting in this single season. Thank you.

  8. 18 minutes in and I already got my answer/confirmation had to pause and give thanks to God for speaking DIRECT to my situation. Yesterday I prayed for God to shut something down if it’s not for me. Today He went further to show/tell me why He did it. WON’T HE DO IT!

  9. I'm glad to see you are feeling and doing better. What God has brought together, let no man put asunder. I appreciate your transparency. I remember feeling down and out one day. A couple of months back and called in sick. I said to myself I will NEVER do that again. They enemy had a field day w/me. They enemy loves to kick us when we are down and do his best to keep his foot at our necks. I thank God for the Holy Spirit to break me right up out of that. Depression is real and if you allow it, it will take over life. One day is all I needed and God continues to keep me. This JOY that I have the world did not give it to me. God bless you both Xoxo 😊

  10. Wow!! But God! You guys was heavy in my spirit last week, I didn't know why but I started to pray for you. I wanted to pick up the phone to call but of course I don't have your number, but it's like I just needed to see if you all were ok. I praise God for this testimony because I certainly get this way a lot of times. But, my son is feeling this way now and I talked to him about it over the weekend. I will have him listen to your video. I just love you guys transparency and the realness. I have told y'all this plenty of times, but you both are THE BEST!!! Love you guys!!!

  11. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Vito is true man of God full of faith, admire your obedience

  12. I love Marchel and I always laugh with you both at the beginning.. as am starting to watch this seems emitional but ready for it

  13. For the record, I am writing this post and I have only read the title. I am SURE this is another message for me because as I got off of my knees (praying), I saw your notification and the title. I was just praying about how much single life is depressing me. I can't wait to see what God has to say through you guys. As always, I love you guys.

  14. Thank you for always pointing us to the Father. I am on my journey out of o. r. I'm doing this as a single woman. I have been in o. r. from a little girl. That's all I've known. God, our Father is being trusted to unfold each day with His plan because i don't know what's next.

  15. If this video ain't on time for me!! I'm in the middle and on the way out I feel. I felt like my soul had just grown tired and weary. I literally did not care anymore but deep deep down still cared. I wasn't mad at God, I just grew tired of doing the right thing along with feeling anxious and overwhelmed about other stuff. I didn't want to talk to family or friends. I eventually vented to someone close and felt a little better but its still a struggle. THANK YOU for being obedient and vulnerable.

  16. Wow, This is POWERFUL! There has to be humility and maturity present to even receive it. Thank you both
    For being willing to share honestly and teach from your experience with our Loving Heavenly Father. This helps me
    Understand My own past missteps as well as prepares me to WAIT for God’s timingπŸ’œ

  17. I am here for you and I am glad that you are out here. Do you know that you guys calm me when I am agitated. I asking the Lord to show when to do things and I fall into a pit as well.

  18. Thank you for the transparency. Out of all of your videos, to me this one exemplified the connection God made. In the telling of your story, I could experience how non-judgemental your husband was as you were going through your depression. Only love, grace, and space. Anyways, that's it, lol…. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, God Bless!

  19. Awesome awesome word may God continue to bless you guys and keep y'all and keep protecting and guiding you all in your walk with him and in your marriage

  20. You guys are awesome! I really appreciate your honesty and transparency with this message. Marshawn, I love how you asked God to forgive you for bringing the spirit of depression into your home. That is so important because we don't always think about how our actions or moods affect our family and our home. This really opened my eyes about the importance of properly dealing with depression so that it will not affect my family. I really enjoyed this and can't wait to hear from you guys again. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  21. may I ask your viewers to pray for me? I suffer from depression and anxiety for years. I appreciate it. Thank you all! God bless everyone .

  22. That's so deep. I feel this at times. Even now. Right on time testimony. Father is faithful He put us together

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