Stock Market Depression – Executives Selling Off – Debt vs Precious Metals vs Money Printing

Markets are showing more signs of cracking, debt and the printing of money are increasing. The only way this will end is a global depression and it will take years to get out. People must be cautious, we are going to see things in the United States that we never thought possible. Hold on tight, the journey is just beginning …

Video credits to jeremiah babe YouTube channel

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    Stock Market Depression – Executives Selling Off – Debt vs Precious Metals vs Money Printing

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    1. Planning on selling my House with Pool. It's too much for me now. Gonna buy some more silver and also start getting gold. Wait for a country property to buy cash and try to get a small home debt free

    2. In order to have a gold standard, the federal bureaucracy (and most state bureaucracies) would have to break up. There's no way to have that much government overhead and limit your money. The US would have to break up. It should. The fed gov attempts to manage way too much land mass now anyway. Besides, and here's the rub: what evidence exists to prove any of these so called government's alleged jurisdiction over you? Oh sure they're ready and willing to murder to uphold appearances. But where is the legit evidence? 16:00 We've already seen things we've never seen, and should not see. 9/11, which was some sort of neocon inside job, followed by the "patriot" act, enforced by the TSA. This state of affairs is not freedom. The application of the "income" tax to everyone is not legit and is not freedom. Most people are used to these things, so I wonder, how many more signs of slavery will it take for people to actually realize they are already slaves?

    3. The markets are fake, news is fake everything is fake, everything is managed and that’s all the markets of the world! The bond market will tell u if the market is going to where this market goes, that is also the dollar index will to! This debt is global if they pop all bubbles pop then we have a resource issue then! Not to mention a human bubble onto of this debt bubble so the Chas will be global! All debt has done is in slave mankind period! War will break out so only way out of this, is to turn to God the father in heaven period the end! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    4. Still a way to go before the inflationary depression. FED has one last save left. When the markets start to crater the FED will reverse course, drop rates and spend like drunken sailors. Of course that will usher in the eventual currency crisis and inflationary depression. Perfect crisis for the govt to have a global debt jubilee and change over to the electronic currency. One world electronic currency.

    5. Good vid….look up Lynette Zang, she goes into this sort of thing and many other game changing scenarios in depth.

    6. "Rich man weep and howel for your riches have turned to naught" They will throw their gold and silver in the streets. Jeremiah babe is correct and Gods word is never wrong. The evil global elites want financial fallout so they can bring in the RFID tracking device and a precursor to the mark of the beast which I believe will be the fake aLIEn agenda. Do you hear that it's coming, the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? The NWO and Martial Law are coming and the 7-year tribulation is near. Soon a full days wages will not buy you a stale loaf of bread. Read the NASA DOCUMENT and horrors they will put us through. "Torture them all in living color" I believe there will be this vile show that will resemble movies like HOSTEL only unrated to all believers in God that refuse the mark of the beast. My friends the LORD has an escape for all of us, it's called the Rapture of the saints. I believe as many do according to last years prophecy being revealed the Revelations 12-star sign and can't see any further than Nov 11th. Pray that ye be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are coming on this earth. God said I have not appointed you to wrath. However, we can't be here, this is Satans last stand, he is furious, he has less than 7 years before he's cast into the bottomless pit for one thousand years and then the judgment soon after. Repent and ask Jesus into your heart, Read his word and pray for those that need Christ. Always repent daily to keep the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. I will show you how real Gods word is in this age. Revelations 13 This is the antichrist speaking. He causeth all both rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in the right hand or forehead that no man may buy or sell save he that has the mark. Remember in the hand or forehead does that not remind you of a chip implant? The Bible was written 2000 years ago and the last book is Revelations which is forecasting our future which is very grim for anyone left behind.

    7. america is the problem… the day us dollar dies richer world becomes

    8. If you have a god as a friend surely you have nothing to worry about, you don't even need to prepare !      God will take care of your every need.

    9. It’s also telling us that executives get compensated mainly with stock options. As a result, they become way overweight in their portfolios with company stock, so they sell part of their holdings. What would be interesting to find out, is what they buy with the proceeds. Other stock? Real estate? Precious metals? Someone should do a study on that. Also, with the market at all-time highs, you’ll see more selling at these levels.

    10. you are so right. its going to be bad. thoughts on blockchain? litecoin and ripple? gun, ammo, food.

    11. I'm thinking the markets are realizing Artificial Intelligence is going to be a huge disruptor. Could be a depression if we start losing our jobs to automation and AI in the coming years

    12. Heed this warning, Jeremiah speaks the truth and worse of all its around the corner…winter is coming. Prepare .

    13. ive just paid off all my debt and my mortgage,GODs blessed me to be able to do so but if i survive this coming crash i will use whatever ability i have to help people and no doubt there will be hungry cats snooping around for a good meal aswell that we will have to look after
      ive been stung twice in the last few years by dishonest friends who left me carrying over $100,000,one guy groomed people in the church,thats a long story but if i hadnt learned my lesson a friend borrowed $20,000 and promised to pay it back within 3 months ,2 years later she paid $10,000 and i have to pay the last $10,000,ive lost faith in people now and if i every lent money it would be with very strict conditions,i am wondering now how evil people will get when the depression hits let alone how evil people already are in the good times

    14. 11-11-2018 i have a movie night with friends but the real event is the 100 year centenary since ww1,going to be a real doozer,im going to continue stacking PMs

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