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Spravato, also known as esketamine, is an innovative treatment for depression in people with treatment-resistant depression. It is administered through a nasal spray and reportedly can significantly reduce the symptoms of depression in a few hours compared to the 6-8 weeks that an antidepressant medication takes to be effective, if it is effective.

The FDA approved Spravato in March 2019. With an estimated one third of adults with major depression classified as resistant to treatment, one can imagine the high level of anticipation that comes with the introduction of Spravato. But there is also controversy surrounding the medication. It is a derivative of ketamine (name of the street "Special K"), which some people use to get high and carries the risk of addiction.

With all this in mind, we interview the psychiatrist, researcher and educator, Dr. Prakash Masand, to get all the details about Spravato so you can make some informed decisions with your doctor about whether this medication may be right for you.

Here are the topics we cover:

• Why is spravate (esketamine) needed?
• Esketamine vs ketamine: What are the differences?
• Do I have to worry about becoming addicted to esketamine?
• Who is a candidate for Spravato and who would not be?
• Can Spravato be taken in people with bipolar depression?
• What is it like to take Spravato?
• Should Spravato be used only occasionally or for the treatment of long-term depression?
• Is Spravato a miracle drug that some say it is?

For more information about Spravato, see our interview with the psychiatrist and HealthyPlace Medical Director, Dr. Harry Croft.

If you have a treatment-resistant depression, would you consider taking Spravate (esketamine) and why? Please share your answer in the comments.

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    Spravato Nasal Spray for Depression: Is It Right for You? | HealthyPlace

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