Short Term Memory Loss – What It Is, What Causes It, and How To Prevent It

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Video credits to Ron White Memory Expert – Memory Training & Brain Training YouTube channel

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    Short Term Memory Loss – What It Is, What Causes It, and How To Prevent It

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    1. I'm looking at my phone and can't remember what do you call this thing in my hand … scary and frustrating … I need help

    2. I'm in middle school and I'm really dumb and I don't remember what I learnt so my life goes no where lol

    3. Everyone is so witty. here I was thinking the comments may be helpful. what was I thinking? so I hope you all have fun making your stupid memory jokes.

    4. One morning I woke up to brush my teeth and I was shocked to find that I couldn't identify the toothbrush I've been using for a month…

    5. I have 4 kinds of seizuers I have had brain surgery 2 times and I can not remember what I read, and sorry I can not remember what you just said in this video, but thanks anyway

    6. 3 normal 2 dangerous i take pills and i get anxiety thanms for helpin me now i can remember more work words names and my parents first name and my b day

    7. I'm still pretty smart it's just my short term memory is terrible I forget parts of conversations right after having them. I remember the gist of what people say jus got the details, it's like that with most things. I hope,to do everything I can do for nutritional improvement and health, I've tried to but it's been a process shit

    8. It's weird my short term memory has been getting worse. I've never been an addict or anything but I've used pharmaceutical a bit and drank coffee smoked weedmbut still not a lot, especially in comparison to some people. It makes me think some people poisoned me, is there some substance that makes it able to wreck someone's short term memory

    9. How about the mental disorder medication?

      I have a medication called Latuda. I feel my brain empty a lot. My body won't move and my brain function one task.

      Do you think that is cause of my short term medication?

      PS: I have subscribed you and please reply if you have time to answer my question.

      Thank you.

    10. I thought I had memory problems coz I forget ma keys and why I entered the room Thaaank you you calm me down 😭😭😭

    11. If I'm in a new job the present employees are always frustated with me because I immediately forget what they had taught me! Lol So I tend to ask again and again and again! 😂😂😂 To my embarassment, I use a notebook to list all procedures and things I have to remember. I envy new employees who can catch up everything in just one day. Sometimes I think I have dementia or something. 😕😕😕😕

    12. My memory is just terrible and so frustrating at times,I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the show I used to love hope someone can help me.

      It’s an American comedy show where a man called the Fonz, played by the actor Henry Winkler lodged with the Cunningham family in a room above their garage in Kanosha Wisconsin. He was best friends with Richie, Potsie and Ralph-Malph and they all used to go to Arnold’s drive-in and fried chicken stand. The trouble is I just can’t remember what the show was called, the theme tune used to go:
      Sunday, Monday
      Something something
      Something something
      Something something
      The weekend comes, the cycle hums, ready to race to you.
      These days are ours,happy and free(oh something something)
      These days are ours, share them with me( oh something something)

    13. Sir please enlighten me. I cannot remember any movie plots or anime I watched, books I read, names, passwords, etc. Is this relates to masturbation?

    14. Hi there I suffer brain injury hypoxia I set task for my memory such has in half hour I pick a track also certain programs works most time thanks for sharing headway nottingham u k x

    15. Y'all let myself you a story so it was morning and I went to the restroom to brush my teeth but I forgot that I went to brush my teeth so I went back to do something else I don't remember but them a min later I remembered that I needed to brush my teeth so I went to the restroom and when I got there I forgot which was my toothbrush bc I share a bedroom with my sister so I spent 5 mins trying to remember which was my toothbrush and then so my sister came in and was like "why are you holding my toothbrush" and I was oh I forgot which one was mine and then she left and gave me the right toothbrush and when I got done I got out-of them restroom and I had forgotten if I brushed my teeth or not so I went inside and brushed them again.

    16. Some times i forget what i say so i say it again and i annoys me and people. Also as soon as someone says something i forget it.

    17. Whenever someone tells me a story or whenever I watch a movie, I keep getting thoughts that I won't remember or understand it properly. So after watching this video now I can tell that the reason for my short memort loss is basically my anxiety and depression.

    18. Mines is from Sleep Loss. Most definitely. I've been pulling all nighters since 7 but occasionally over the years. 14 now.

    19. it helped me so much seeing all the people here having the same problem as me. I sometimes feel really sad and worthless because of my bad memory


    21. I was stressing my self out that I had short term memory loss just find out don’t thank you for helping me realize I don’t thank you

    22. You forgot two important causes of short term memory loss: brain trauma and ptsd . I suffer from both (as a lot of people with brain trauma do). They require a more specific approach. Other than that, this video is incredibly good.

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