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Self Harm/Depression Quotes

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  1. Haha , this is me . Battling my mind every single day , pretending like I'm okay, I'm crying and then I'm self harming my self again . It's the way to make me felt better , I'm injured my self last night because I'm just feeling sad with no reason, all the sad memories just come to my mind and then BOOM , it's relaxing when i hurted my self . I have never hurt my self with scissors , cutter or knife . Have never but idk the future because I'm not god who knows the future 🙂 . I'm injured my self with all the words i gave to my self " you're stupid, you're idiot, you fuckin cannot do anything , all you do is just pretending like you were fine when you're sad" and
    I pierced myself with my nails, it made an impression, there was a scratches ( so many) , but I didn't care because I just wreaked it all out

  2. i’ve been cutting myself tonight for about 5 minutes and i’ve done it for so long that i’m numb to the pain. i cut deeper and deeper but i don’t feel anything, the cut, sadness, anger.. nothing

  3. 0:56 hits me with a ton of bricks. when i read it, i always expect an “it’s a battle that you won”. but i know it’s nothing but the truth. i lost. every little stupid scar. and i keep loosing and loosing

  4. I'm sorry but this won't fix shit for me cuz I just wrote the words "fvck yov" on my wrist and now I know every time I look at it I think of more hate to think of against me so I'll finally lose the battle I'm fighting but I'll still at least try

  5. You try to push away your Demond’s, but in the end they are the only ones who know who you really are….

  6. Each time I drag a blade across my wrist,
    and watch the blood slowly start to pour,
    I pray for the courage
    to press down more.

  7. I'd cry but u know um I just haven't felt anything in 2 years I've tried but I just don't feel the only thing people see is the fake me I don't know what happened to the real me but they left

  8. I'm still self harming now it's easy for people to say STOP but it's easier said than done.

  9. I needed this today. Yesterday I lost the will to live and cut and eventually it lead to worse. But this made my day.

  10. i suffer from depression and self-harming. i didn't stop 'till my mom found out. i still suffer from depression

  11. On Thursday my friend saw my wrists and asked me; What happened there? I pulled up my sleeve and said “nothing” then she looked sad for the rest of the class, I’m sorry friend❤️

  12. Yeah hey as someone who cuts a lot please go shove this glorified bullshit right back up your ass.

  13. Why is this dedicated to me I have the most deepest cuts less blood I mean ya one really pretty smile can cover up all the depression but when I get home I cry until I'm dizzy

  14. It‘s crazy how unfair life can be sometimes, you see all of your friends finding love and just being happy. Meanwhile you just smile, but your not happy. I‘ve lost the two most important people in my life today, not like they died but i‘m dead for them. I didn‘t mean to do anything bad but it happened and they won‘t forgive me, I‘ve put 5 cuts in my wrist tonight in hope to paralize the mental pain of it being my fault, it didn‘t really work and it won‘t ever work… physical pain is just nothing compared to mental pain. I know cutting is bad but i keep doing it, why? I think that‘s the question everyone of us asks himself…

  15. My cuts distract me and make things a little better even if it's just for a moment it's worth it to me… is it honestly so bad that I use that as away to help myself when no one else can?

  16. I just got insulted by my mom she said "Good go ahead and kill yourself!! I dont need you in my life!! So get out!!" I dont know if i can stil conguer this Impossible battle called Life

  17. i feel like the more scars is better and it is so hard to stop and i am only 12 and if u saw my arms you would feel nothing because i have cut so much of my body there is no more room to cut until they heal and i have gone to the ER and i have passed out and other stuff this channel is so much worth seeing because it forces you to put the blade down and watch. How my school found out about me self-harming the school nor staff did not take it well i was in so much pain and school made me happy and have feelings but when the whole school found out it turned into HELL and it made me cut more and i had never seen my parents before because they said i was a mistake and they sent me away to a foster care and i never knew english because i am from sweden so then i was bullied for not speaking like others then i started self-harming at the age of 5 and then i was put in a foster care unit that abused me so then i stole a shard of glass and cut my self and people said oh she is a cutter she is suicidal and most of the kids did that other than my true friends that understood and one friend that was a bully really knocked so sense into a few boys and they never talked to me again and i am in 7th grade and i am the youngest but smartest in my grade and then a lot of stuff was going on and i was gonna get adopted and i was gonna be moved into my home town sweden and it was basiclly all from the begining they sent me back to foster care and then i was back to my school again and being picked on PLEASE NOTICE THIS!!!!

  18. I love videos don't get me wrong I watch them every night when I'm alone but some of these things just make you feel worse about yourself and they just remind of you of how worthless you are but I still love them but it just increase my self hate and all these Shitty thoughts just rush back to my head

  19. This made me cry
    I'm a self harmer and understand this and it hurts that in school people just laugh whit people like me. The think its al a joke and it is not.
    I don't now why, but i had the feeling i had to post this

  20. Thank you. I felt like cutting and this helped. It really did so thank you. Please be brave everyone and try your hardest to stay strong. You're perfect in your own way

  21. I relapsed yesterday. It wasn't bad but something inside me wishes that it would have been a lot more. It was not even 2 months

  22. so much pain so much hurt when i thought i have stoped for so long the pain comes back and forced to fight my self again not to but yet i did scars that are there with white lies about my scars. and crying to my self wishing this pain and memory would Just go away dealing with my inner demons but knowing i am not alone. when i feeling alone. no one know what you are going through. but just know that there is help

  23. been self free for 55 days almost 2 months. I'm staying strong but I know I will go back but doesn't mean I will give up this fight. one day I will WIN and so WILL YOU F;GHT

  24. it's a record of all the times in my life that were unbearable, unimaginable, or other wise unforgettable. Some are from guilt. some are for the guilt of others. began in my preteens until current longest time in between 7 years or so

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