Science Documentary: Mental Disorders, Brain Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, a Documentary on the Brain

Scientific documentary: Disorders of mental health, brain trauma, stress and anxiety, a documentary about the brain

Dealing with mental health disorders is one of the biggest challenges facing governments around the world. Diseases such as
Alzheimer's and depression rob the individual and society of mental capital and well-being. One in four people suffer from a mental health disorder. Disorders such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, depression, mania, etc., affect our cognitive functioning. And as a result, it impacts the way we function in our homes and at work. Therefore, it is imperative to detect these disorders early and treat them early.

There are two types of cognition. There is a cold or rational cognition and a hot cognition. Cold cognition helps us make the most of our decisions in our daily lives. Hot cognition helps us make social decisions and emotional decisions.

There are key areas of the brain that respond to stress and cause anxiety. The thalamus is the area of ​​the brain that responds to images and sounds. The thalamus breaks down the things we see by size, shape and color and then sends a signal to the cerebral cortex. This gives meaning to the things we see and allows us to be aware of what we are seeing or hearing. The prefrontal cortex is very important to stop the anxiety response after a threat disappeared. The section of the brain that is responsible for emotion is the amygdala. The primary function of the amygdala is to trigger the response to fear. The nucleus of the bed of the striaterminals precedes the response to fear; The locus ceruleus receives a signal from the amygdala and causes rapid heartbeat, sweating, dilation of the pupil and other classic anxiety responses. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that stores memory or emotional baggage derived from stressful situations. Stress, anxiety and fear are activated through the senses. Fear is an essential and very useful answer; while anxiety is something completely irrational.

You think with your brain and ideas do not float in the air. So, how do you get ideas from neurons? Because you think with your brain, every idea you have is physical and is given by a neural circuit in the brain. Many of those neural circuits are fixed for life, and so are the things you learn early in life and very often metaphorical ideas. So, if you do not have a neural circuit to understand an idea, you will not understand it at all. The classic view of what reason is really has failed. And that vision says that all reason is conscious, but in fact, 98% is unconscious. This is because the brain works in parallel and reason, or consciousness, works linearly. Many things are happening inside your brain and you do not even really understand why they are there. People think mainly about frames and metaphors. Metaphors are not in language, but are in thought.

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Video credits to ScienceRound YouTube channel

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    Science Documentary: Mental Disorders, Brain Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, a Documentary on the Brain

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    1. I think psychiatry is a total fraud and form of social control to uphold and justify the unequal capitalist mode of production. Did you know psychiatrists use to label black slaves with "drapetomania" because they wanted to flee captivity in the 19th century. Today if you can't handle the stress of working for the minimum wage, being bullied at school or any other social problem you get labeled with a mental illness and drugged to the eyeballs to keep you quiet while the other slaves work for nothing, or immigrants do the job. Please look up "psychiatry fraud" on YouTube and wake up people!

    2. something about making the most basic things complicated to justify the people speaking
      in this video.

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    4. This fucking whacked out lady reminds me of my psych professor in college, not to mention that she looks like Britney Spears after a run in with pinhead from "Hell Raiser"!!!!😱

    5. we have what we believe to be the cure to all mental disorders and we are in its last stage of test before taking it public. we tested it and it proved 100% effective. it even cured clot in the brain. contact me for more details.

    6. Need to detect early narcissist personality disorder. It's very destructive. Anti social personality disorder too. These mental evil creatures abuse their children. Narcissism is very destructive. The disorder. Children are being abused by Narc parents. It's horrific. No one doing a thing about it. They walk among us causing total destruction of people's lives. Npd. Malignant narcissism seems to be the most prominent mental disorder in these times. And these npd monsters are evil as evil gets!

    7. after taking the medication for about a months I feel like I've lost everything. like.. my life have been taken by someone else. I'm just exist, but I don't feel my life. I've been caught in a world that I don't want to be! From Ritalin, they added Luvox, and then Valdoxan. When I told them that I really feel irritated, they've just said that it's just some side effect, but is going to be better soon. I feel like hell!!!

    8. I've been diagnosed with mild ADHD. I don't have problem with my life but my lecturers sent me to the psychiatrist for 'so called treatment' as I've been called as gifted dental student tahat I don'thave to practice/read much to for high marks. When I went there, at first they're just suggest me to take drugs. I refused.. but after months and they know that I'm having a good life, they still insisted as if like threatening me to take their mediction as they keep telling me that my brain is having low serotonin without any proof!!! or else.. I cannot continue my study.

    9. Country time lemonade stops anxiety and depression for this info send donation to Nick 14073 Ryan st sylmar ca 91342

    10. psychiatrists are crap. the side effects of their drugs destroyed me physically mentally and emotionally. I want to undergo mercy killing

    11. I have anxiety and depression and i got it from smoking weed. let me tell you… it was scary asf! good thing I learned how to cope with my anxiety/depression and it has gotten better and better, from when I first got it.

    12. 8 min in and i totally understand why the smell of axe spray throws me into a panic attack.

    13. Need more drugs and new drugs, eh? How about we actually create support systems, stop creating a culture where dangerous drug use is acceptable on a broad scale and promote nutrition and lifestyle enhancements (like those suggested in Ayurvedic Science) that create a human who is better able to adapt to the stresses that may catalyze mental health issues.

    14. i think i reallly need to consult a psychiatrist.. I'm acting not normal anymore..

    15. There were a lot questions running inside my mind. I am not like this before. I have this difficulties in controlling my emotions. I have hyperventilation syndrome. But what i am experiencing right now is totally different. I know that i have metal illness but i don't what is this. Bipolar, schizophrenia..? I suffered depression 1 year ago, but i think im still. i can't sleep immediately at night. sometimes i am over acting.

    16. I always have an anxiety problem, been struggling with depression and bipolar according to a psychiatrist I consulted. My society and the environment doesn't really allow me get the help I need and mental illness are kind of stigmatized here. Can anyone recommend good documentaries for me to help me cope with my situation and/or allow me to know more about my health and knowing how to deal with it?

    17. This is not a good documentary for the class room. It is a bunch of random short pieces about the nervous system put together. Some are just talks by people in front of an audience with a powerpoint behind them.

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      Do you suffer from anxiety … If you are non-Muslim

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      You are now moving solution in the wrong direction .
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      We must search for truth .

    19. This isn't a documentary, it's a lecture, uploader needs to learn the difference.

    20. Interesting topics and lectures overall, but the last guy.. I could listen to him for hours! It's so clear that teaching is what he was born to do 🙂

    21. Nice sophisticated lecture, very understanding, yes mental health is perhaps more significant than physical health.

    22. Brenda B you are absolutely right. I have done quite a bit of research over the years. Point being is the changes over the years are no coincidence with the changes in human behavior. GMO, pesticides and all kinds of additives and modifications not being divulged to the public. Truth is hidden in plain view. Funny how most Asian countries have preached this years ago. We laugh and look at them as ignorant barbaric fools. Now we eat our own words with cancer and many issues beyond our control. So we live in denial to handle life and just move on. True story.

    23. Mental health is important. It acts like a driver of a car which is our entire human body. Understandably it is a complex illness that affects many of us. It could be happen to all of us, some are born with it while others get it during their lifetime. Trauma, drug addiction, environmental, lack of proper nourishment can all contribute to mental illness. There are also varying degrees of mental illness like those who can function almost like a "normal person" and others who are totally out of it they can't function independently. If you happen to be among those who are lucky enough to distinguish the difference between right from wrong, then you're considered mildly ill. There are very smart doctors out there, seek help.

    24. Better to consult a reputable homeopath before padding the pharmaceutical pockets. Sad how medical and pharmaceutical professionals stay wealthy profiting from the misery of others.

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