SCARY Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Nobody Talks About

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The symptoms of anxiety are not only in your head, they are also physical, but nobody really talks about the physical symptoms of anxiety.

The physical symptoms of anxiety are as frightening and distressing as the symptoms in your head.

Physical symptoms of anxiety.

– Stomach problems
– dizziness
– Restlessness
– Muscle tension and pains.
– Incrise of cardiac frecuency.
– Feel hot or cold.
– Fast breathing
– shaking
– Chest pain
– Muscular weakness

There are also other physical symptoms of anxiety, such as sleep distribution and fatigue, but these are commonly spoken when anxiety is mentioned.

Do you have any physical symptoms caused by anxiety?

What physical symptoms do you have?

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SCARY Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Nobody Talks About

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  1. Awesome and Good to see you again Charly. My physical symptoms for my OCD ISSUES and that results in anxiety ofcourse. Are fatigue, sleeplessness, neckpain and worst of All feeling hot and extremely sweating….This is especially extremely embarrassing in front of a group of people. But the more you want to fight that,. the worst it become….i guess you know what I mean Charly. Wish you the best…..i can Imagine how your stomache problems affects you during day to day activities. I feel sorry for you mate. How inconvenient for you…….Hugz Hans

  2. 😭 I'm so happy I found this, why do we always think we are alone but we arent. You videos help so much yo understand my attacks

  3. Are these anxiety symptoms? There's no days that I couldn't feel like my heart is trying to get out of my chest, especially in the morning or when going to sleep. I feel empty. There's those days where I feel like my mind is empty, my chest hurts, my hand is shaking and weak, and I feel like I'm losing my mind.
    I told my family about what I'm feeling but they didn't believe me…..

  4. Some of my symptoms is that my legs are weak and shake everytime i go to a store or see people, I also feel very cold and have stomach and chest pains

  5. Had anxiety disorder for long .. Its not a desease its a curse … 😟 where even docter cudnt help U … My main prob is the breathing problem coming out of nowhere ..
    Still suffering from this 😭😭 its been 2 years N im recovering slowly … But the most scary part during my anxiety was in the morning 😟 wer my mind ws nt working .. Feeling fear sweating
    .. Worst … 😟

  6. I have constipation and its cause me more anxiety that why am i having constipation. i dont know why i am constipated? other than that i feel lack of breath chest pain neck pain fatigue

  7. Yes, my emotions go inward.
    Being the gut is the 2nd brain (enteric nervous system) and the connection goes directly to a specific area of the brain.
    From my 1st cognitive memory, I have had things go straight to my stomach.
    I have complex ptsd.
    I had panic attacks in my early 20's.
    I still get severe chest pains that started at 23.
    75% of people who go to the E.R. actually have anxiety.
    When I got those chest pains, I still get EKG's every few yrs.
    The Dr. said it to me, and yrs later I started therapy.

  8. I have all those, but I don't usually have the poops. I once had an anxiety attack so bad I thought I was going to die. I didn't even get out of bed to tell my dad because I thought I was going to die and I wanted to die. I was either 15 or 16. I usually can't run much because I have a physically bad heart. Does depression come from Anxiety? I am also on day two of my period which can be painful. In fact, I couldn't even volunteer today cuz my energy was so low. One thing you forgot to mention is I eat a lot because I burn so much calories from being emotional crying a lot. I cry a lot on and off my period. Mostly because the guy I want to be with wants nothing to do with me and neither does any of his family members. This has been going on almost everyday and night for 5 months approximatly. Thank you for this video, Charlie! Btw, that's also my nickname. My real name is Charlotte. God bless you and I love you, Charlie! 💖

  9. Omg, this is exactly what my first anxiety attacks were like, but ALL AT ONCE!! Electric energy in legs, severe stomach pain, bathroom, vomiting all at once, for a goo 30mim – 1hr. Then blackout, hives, chills…thank you for the validation. Everyone expects my symptoms aren't what they expected!

  10. i feel really uncomfortable in busy places like trais and buses
    unfortunally i even had problems of fainting because i have to take a quite busy train for 25 min at 5 am and BUSY bus for 30 min al the tme the bus is that busy that if you don t jump in really quicly the bus will be too full to get in and i am not talking about 30 people but even more than 100
    All of this just to go to school
    yea……really happy to live 20 km from my school
    . . . ….uvu….. . . .
    because of my social anxiety have to get to the window in the middle of the class just to breath normally
    must of the teachers know abouth this and even about my insomnia so they don t bug me when i fall asleep in the middle of the hour
    i stop talking qhen i am upset and when i am feeling too anxius i start takeing my skin off because the pain mskes me feel more good
    btw i hope ur anxity is better than mine Charlie

  11. One time I had those stomach problems during a…I have that going for me

  12. Yeah I have these I’m not gonna lie when I’m having a panic attack are usually panic over my physical health so I was a little nervous to watch this but did it anyway love you Charlie !! I don’t know if you have but can you post a video about how to better cope with anxiety have you Heard of the coping skill STAR Stop think and react that one helps me a lot

  13. I also have physical symptoms of anxiety. When it's severe, I feel/get sick to my stomach. Usually when I first wake up in the mornings and the overload of thought and worry hits at once.

    I was taken to the ER one time during training at a new job. For some reason I was extremely nervous. I started feeling weak and my heart was racing…then my ears started ringing and I couldn't hear what people were saying, just saw mouths moving. I literally thought I was dying and had to lay down on the floor because I felt like I was going to pass out. 911 was called and by the time the ambulance arrived, I could hear again but still felt weak, with a high heart rate. The ER doctor told me I had an anxiety attack, gave me a dose of anxiety medication and put me off work for the rest of the day. I felt better after I was there for a bit… but the thought of that happening again made me anxious!! How crazy is that lol

  14. My anxiety triggers my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Also have restlessness, difficulty sleeping, and feel fatigue regularly.

  15. Hello Early people! Like if you're early. Like if you're here in 1 day ago. Are you here everyday?

  16. Yeah this is true it is scary I have them all the time recently and yesterday like it feels like someone is sitting on my chest when I am anxious I often get nauseous but I have stomach issues so that happens a lot I am often restless to it is weird do it a lot when I shake my legs or I’m shaking my service dogs nudge me to tell me hey your anxious and you might have a panic attack I am having a little bit of a hard time breathing now but I am ok been sort of anxious I have been in the hospital for that my blood pressure can get very very high so I try to lower it all the time but I also have problems with my blood pressure getting really low to where I pass out this happened to me yesterday so my dog was laying on top of me like they were trained and licked my face until I was awake again

  17. My other half has toilet issues when her anxiety peaks to near max, you're definitely not alone there. I on the other hand have gad and the chest pain is something I suffer with daily. Been checked out loads, loads of tests and they always say I'm okay. The negative thoughts are crippling too, often if I'm bending down to pick something up when cleaning I think this is the time I'm going to have a heart attack, which is weird because it's totally irrational but the thoughts don't stop happening. Great video btw, your channel is decent 😁

  18. I can relate so much to this video. I’ve recently had to go to a&e as I though I was having a heart attack but I found out it was just my anxiety it was so scary. I have stomach problems when I’m really anxious too and its a really embarrassing thing to admit. Anxiety is horrible in the sense that it can affect you mentally as well as physically and you have absolutely zero control over it.

    Hope your having a good day and keep up with the videos, they’re awesome!

  19. I think I may have anxiety but how do I tell someone it makes me REALLY nervous to talk about 😬

  20. Heh Charlie, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet over the last videos you have posted! I’ve just had a lot going on after yesterday! I hope your well! I’m not good,but I’m just on the depressed side and I just feel like I can’t control it anymore! I know how you feel when I’m anxious I feel faint, my chest hurts and I just breakdown because I just feel like I’ve lost control of my body! Another amazing video, love you!

  21. I think the worst symptom of anxiety is high blood pressure as it could lead to a stroke.

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