Sad QuotesBreak Up Quotes – [depressive]

Some breaking quotes sad quotes.

Well I dont know what to tell …
"enjoy" may not be the right word …

Song: Hurt – Christina Aguilera

– Ida Helen

Video credits to Ida Helen YouTube channel

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    Sad QuotesBreak Up Quotes – [depressive]

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    1. i broke up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago and im not yet recovered.we abused each other and i really regret. I apologized though it wasnt my fault. I have even tried putting things back together but it aint working.i am so fucking messed up.

    2. They never touched her, yet they broke her. They never saw it as abuse because there were no wounds on her body, only scars on her mind that she couldn't prove.

    3. Oh these are normal for me i say them all the time!

      Pun-quote to the vid if you dont get it

    4. Yesterday my boyfriend/girlfriend (she's trans) yesterday she broke up on our 4 week anniversary. The worst part she did it over Instagram
      On time she also broke up with me on Facebook I was crying for hours listening to break up songs and love songs I'm still really depressed

    5. It's not easy saying good buy too some one that u love but u have too do it it is for the best and for the good but then u get some one eles u love in your life and I have the best and I love him soo much I will cry and cry if we have too say good buy to him xxxx babe if u see this I love u and this Is Hayley stedman

    6. Why do we keep loveing a boy when they just leave us in pain they don't care about us they make it look like they do when they are with u and when they are not with u they do some thing too you so I am,done for good but now I have some one eles better then him so I say good buy too him and now I have some one eles that I love

    7. She dumped me 2days ago +Antoneudo Ribeiro  and do you
      really think it would worked just by that? I hope you are right. 🙁
      Anyway, thanks for sharing that program! Im about to read its guide
      and hopefully it will worked this time. Ive read its testimonials
      and reviews and Im excited to it..^^

    8. No worse feeling than being rejected by the person you love the most.
      Jason: Look up (Breakups 2 Makeups, com)
      That helped me get my girlfriend back.. don't chase her right now man, our natural instinct is to run away when we're chased. That guide explains everything.

    9. Great quotes, love sucks because my wife of 14 years decided to love someone else after I treated her well. I guess the dumber bad boy win. 🙁

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      Depression Blog: depressiondiariesofalonelygirl.tumblr
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      Just add dot com to the end of each name 🙂

    11. Thank you for making this. This explains my life so clearly now i know what i have to do

    12. @ Nathan. Hun I'm sorry :/ she really wasn't the one. My ex was diagnosed with some cancer and I stayed with him cuz i love him so much♡ but I guess he didn't love me after all I did for him. He cheated on me because a different girl had a better body :c .

    13. My girlfriend broke up with me and it hurts so much bc I loved her so much and the next day she acted like I didn't even exist and it didn't bother her that we wasn't together and she was already going out with another guy and the worst thing is that she said she couldn't be with me bc I was diagnosed with a kidney disease and I should never be with anyone bc I'm sick… It hurts so bad that she acts like she don't care that were not together and what she did..

    14. The pain is sufferable but sometimes uve gotta lift ur head up and seek a little bit of happiness even when u just want to end it all

    15. I hate going through this pain of a breakup, I want Jennifer back so bad. I miss her so much. Its been almost two weeks, but the wound is still fresh. I would rather get my ass beat, than go through this turmoil. I wish she would come back to me.

    16. My ex boyfriend told me he still thought about me even though he still was with other girls . He said he's sorry for everything he put me through and then he hasn't texted me back in who knows how long it's Been long cause I can't even count the days :c </3

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