Sad or Depressing (Darkness) Quotes

I made this video for me because it is very important to me.
But I hoped you would like it too.

Maybe some people saw that
understands the feeling of feeling sad
or depressing

I know that sometimes you have the
feeling that you are not anyone that you are
not important. Because I feel the same.
But you are important!

Maybe you will not believe me. I do not
Believe it also when someone tells me

But there are always people who think
the same as you. Who feels the same
Then do not feel alone Because you are
do not.

Do not forget it!

Video credits to Were! Phoenix YouTube channel

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    Sad or Depressing (Darkness) Quotes

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    1. I'm not sure if this is depression but i always hide pains.. and give a smile.. almost everyday i feel unwanted, judge, hated, and other.. yeah that's true i don't want to die but i don't wanna live too.. WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THIS.. i always hide this from anybody.. i try to give them clues but its not working ITS USELESS..

    2. I loved so much but threw it all away for no reason is it bad if I broke up with a girl but regret it the next day and asking her out the next day and she says no and I have changed from happy to sad having the feeling of not talking, cutting myself once a month very deep saying that I'm not beocuse of it's just for fun but inside I really miss her but I lost her for ever freinds having pictures of me before getting heart broken I'll be all happy but now I'm just with no emotion showing on my face.I don't know why I had lots of reasons to love her no matter what but had no reason to break up with her and it hurts not knowing why I destroyed my own self and now I can't fix it. PS and still this day June 30 2018 I still cut myself and feel sad that she don't want me back I destroyed myself and I had no reason why and I still love her very much even though she don't want me back

    3. My boyfriend broke up w me because he wants a 'break'. I tried to pretend like it was ok. I told him we could be bestie's until he's ready to try again. But he likes my best friend. And he thinks it's ok. He tells me," I like her but I love you" and I just throw on a smile and think…if u loved me then you would know that I'm fucking dying inside and holding back a river of tears! I'm depressed! I wanna die! I hate everything abt me! What am I here for? To make others happy why I get shit on and betrayed by ppl I love and trust!? Cause that's all I've been doing. Nobody understands. And when I tell them they say stupid crap like ik how you feel and I've been there and it's ok just think positive and you'll get over it. Bitch, you don't know what it's like, you've nvr been in a state of mind where at moment you'd be more than happy to kill urself, and you can't just get over it!! Depression is like burn…it can get better, but there will always be a scar from the pain it caused. But ya know, I'm used to it. It's a special routine for me. Wake up, make everyone happy and pretend I'm ok, and go to sleep. And if I die, all of that will stop. But if I die, I'll hurt too many ppl. And I don't want anyone to be hurt like I am.

      And if u read all that, you mean something to someone. And that someone is me. You took time out of your life to listen and understand mine. And I thank you for that ♡

    4. I wanna date someone who has depression, i have depression too, but if i can save someones life its theirs i wanna save, even if it means i dont make it.

    5. No words while watching this i just thought all line are those which i just see in my life dailyy…😢😢😢😢

    6. ı ɖơŋ'ɬ Ɩı۷ɛ ıŋ ɬɧɛ ɖąཞƙŋɛʂʂ, ɬɧɛ ɖąཞƙŋɛʂʂ Ɩı۷ɛʂ ıŋ ɱɛ.

    7. So.. I have a problem.. I was bullied for 6 years and my boyfriends friend has started calling me ugly and fat again and tells me that he doesn’t even know why my boyfriend likes me.. Idk what to do I thought all this was over.

    8. Everyday i feel sad when im alone i watch depressing videos but when im with my family i always joke around then they say bad things to me then at night i say that to myself im 11 years old tho

    9. “Sometimes you feel the darkness and you can’t do anything against it.”

      That first quote resonates with me; I can feel the darkness lingering in the back of my mind all the time and it comes back. It always does

    10. Darkness is my best friend aur jitna dar andhere me nahi lagta usse jyada toh roshni se dar lagta hai

    11. You know that little flame of happiness? The one that once was a raging fire? Well that flame blew out and its never coming back…

    12. So lame that some people use these quotes on random posts or as their status updates or bio's while they're not depressed at all, just trying to grab some attention. They don't know what it's like to feel like that at all. I don't know if other depressed people have this but it really bothers me.

    13. You are the same as me…. …………………….. I cruise at the end I also hate my self…… when I play some games someone is always felling the same as me like they want to die….. When I was little I wasn’t sad at all but in school I was a cry baby the laughed at me every time I was crying and now I’m nothing but hate, rage, and freaking dark well I will try making u happy I hate you but sorry no forgives Guess I was to kind in school and I’m slowly becoming a bully…… that all pls like if you’re just like me….

    14. I am depressed . I hide it . I told my only true friend about it i was mentally and physicly abused . When I see depressed people or suicidal i try to help them to not commit suicide or not be depressed because i am used to it but in fact I myself wanna kill myself i just want before i kill myself to help as much people as i can to not be like me. That was from me.

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