Sabrina Benaim – “Explaining My Depression to My Mother”

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Acting for Toronto during the semifinals at the National Poetry Slam 2014.

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Subtitles in Spanish by Candela Glikin.
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    Sabrina Benaim – “Explaining My Depression to My Mother”

    Comments 22

    1. I Pick My words When Talking to friends, Because I think, If I say the wrong thing, They won't Want to be my friend…
      I Hide My anxiety With A Facade That I'm Just Fine, I'm OK.
      I know My friends Know I have Anxiety, But I act like I Don't.
      I Try Not To Complain, Or Tell This To anyone Because I don't want them to think I'm Looking for attention… But Im trying To Get confidince in myself.

    2. I am struggling with depression for 4 years. And I've tried to talk to my parents about it but every time they said that I was just a teenager who wants attention and I shouldnt think about sad things and all. So I just dont try anymore. I gave up. But it hurts you know. Your own parents doesnt care about your mental healt as much as your grades. Its hurts…

    3. Sure I make plans I make plans but I don’t wanna go I make plan cause I should want to go and Ik I would of wanted to go but it’s not that much fun of having fun when u don’t wanna have fun mom 😭💔

    4. How when she says “I don’t want go to go out but I do because I think I should” and “it’s fun having fun when you don’t want to have fun” that is reaaaaaally relatable

      Actually this whole thing is, tho so how I feel but many differences yet exactly the same

    5. Wow. I'm saving this one. There were some lines that really hit home. Thank you, poet.

    6. I feel like I should play this on repeat till it gets through my moms head.

      When I was like 15 I once told her I had tried to off myself but the only reason I didn’t is because I was to afraid and the pain I was already carrying made me already feel like I was dying. She just looked at me for a whole minute then walked out of the room. She never mentioned it again, I still wasn’t able to get help.

      I honestly think depression is something that should be more read up on instead of it being some kind of thing you don’t mention or jokingly say you have.

    7. wow she's shaking alot. well maybe she's really nervous …..but those big poetry she just spoke out of her mouth touch my small heart. and know i'm just crying right now…by the way 2018!!!!here

    8. I can't even form my thoughts into words as to how heartbreakingly accurate this is. There are so many lines in here that I want to quote because I feel it too.

    9. This gave me chills, it was very touching
      I don't suffer from depression but my brother does, to anyone who has it, its ok, I'm with you

    10. This gave me chills at the end. No joke.

      my favorite part was when she said "I'm afraid of living." Anyone else?

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