Running a ~successful business~ with anxiety and depression

The hardest video I've recorded! I have had a week in which anxiety and depression have grown, and I decided to record this for you.

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    Running a ~successful business~ with anxiety and depression

    Comments 25

    1. Hi Emma I can relate to this ptsd depression anxiety not in work i need focus so started slowly selling on ebay thank you for sharing x

    2. Glad u made these videos I started CBT for ptsd and had other therapy for anxiety. And it's hell

    3. I am like u x we have had trauma x I lie bed hard to go out x making decisions x do I go out door no go back bed x cat didn't work for me x l am digagnosed ptsd 🙃

    4. Thank you for sharing this Emma because it has put my mind at rest a little. I've had some anxiety symptoms this last week or so and I know you're right about the self care – I'm not doing enough of that.

    5. You are an inspiration.I went through some anxious phases where yes, deciding what to cook was a big deal and motivating myself just to do simple things was very hard. It will work out,I applaud you for moving forward.

    6. I think you explained this so honestly and articulately. Thank you for sharing, you are not alone xx

    7. You're lovely, I want to thank you this has come at the right time for me. It's been a hell of a week for me too, the trigger was turning 40 on valentines day and being on my own, no family and my son at university. The few friends I had struggled with my mood so I don't see them either. Very lucky to have my loving jack Russell's. I am also self employed on eBay and I did nothing last week and so that's another worry. I've had a great day today but dread the 'next episode' when I can't even leave the house. Something that has helped me a lot was going vegan and just recently I've realised that gluten plays a MAJOR part in flaring up my anxiety and depression. So more or less i eat plant based now, my aches and pains are much less, I feel spiritually better, not as tired and can think things through where as before I struggled with all of that. It sure is one hell of a journey and so overwhelming, best thing ever is videos like this and people sharing what helps…I'm sending love and support your way ❤️

    8. You are a lovely person, and you are very brave to come forward and be so honest about what you're going through. Hope you continue to be strong and know that things will get better. Take care of yourself and know we all are here to support you. Best wishes Moomin. xxx

    9. I admire your strength of character to be so determined to make the changes you need and to live with anxiety and depression – keep moving forward and get all the counselling you can; accept the down days and look for the up days!!

    10. You are brilliant, love how proactive you are. Keep doing what you are doing you will improve. It can get worse before it gets better.

    11. Tony sounds an amazing support , my husband doesn't understand or should I say , doesn't want to understand . I had to give up my job last year , my biggest reason was my memory , I don't know if you've found this but I found I couldn't remember even simple things as names or where I put my keys ! With no support I'm really struggling . I found councilling just upset me & made me more unsettled . I'm going to try the light bulbs , I'm not even sure if I suffer from SAD but I'll give it a go . Thank you sweetie , your really brave to share this with us . ❤️

    12. I could reach through the computer and give you the biggest hug ever. I totally get it.

      I have had a break down over deciding if I wanted to do noodles with dinner or not. I can laugh now but I got angry at myself for not being able to decide. I am lucky to have a partner that lets me be my crazy self and Just gets it. He knows bad days do not later forever and its something that happens. I do feel I apologies ALOT for being mad sometimes.

      CBT actually worked really well for me. I also did a few group sessions via the NHS on how to manage anxiety and stress. I am still not "cured" there is no cure and that used to scare me but learning to cope with it has really helped me and understanding its OK to not be OK some days. Just wanted to take the time to comment! xxx

    13. Aw Emma. Great video. I suffer too and it's the reason I now work from home as I couldn't go out to work due to severe panic attacks. CBT didn't work for me but I found that hypnotherapy did. It's amazing. I use some self hypnosis apps on my phone by a hypnotherapist called Glenn Harrold. They are fabulous and really help me. I think I will have a look at those daylight bulbs. Spookily I have just got a Sunrise / sunset lamp today ! Looking forward to trying it tonight. Take care hunny. xx

    14. I understand totally I am disabled in chronic pain for 16 year look after my mum as best I can whilst I have two lazy able-bodied sisters who don't even go to see her I have seasonal affective in the summer the heat makes my illnesses worse I have anxiety and depression and I live alone so when Iam ill I have no help which is all the time so truly understand your struggles sending you a hug Emma x

    15. Yep, It's one of those things which if you haven't experienced it you have no idea what it's like. no matter how sympathetic or how much you try to understand.

    16. I totally understand what you mean, I too suffer with both conditions and it's certainly not easy to manage some days. It's so difficult at times and when that cloud doesn't want to leave. x

    17. I'm loving these videos Emma. I've stored all the emails from your lessons and when I have the time I'm really exciting about getting into blogging again and following lots of your tips. You should be really proud of how much you've achieved and overcome.

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