Real Causes Of Depression Have Been Discovered And It’s Not What You Think

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Narrated by: Darren Marlar

Kevin MacLeod (
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Video credits to Facts Verse YouTube channel

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    Real Causes Of Depression Have Been Discovered And It’s Not What You Think

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    1. I never had any childhood trauma aside from me already being depressed at age 5. I guess I'm an oddball as usual since none of the common treatments have worked for me yet… Great…

    2. I have been through this before. It is never easy. But there's always a way out, there's always this little spark of hope that will emerge through the darkness.

    3. Guy with depression here

      It could be intense guilt, Such as bullying in the past, Or said person with depression being abusive, Being a bully or other things similar.

    4. What a dumb fucking video. You say people had depression without and real reason, then go on to say well, they were sexual abused as kids… Holy shit, fucking retard.

    5. This is a great start to peoples' understanding of long-term depression. It's a mood, it's got symptoms, and causes that could go way back in the person's life which could stay well into adulthood. It's so excellent that it's talked about in a more accurate way than just brushing it off as a chemical imbalance.

    6. I've been depressed for almost 2 years now due to getting dumped by my then fiance. I feel like I lost myself or like i died when he left. I just wish I didn't feel so empty and sad like this but I can't help it! I wish there was a way to cure my depression! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    7. I used to be very depressed, and I thought that nobody loved me. One day, however, I was feeling especially awful, and people actually helped me. They didn’t just feel bad about me, but they actually helped me! I’m proud to say that things are getting better for me. I now know that people do care about me, and there are people who would be devastated if I were to kill my self. I definitely wouldn’t do that now! So, to sum it up, I just want to tell all of you that it does get better.

    8. An anecdote…about a single dubious case…used to revive a long discredited bit of Freud.

    9. When life beats you up day after day see a doctor? Are you fucking kidding me? When people see you as useless after 50 get a pill? Are you kidding me? In a society predicated on winners and losers guess what? I’ve been on the slow track hamster wheel all my life. What the fuck is a doctor going to do? Euthanasia? Not a bad idea

    10. I agree with this but what about if your not sure exactly what happened when you were younger?

    11. So let me get this straight… The invention of the I MRI, and its ability to look at the brain as it functions in real time. Is to be superseded by one man, and his biased discovery? Let's negate the fact that we can now see what is happening inside the brain. under stimuli based on creating Obsession depression and other emotional stimulus as well as, studying Faith love and intellect. Is being done by many institutions around the world. And they're consensus is that depression is a chemical equation based on serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Is no good because some guy, who just happens to be a doctor common determined something different than what the consensus has shown. And therefore is the basis for your video. Not to mention, his study that was done before we implemented technology into this research is completely negated with the Inception of this technology. In other words, you feel as though this doctor may have stumbled onto an answer that you, can relate to. And therefore it must be a fact. Maybe you should see cambridge's studies on cognitive dissonance? And the research they have done on it.

    12. 'Ask a friend or family member for help' LOL What a joke! The people making these videos really are clueless

    13. The victim of the child abuse probably has very nice pheromones. They are very attractive to paedophile. It's a basic human instinct. It needs to be taken seriously though its difficult because we don't want think of us so called higher order than animals and when confronted with the smell of a pungent vagina common sense is the first casualty

    14. Is it the internet or being raised with love as children? It's always one or the other.
      Edit: Wow, this time it was the opposite.

    15. You want the molested to reach out to family members, the molesters? You're out of your mind! I doubt very much you're any kind of Dr.!

    16. Duh youre not just finding this out liars! Its been out there forever! You just rather make money on it through drugging them up!!!

    17. The video mentions talk therapy which I think it's important but I read a book many years ago by a psychologist who recommended journaling. Writing down feelings emotions and even reactions to certain situations seem to really help and I start feeling much better. Almost everyone has some kind of childhood trauma some obviously much more severe than others. Writing about this is something I would recommend

    18. I have been bullied for several years at school. Sometimes I feel tired, in a negative mood and I kinda don't know what to live for. Oh, well…

    19. only half of an answer, predisposition does not explain the other 50%, your explanation needs more investigation, what triggers the other half, as well. some predisposed won't and some will. I suppose hoping you actually might have the whole answer was a tad over-optimistic.

    20. My friend told me how she wanted someone to die. Then one day she dies and she got depressed about it. I said to her you wanted her to die then got depressed when she died. She said yes I was trying to ask why but oh well some people are a mystery to me. Also I understand death is sad just didn't understand her. I thought that's what she wanted obviously not.

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