Basically this is a video response to the Meghans video that she published and which is called "my history of depression". The video link is just below and also at the end of the video. I really wanted to express my opinion on the matter and also FINALLY open up on some questions that you all have had for me.

Video of Meghans –

Tell me? –

Video credits to Anna Campbell YouTube channel

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    1. I understand what you meant by feeling scared of loosing another loved one. feeling they might die. I felt that way when my dad died suddenly despite him being in perfect health.

      let me share with you few things I have learnt after loosing several loved ones in my life:-  
      1) death does not mean suffering.
      2) soul never dies.
      3) the ones we mourn are still living ; just not the way we define living.
      4) energy can neither be created , nor be destroyed: and we are all energy:- so we change form :- but we do not cease to exist after death.

      let me share few links with you which helped me with my grief.hope you feel better after seeing them.



    2. I have depression and I hate it. Debilitating painful and makes me feel like a failure. I hope it gets better.

    3. I had a similar experience with my sophomore year of college. It was anxiety for me and not depression, and I didn't drop out, but I did go on forced medical leave for a while. I really should have taken some time off.

    4. Depression is not having the want to even get out of bed, depression is not having the want to take a shower or talk to your friends and family. When you mix severe anxiety in with it, it's such a dangerous catalyst. I suffer from both and it's so hard to combat it daily without wanting to just take opiates. I have been 5 years clean and not a day goes by that I don't think about taking pills, because they make me feel happy… They make me feel normal. I look at normal people and wonder how they can be so happy without being on something. I've come to accept that I will never feel normal… I'll never feel happy without being on something. But I'm so proud of myself for being clean for 5 years and keep on keeping on.

    5. I understand your story so much. I was 16 when I first found my grandfather that had passed away. Mind you he was the only father figure I had in my life. He was all I had as a male role model and i found him in his living room after he had suffered a heart attack. The most traumatizing thing was seeing my family one by one arriving and wailing is emotional pain. It absolutely killed me. Within a week one of two childhood cats disappeared. She had just gone and we never found her. Then it was my dog that got hit by a car a month later and then my boss whom I knew personally died of a car accident in Florida after a Vacation within the same month. Next month and my second childhood cat died of age. My uncle a month later died of natural causes. I'm 17 now and haven't gotten help yet.

      I know I should I really do. I'm still in highschool and that's my current focus. Now I'm dealing with cancer in my immediate family and my uncle's father had a heart attack. He is okay for now but I worry of course. I haven't given myself time and i have such a negative point of view. It sucks but it's what I know. I simply believe that nothing I or anyone does matters becausw we will all die and be dismissed into oblivion. I as well understand the belief everyone will die or simply go. I don't tell anyone I love them and I've seriously detached myself because of it.

      I ask for no potty nor sympathy. I simply wanted you to know that someone is going through a very similar situation and you aren't alone. I understand you. I get it.

      I thank my good friend for showing me this video else I would've never known.

    6. Going back to this video really is incredible to me. It's been sooo long since I've watched it… but I'm so proud of how far you've come, Anna. You are an incredible person & such an inspiration to me. I hope you know the impact you've made on people. ❤️

    7. I know what you mean when you say you think you're family is going to die when you see an ambulance.

    8. I have the exact same PTSD. I'm constantly terrified of the people I love dying and I'm constantly thinking about it. It's my biggest fear. Everything you said is so true and I feel it so deeply.

    9. The way you talked about ptsd mad me really relate to you. My mom passed away a couple years ago and I know exactly how you feel where you think everyone around you will die. And I completely love how you described it cus I thought I was being morbid lol

    10. wow this made me feel so much better. I had to withdraw this past semester because I was too depressed to function and I had been hospitalized at the very beginning of the semester (I didn't drop til april)

    11. I'm probably going to delete this comment, and I know you (Anna) probably won't even notice this. I'd just like to say that I've been struggling with my depression and anxiety lately, and my dad's been in the hospital for a while now. You just gave me the motivation to start studying psychology again. Thanks.

    12. I've had this re-occurring nightmare the past year that I get every-so-often. Basically, I'm really old, sat alone at a kitchen table with a birthday cake in front of me because it's my birthday. But everyone in my family including my siblings was all dead. And I'm just sat at this table, crying. Then later on in the nightmare, I'm in a forest all alone with a gun in my hand, and I shoot myself in the head.

      I'm really depressed and this isn't just for attention this is a real thing.

    13. I don't remember ever being able to say bye to someone without thinking it could be the last time I talk to someone but it's just my mentality. I usually don't worry too much about it except with my boyfriend it stresses me out so much to say bye to him because then he gets in a car and it's 20 minutes before he gets to his house and something could happen and I wouldn't even know there is anything wrong until 20 minutes later… I freak out sometimes Cuz of it, and he's one of the safest drivers ever from my experience but it's the other people on the rode I'm scared of. it's the other people on the rode who will accidentally kill my boyfriend and I have no control over it.

    14. I went through the same struggle of getting out of bed my freshman year of college where I wasn't going to class and I wasn't eating and I made up lies that I didn't feel well or I was in pain and was just waiting until I felt better and that was completely false because I didn't feel well but not physically it was mentally. I had a boyfriend (still do) and a loving family and amazing friends and I still couldn't get myself to move or eat or function really. I had suicidal thoughts and was self harming in the dorm showers and didn't tell anyone how I was feeling and wasn't honest with myself about how bad my depression was. I felt like my medication wasn't doing anything for me and that me being happy just wasn't meant to be. I fell into a hole of negative thoughts and nearly flunked out of college and then my grandmother passed away very unexpectedly and it got even worse seeing the pain that my dad was in because he was so close with her. I'm home now with my family and Ive been distracting myself with work and trying to stay busy and active and hopefully I'm on my way to feeling better. Your videos show me that I'm not alone and especially your most recent videos because I how much happier you are and it gave me hope that it really does get better its not just a saying its true. Thank you so much for sharing the intimate parts of your life on YouTube because they have helped me tremendously. I love you Anna!

    15. if you still have the privilege to see your father and mother every day and you live in a nice house with loving people who actually care about you and you suffer from depression then just remember to be happy with what you have because believe me when i say there's millions of kids and adults out there that would literally give their own lifes just to see the ones they loved one more last time just always remember to be happy because some people would actually kill just to be in your shoes for one day my point is kids always remember it could be alot worse and just know this isnt the end we will all unite in the afterlife and be reunited once again with our loved ones i just cant wait for my soul to leave this GOD forsaken place we call earth rest in peace Mary jane and layla and tyson and smokey ill be seeing you again soon and ill always love you more then i love myself just remember that please.

    16. I know this is late but I got depression after we had found out my sister was murdered and I just sent look at anything the same way I feel trapped and confused and nobody understands

    17. I have an adjustment disorder. When I was in 2nd grade I got sick and stopped eating then I would refuse to leave my house. I didn't have any friends because I had just moved 100s of miles away. Things for me started to get better until 2015 (end of 6th grad) things started to get worse for me again and the last couple of months have probably been the worst time of my entire life. I get random panic attacks and have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because I don't fell safe. I haven't seen my therapist in about a month and I'm going to try and get on medication.

    18. its kinda hard at 16 cause idk how I'm supposed to take care of my mental health because i can't just quit school iv asked my mom multiple times if i could do online school but its so hard cause its so expensive

    19. I have been watch all of your videos about mental illnesses and things like that and this is the one i relate to most. I also have depression and anxiety and i know that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed and facing the world and people not really understanding that. it is the most frustrating thing. It is just the hardest scariest thing. It does bring me some peace knowing someone else understands what im going through and how i am feeling.

    20. I have a question. I have tried very hard to care about my family, and i do don't get me wrong, but i can't stand when they show care for me. I don't know what it is. I have been sort of diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, as in i'm not sure but i do take medicine for anxiety (a little for depression too but mostly anxiety) and i go to therapy, i would have to ask my mother about my actual diagnosis XD but i don't know why I hate my parents knowing so much. like it's not just the obvious "Well i don't want them to know because it's bad" it's like i feel like they don't deserve to know, i didn't choose to be their daughter and they don't deserve to know just because i was born to them. I hate when my sisters or parents say they love me or care for me and it makes me want to claw out of my skin… I still can't be mean to them though. it doesn't make me mean, i am a prostitute of feelings! I once had to tell my sister a mug i bought wasn't for her but for flash cards and she wasn't even sad but i still, to this day, cannot stop feeling bad about it. Like i can't be mean to people without feeling bad but i hate when they care about me. I don't get it.

    21. Anna I thank you for sharing your story. I know that feeling all too well of struggling to get out of bed just to go to work. Never having any energy at all where you just want to lay in bed and not move at all. And the fear of losing loved ones I understand – every time my Dad leaves for worl in the morning, I have to say a prayer that he gets there safe. Every time someone in my house leaves to run errands I always have that thought of what if they get in an accident? Just always that feeling of doom like some terrible event is right around the corner. But, that said… We have each other here in our little family. So glad I found your channel. ❤✌

    22. There is around 1 or 2 people that self harm in almost all of my classes and there is around 5+ in my friend group

    23. My dad killed himself after abusing me and my mom for years. When you said you are scared of everyone you care about dying and scared of hurting your family if you died I legit started crying.

    24. The part of this video where you talk about your PTSD REALLY resonates with me, even though I do not have PTSD and I do not have such debilitating thoughts, I do worry that my mom or someone on my family is going to die every day, though. My mom has had seizures 3 times and the first time was so scary. We were watching a show (which I can't bear to watch anymore) and I was talking to her and I looked back and there she was shaking everywhere. I was so scared, I was screaming, and after that day anytime she makes a coughing/choking sound, even now that she doesn't take the medicine that triggered her seizures, I still get SO scared. The third time was the worst though. I was home with only her and she had one. (side note these seizures happened more than once because she didn't stop taking the medicine so these fears are also coupled with so much anger towards her) But anyways, I had to drag her off the ground and sit her up and I just had to tell myself that it would be okay and that I could handle it and I had to act like it was normal but no it wasn't normal for me. When my grandma got home I didn't know how to tell her that my mom's irresponsible behavior had caused another seizure. I know so many people have epilepsy but watching someone have a seizure randomly one day is the scariest thing I've ever had happen to me. I thought she was joking around and pretending but watching her tense up and how her eyes were rolled back in her head was horrible. But my life has gotten progressively worse with depression and also my mom being depressed and borderline suicidal. So yep, I just wanted to say that that message you sent was something I needed to hear because I always feel like someone is going to die. After it happened I would be mad at myself for not saying I love you in case someone died after I left. I never knew PTSD was more than just soldiers or rape victims, so this video was so true and informative and just beautiful. It just made me so happy to be alive today even though there are SO many horrible things that come from the internet, these kinds of videos just make me happy. They make me realize that the human race isn't as horrible as it seems, and that everyone on this planet deserves our attention. Everyone matters and I just love this. Thank you.

    25. Sending you so much love, Anna❤️ Thank you for putting such a difficult state of mind into words. Wishing you all the love and joy this world has to offer-you deserve it all and more. Please continue to take care of your wonderful self! 🙂

    26. I have manic depression… and it is sooo hard to get out of bed..Not that I don't want to it's simply because I can't put a strain on my relationship,, my significant other couldn't understand and I couldn't understand ..but when I made him watch videos of others and there depression he said that sounds like you.. now he is more understanding when I'm at my lows. And try's to build me up instead of tell me how lazy I am.. With my manic I can be down for a weeks to two weeks.. It really sucks…..

    27. i cant believe i watched this video the same day i had the exact same thought as you mentioned "seeing an ambulance and automatically thinking oh my gosh what if it's my parents or someone i love" but i have always felt that way even as a kid which is why i never could stay the night at any of my friends or familys houses i would call my parents crying every time saying i needed them to come and get me because i was so worried and scared for some reason that i thought something bad might happen to them and it would be the last time i saw them.. and it's an extremely sad and debilitating feeling i know it. i just always immediately call to check up on them and tell them i love them just to make sure everything is okay and try to shake it off.

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