Postnatal Depression & Suicidal Thoughts | MUM TO MILLIONAIRE

At 22 years after my son was born, I found myself suffering from postnatal depression. There are many forms of postpartum depression and "baby blues." SEEK HELP if my story resonates with you
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Hello Beautiful! My name is Veena V and I am the founder of Mum to Millionaire; The house of motivation, tips to save money and madness of entrepreneurs.

We only give the realistic side to running a business and motherhood!

You can read my story here

We wish you much happiness and success for you, your children and your business.


Big hugs, Veena Vxx.

Video credits to Mum To Millionaire YouTube channel

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    Postnatal Depression & Suicidal Thoughts | MUM TO MILLIONAIRE

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    1. I’m so glad I’m not alone In feeling like this. I feel so guilty feeling the way I do, also selfish. Some days I feel I can mother my child as I ‘should’ but most days I feel bewildered and lost. Suicide crosses the mind but how could I leave my baby when I’ve just brought her into the world. I wish I had someone to tell but unfortunately I don’t, but thank you for this video and making me feel a bit less lonely. well done for being strong, even though you didn’t feel like it.

    2. Did u feel after ur son u lost ur life or identity? Cuz I did. I wasnt ready. I still feel depressed actually. And I do love my son but somedays I'm numb.

    3. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m going through the most awful postnatal depression and anxiety – been going through it for 8 months and every day I just want to give up. I know I can’t because it’s not fair to my daughter or husband. But BOY IS THIS HARD!!!! I started seeing a psychiatrist taking medication and also started therapy about 4 months ago but I’m still neck deep in depression. I’m slightly better than before (I can now be alone with my daughter without freaking out, this was impossible a few months ago) but my thoughts are still not mine and my mood is terribly low. Ive never felt so worthless and I’m usually a positive happy person. This disease is so cruel, I feel like I cannot win. I’ve had some ok days where I feel like I’m overcoming this and then BAM the dark cloud hits again. How long did it take for you to overcome your depression?

    4. this video helped a great deal, one of the things you said is exactly why im scared to talk to anyone because im really scared someone will take my son because they think im unfit, i hope i get out of that

    5. this video helps me a lot. even when you talk about the dark thoughts, as that makes me realise that i wasnt the only one..i dont just helps. i hope you are betterand i am trying to be as well..i have most dys when i am but then some days (like today) comes and i am really low..i just want to stay in bed and do nothing and cry..but this video helps me. thank you and take care and i hope you will be better.

    6. Wow, I am so glad that things are getting better for you now, and I think that you will be an great inspiration to your son.

      1 Peter 5:7New King James Version (NKJV)

      7 casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 🙏👆✌

    7. You are a shining STAR Veena!!!! So happy to know you and to soon have you in the building! Love and light xxxx

    8. Wow Veena, my heart felt your pain as I watched your video. Your transparency is breathtaking. This is a side of you that has really made connecting with you even more relevant. I would never have thought that you experienced this difficult time in your past because of your energy on Periscope, FB and your YT Club channel. I have a new found love and respect for you as a mom, a woman and an entrepreneur. Stay amazing and I can't wait to see your next video. I can relate to it because I experienced domestic violence as well. 💝

    9. Veena, I did not have PND. I do suffer with depression & anxiety. Your raw emotion shows your pain, but also shows your passion and concern for anyone else that has been, or is going, thru it. Not everybody takes the time to do something that is SO painful just to help others! I've had those scenarios of seeing myself, in my mind, doing something to just end it. It is very painful to remember it, much less share it with everybody. Please do not ever apologize for showing real emotion. Your next video, on domestic violence, will be painful for us both. It's bittersweet knowing I'm not alone. Thank you for showing me that I made the right decision to not let it harden my heart! You have 1 of the biggest hearts I have ever seen. Much Respect & Huge Hugs to you Veena!!!

    10. OMG Veena what a hart braking story! You love your son so much, and that's why you had carry on.

      • I guess:
      Even it has feels like there is 'no fully love', this bad feelings was against yourself and it were legitimately to feel bad with that situation.

      I well known by myself what it's mean to have a lack of self-esteem. But that's what us let grown to something big.

      Most important ever ever stand up and do positive things for yourself! ❤️

    11. I think this is so good to talk about! Luckily, I didn't have PND! But I did have the baby blues … First three days I was laughing soooo much! Everything was funny – then I went home on the 4th day and suddenly it hit me! I was so unhappy but I remember knowing I didn't feel any resentment towards my son! Then the midwife came and I burst into tears I told her everything about how I'm feeling and she hugged me then on the 7th day I started feeling much better … It really does help to talk to someone. People feel embarrassed to say something – they feel it will weaken them as a mother! Always talk!!! Talking lifts a lot of the weight – just a simple convo. Great video … Well done you X

    12. Yo Veena V – I've followed you seen your radio days on Club/Buzz Asia and I think you are very brave! Well done for coming out strong after your challenges. The fact you wish to help others is amazing so keep it up. I wish you all of the best, you rock!

    13. your really courage to do a video like this … i felt very similar when i had my sone … i was 16 a child myself.

    14. I think it takes a strong person to share your story like this. Just makes you even more inspiring to other ppl. You are enabling others to feel comfortable enough to speak up about their issues. This is going to be a groundbreaking series of videos. This is why we're in love with you!

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