Physical Symptoms of Depression and How to Deal with Them!

Hiya, boys and squirrels! Today we are talking about the physical symptoms of depression and what you can do to relieve that pain!

Chronic pain can be the result of depression and depression can be the result of chronic pain. Depression and anxiety can cause physical pain, making you feel sick, nauseated, fatigued and even cause muscle and joint pain. For me, depression can cause back pain. Oh. Then let's learn how to deal with depression together!

Video credits to Sarah Acree YouTube channel

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    Physical Symptoms of Depression and How to Deal with Them!

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    1. I've been suffering from pretty severe depression for the better part of my life. There have been times where I would do anything to make the mental pain go away. Drugs, booze, even sleep was always a means of escaping this feeling.. Add a breakup and opiate withdrawal into the mix and suicide starts looking like a decent solution… I've been better lately but I dread the day it comes back, it always comes back.

    2. Woooooooah. This video was so long and so. so. amazingly. descriptive o.o If it wasn't all the details you mentioned, I wouldn't be able to figure something out – I knew my stomach aches were from my depression, so that's when I started working on it. But before that I had severe back pain (for years!) and I never actually got to know where it came from, didn't suspect depression for it. But now I know, thanks to you! ;o I can relate so much and I'm so glad you're getting better and that you're fighting <3 (And omg you're so pretty * ~ * )

      Vlogs are so much work to do.. o.o If it won't put pressure on you – why not ^^ But you may also consider blogging as an option, it's pretty cool~ Got my comment too long, but yeah – know I'm here and I support you! ^^ Whenever you're in a depressive episode you can imagine a random white-haired girl cheering for you in a pink skirt with some pom pons, in the snow, may make you laugh 😀

    3. I think vlogmas could be cool to watch you do. But I'd say, do it at your own pase rather than forcibly make it happen. If a day goes by where you're not able to, take a break 🙂

    4. Thanks for bringing up this important topic. Your mental health is your foundation, your bedrock. If that's fucked everything else will owe and crumble.

      Keep up the good content! I also like your lipstick on

    5. Thank you for talking about this Sarah!!! <3 I have similar problems with my anxiety episodes where my body gets super super tense to the point that its hard to move because of how tight my muscles are and how much they hurt. I get the kind of joint pain you talked about too! So many people don't realize how much mental illness can be physically hard to deal with and how much it can literally hurt your body!

    6. Preach. Depression is all encompassing. Owning up to being the one in control of your mental health is so important. You are doing great. Also, do vlogmas!

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