Personal hygiene, self-care and depression

Often, when we feel depressed, we are less likely to take care of ourselves and our surroundings. In this video, I talk about my hygiene experience (or lack of it) and depression, and the effect this has on my well-being. Please, feel free to share your story with me, if you feel comfortable.

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Welcome to my YouTube channel, where I hope to educate people about the different types of mental disorders to provide an understanding and learn ways to cope. I also ask about my own experience of living with a mental illness, as well as about other aspects of my life. I want to raise awareness about mental illness and how to have better mental health, so I hope my channel helps you and others.

I am not a professional or qualified mental health expert, but I am an expert in living with a mental illness. All my videos are based on a lot of research and I do everything possible to explain everything as clearly as possible and provide examples from my life to help you understand. I may not do it well every time, but I do the best I can. I hope that the results of my research are beneficial for you.

This Vlog is from my perspective, but I appreciate that not everyone will have the same experience as me: we are all different, even if we have the same diagnosis. I have also tried, when appropriate, to refer to everything correctly, but we are all human and make mistakes, please stay with me.

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Useful numbers and websites
Samaritans – 116 123
Mental Health Line United Kingdom – 0300 5000 101
Sane line UK – 0845 767 8000
Mental information line (Information and advice) – 0845 767 8000.
Website of the mind –
Time to change –
Rethink mental illness –

USA – 1-800-273-8255
Canada – 514 723 4000
Ireland – +44 08457 909 090
Australia – 131114
– Lifeline 000

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Personal hygiene, self-care and depression

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  1. I struggle so much with BPD and depression and my house has suffered. I’ve struggled with keeping on top of chores, washing, tidying the whole lot including taking care of myself. Really related to this video thank you for sharing. You expressed the many facets of the struggle really well. Thank you

  2. I struggle with personal hygiene issues. But I definitely do notice a bump in my self-esteem when I bath and dress nice and fresh. I was going to do that today, but I was not feeling it =/ so I didn't. Tomorrow I will though, mmmmmm.

  3. hi gem i did a video on motivation i khow everything is a major effect when your in the grips of anxiety its like walking through treacle x its so easy too slip from being up i think of our condition is like a game of snakes and ladders x

  4. Hi Gem..this video is excellent..firstly & most importantly I’m hoping as I write this you’re feeling in an uplifted mood & your life in general is going as well as it can. Even when I’m at my lowest I will always clean my teeth, I’ll get around the dirty hair issue by using dry shampoo too, it’s an absolute godsend, makes your hair beautiful & fresh with literally a few brush strokes & will get you through until you have the strength to wash your hair again.You’ve got long hair like me, mine comes down to the back of my thighs so washing it isn’t fun anyway but dry shampoo is a great lazy way to revitalise your locks. If I literally can’t force myself to bath or shower I’ll have a all over wash at the sink & I can cope with that every other day. My biggest failing when feeling really really down is not getting dressed for days in a row & being in bed as long as feasibly possible & not brushing my hair. I can personally verify that it is possible to look as if you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards after a week of well you’ve gotta laugh, it’s the only thing to get you through at times, having a sense of humour about it all. I can finally say I’m feeling more at peace the last few days & not so depressed/anxious, but saying that I know when I begin to feel slightly better my manic side will manifest itself & of course that’s no fun either & that’s when I seem to become a motor mouth & every thought that comes into my head I’ll verbalise, sometimes saying hurtful things to the people I love but it seems uncontrollable & I have to get it all out. There is a positive side to my mania in that I get loads of housework/gardening/decorating done when I’m in this state as I’m like a whirlwind. You are right, it’s most important to accept our lowest days & roll with them rather than fight against, I find if I do that then it becomes slightly easier to get’s also crucial to have people around you that accept you will go through these stages of depression & be ok with & just let you do your thing without criticism, that’s a huge plus if you have a partner like that..I wish you a calm, peaceful & happy week Gem, please give that little rascal Baxter a big hug & kiss for me, he’s adorable..are you still thinking about getting your own fur baby? ..take good care of yourself & your lovely little family 🌈🌤🥰 hugs & love sweetheart xx

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