Painful Story Sad Truth Behind Comedy king siddharth sagar Missing News Full Interview

Painful story Sad truth behind the king of comedy siddharth sagar Missing News

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Comedian Siddharth Sagar, popularly known as Selfie Mausi or Naseer by his admirers, has had personal problems over the past year. His problems reached a peak from three or four months, so much that he lost contact with the outside world. When all the efforts of her close friend Somi Saxena to contact him were in vain, she went to social networks to inform the world about the disappearance of the popular comedian.

"You remember him as Siddharth Sagar aka Mausi urf Naseer selfie, this guy has been missing since 4 months last seen on November 18, 2017. Nobody knows where he is, he is my very good friend, please help me find him, extend it as much as you can, "she wrote.

Although it eliminated the Facebook post later, it had a huge impact and support began to flow from its friends and supporters. Siddharth then posted a video that shared part of his ordeal, saying he would reveal everything else at a press conference to be held after two or three days.
Mujhe bahot sare calls aaye hai media is. Mere doston ke phone aa rahe el ye janne ke liye ki main theek hu ya nahi … main kahan par hun, kaisa hun … Main abhi bahot pareshani is guzra hoon. Family of Maine apnea ke khilaaf NC ki thi. Unhone mera liye bahot saari problems khadi ki hain. Bohot principal mentally harasses hua hoon … pareshani is nikla hun..main jis jagah hun unhone meri bahot help ki hai support kiya hai … main ek do din mein baahar aaunga … sab kuch khul kar bataunga kya hua hai . .aap login ko concern dekhkar video banaya hai. (I got a lot of calls from the media, my friends have been calling me to find out where I am and if I'm okay, I've had a lot of problems and I've filed an NC against my family, they created a lot of problems for me and I had a lot of harassment I am now in a place where people have supported me, I will interact with the media in a few days).

In an interview with Spotboye, Siddharth revealed some more details about the alleged mental harassment, saying that he was admitted to a mental asylum and that he was beginning to fall into depression. He also said that an unknown girl gave him medicines that made him lose his mind.

In his disappearance
"I have been going through many ups and downs since last year, I did not touch base with anyone because I was afraid and knew that my disappearance had already caused a series of complications, I have talked to my manager, Shekhar, to organize a press conference soon so that I can answer all your questions, "he told Spotboye.

Upon admission to mental asylum

"I'm going to clear everything up soon, but for now, I can tell you that I was admitted to a mental asylum, my family has been involved in property disputes for a long time and my parents were influenced, I saw the patients in the asylum. being subjected to a shock treatment and was beginning to fall into depression. Nobody knows my whereabouts at the moment, but all I can say is that the people I'm with now have helped me overcome the trauma, "the comedian told the website.

Siddharth said that despite his pleas, no one helped him out of the asylum. He also said that "a girl, I do not know who, was giving me some pills for which I was going to go completely crazy," he said.

In the presentation of NC against his parents

"Yes, I did, but unhone gayab karwa di jab main walk tha.I have named my parents and other family members who are responsible for harassing me in North Carolina." It was only with the passage of time that I realized that my parents were not against me, but they were influenced by the money, "he reported on the website.

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    Painful Story Sad Truth Behind Comedy king siddharth sagar Missing News Full Interview

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    1. Some thing is going on which every body cannot perceive.It is not fault of the mother but I feel some unseen forces are behind it.Not only Mr Siddhartha but also many others have fallen in the trap of that forces & can't be extricating.good is there to help me Siddharth.

    2. Hats off uhh sir…ki aap ne badi himmat kar ke apne personal life ko share kiya public m….
      Aap new life start karo hum sab aapko support karenge

    3. Those dislikes are from his stepfather from different accounts. I am anger on her mother how could she do this to her own child. Disgusting.

    4. Koi baat nhi siddharth life me kuch aise bhi time aata h jinko hum na chaah k bhi jhelna padta h hum sab aapke sath h I love u and waps hum aapko dekhna chahte h comedy karte huwe to god bless you sher u came back 😘😘

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