Overthrowing Anxiety Disorder-Overthrowing Anxiety Disorder Review

Review of overthrow anxiety disorder – overthrow anxiety disorder:
How I overcame the anxiety disorder and started living again
Case study: Maurine Sandler

I used to think that my anxiety attacks would last forever. After all, he had suffered them for 16 years.

So what could change?

Well, I discovered that things have already changed.

An approach to all major types of anxiety disorder has made a difference that changes the lives of hundreds of people.

And now I am one of them.

Click below to watch the video and I will explain what happened.

Overthrow anxiety disorder: review of excessive overthrow anxiety disorder:
I used to suffer anxiety attacks. They were intense and frequent. And, in various ways, they almost ruin my life.

My anxiety disorder constantly worsened during the 16 years I suffered. It seemed to gather strength over time … while my ability to face it gradually weakened.

Honestly, there were times when I wondered where everything would end.

Things are different now.

I no longer suffer anxiety attacks like that. I haven't done it for almost two years and my mental health is almost completely restored.

It took me some time to finally improve.

Although, to be honest, I had a lot of time.

Because 16 years of anxiety attacks, and all that entails, would not matter a few additional weeks of the same.

But when it came to an end, my anxiety had been reduced to a shadow of what it was before.

I will not miss it!

And why would I do it?

Any type of anxiety disorder is simply cruel
Anxiety kicked me emotionally, mentally and physically.

The anxiety episodes themselves were often terrible.

Frantic, in panic, scared … Worried about all kinds of small details, ruminating to the point of panic …

Mentally I would go around in circles and think of anguish and helplessness.

Anxiety disturbed my sleep to the point that sometimes I could wake up more tired than when I had gone to bed.

And, inevitably, the misery of everything led me to occasional depression.

Mild depression is very common in people suffering from some type of anxiety disorder. I just couldn't remember the last time I felt relaxed or at ease.

Withdraw from life
I tried so hard to avoid anxiety attacks that I withdrew from situations and people that could trigger them.

The problem was that for me there were so many possible triggers that I was in danger at the time of becoming an inmate.

My anxiety disorder made it difficult for me to make and maintain friendships.

Professional aspirations also moved to the background. I had to choose a job where my bosses understood it completely.

And when suddenly being an emotional disaster I wasn't going to get fired! Which restricts your options in some way.

It's not the future I wanted
I often feared that the effect that anxiety was having on my relationships would leave me alone and without friends. I didn't want to be alone …

I was especially concerned that my ability to work and maintain deteriorated as the condition slowly worsened my mental health.

And the physical cost, in terms of conditions that come from continuous chronic stress, couldn't bear to think.

Because the continuous stress of my disorder is conclusively known to lead to chronic inflammation in the body.

And with too much inflammation, an anxiety patient becomes a leading candidate for inflammatory disease. That includes diabetes, fatty liver, kidney disease, arthritis, heart disease and some types of cancer.

So, in addition to a deterioration of mental health perspectives … physical disability was an ever-present fear.

Doubting myself
All this made me wonder about myself …

What happened to me? Because I'm so? How should I be for other people? What would they be thinking of me?

I really thought that sometimes I was just a ridiculous person.

I tried the usual remedies …
I tried my best to deal with my anxiety.

The medications made some difference. Often, but not always, they took advantage of the worst anxiety attacks.

I took anxiety drugs for a while during my first years of illness. Finally, following my doctor's advice, I stopped taking them. I was glad to stop, for two reasons.

First, the side effects of the medications were similar to my real anxiety! Agitation, trouble sleeping, memory loss, poor concentration, even some confusion sometimes.

Overthrow anxiety disorder: review of excessive overthrow anxiety disorder:

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Overthrowing Anxiety Disorder-Overthrowing Anxiety Disorder Review

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