Overcoming Sickness Depression Heartache Loss Death😥 Felt like Giving Up? I Dedicate my story to U

We all have struggles in our lives! It is often hard not to give up. I want to share my life and fight with you. I hope to inspire you to fight and love life. This is the true open and vulnerable self. Please, let my pain and illness help you. Finding love, hope and health is the best gift of all! I'm honored that you've seen. I am honored that you have subscribed and supported on my channel. I want you to know that I am here for you! Contact me in the comments section or Instagram Instagram Twitter or Facebook @JBTechfanatic I hope to see you in the next video and talk to you in the comments section! Always remember that you are loved and that life is precious and worth living!

Video credits to Jb TechFanatic YouTube channel

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    Overcoming Sickness Depression Heartache Loss Death😥 Felt like Giving Up? I Dedicate my story to U

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    1. I can relate to your words so much and thank you for such an inspirational video you really help me to view the things in better perspective, stay strong dude ,Big love !

    2. If you need anything I'm here my friend! Awesome video I admire your strength and courage. You give me strength! God Bless you my friend!

    3. You are an inspiration, and we think so highly of you. Life is short, and our family has seen this first hand this year, and it's been a tough couple of months, but faith and family keep us going. You're family and children are lucky to have you, and every day is a gift. May God bless you and your family, always. Thanks for keeping us encouraged!🙏🙏🙏🙏

    4. Hey JB… Always have you in my prayers. You're a great inspiration to me and so many others. May God bless you and the heart of Jesus that comes through you. You are a shining light.

    5. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! Helping others is the best medicine! Wishing all the best to you!

    6. I edited my response,because I felt awful for writing, basically a novel in this section about the struggles going on in my life, especially when you're dealing with so much. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for caring about others. I'm taking it a moment at a time.

    7. Hey again JB Tech Fanatic,just 1 more song and that will be it its "Somebody Out There" by Ron David Moore. As a Pastor's Son I am sure your familiar with this song. My brother is a SBC Pastor.

    8. Your a amazing person jb I have nothing but love and respect for you I’m crying as I’m writing this I have poor health I no what your feeling inside mate please never give up your family needs you your a strong human being jb you just having the will power to get up out of bed is amazing your family are there with you all the way mate and I no you can’t see us but all of your subscribers are here with you we all love you jb I’ve said it many times you’re a true gentleman be strong jb I no it’s hard you’re absolutely amazing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    9. May God Bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and heal you in His timing and grace…..

    10. I might not have the perfect words for you, but I have so much love for you, and I assure you that in my presence you have the comfort to be yourself.

    11. Hi JB Tech Fanatic,just found this song a few minutes ago "Weak Days" by Steven Curtis Chapman its one of his older songs WOW what a truly ministering song hope the song encourages you and lifts you up!!

    12. Hey bro, i hope you are doing well and that your body will heal and you have joy and happieness in your home. God bless you and your family.

    13. Hello,JB TechFanatic,buddy,just want to let you know that I think I got problems yes I have Cerebral Palsy, and now High Blood Pressure, had to put my mom in a nursing home in Feb due to her having a fall,man JB Tech Fanatic your an inspiration to me hang in their buddy(if I can call you that),still love my Dish TV Service(thanks to you buddy)!!!! Hope I don't over step boundaries with you JB Tech Fanatic,by giving you this name of a song it is a Christian Song its called "Strength Of My Life" by Leslie Phillips. You can also get the lyrics version on you tube,just rediscovered this song a few months ago what a blessing its been to me since I have always been homebound, can I ask you JB Tech Fanatic do you and your family go to Church or something like that or did you go until your health has worsen? Also I will lifting you up in prayer at Church and home!!! Well let me close its 12:02 a.m. your friend and buddy hey also you don't have to respond to my comment it can be hard trying to answer back when your hurting just so long as you read my comment to you cause I am hoping that song will minister to your Spirit and encouraged and comfort you!!!!!

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