Overcoming Severe Depression With Food – My Untold Story

I hope this video inspires someone, like me, who fights depression and needs guidance.

As I can remember, I've always liked the food, who does not believe it, does not it? But that does not mean that food has always loved me. When I was a girl, I was very demanding with food, but I ate and enjoyed my things, and as I later came to understand, I developed some bad eating habits that still affect me to this day. On the one hand, I used to eat too fast, so fast that I drowned with most of the meals I ate. It was scary, I never knew when I was going to arrive, and every time I choked, I had a mini freakout, I realized that everything was in my head and left a cloud of anxiety in my head.

Food became a safe place for me, a place to calm me down when I was depressed, cover my face when I wanted to leave the world outside, instead of having that honest and hard conversation with a friend or loved one, I would. He eats and waits for that bad feeling to disappear so he can be happy again. I thought this was fine because I did not know I was doing it. I thought it was normal and safe to eat a lot of food when things got tough. But as time passed I began to realize how much damage it was causing me.

When I got to the root of the problem, I realized the fact that everything traumatic that I experienced as a child was repressed and replaced by eating. Every time things got difficult, frightening or out of control, I ate to calm myself down, instead of sitting with that feeling and seeing where it really came from. The food is very emotional, it makes us feel a lot, a good meal can generate pleasant memories of picking fresh strawberries with our parents as a child, or it can provoke dark memories, things that we would prefer to keep out.

But the beauty of all this is that we can find ways to reconnect with those emotions, overcome our needs and want to fill our faces and hide our feelings, because this is an unhealthy place, a place where we feed our dark desires and wreak havoc. havoc on our bodies. If, instead, we turn to those feelings and begin to go through a process that allows us to free ourselves from these bad habits, we can begin to heal ourselves from the inside out.

I'm sure you've heard the term "food is medicine," maybe it made sense to you when you heard it, or maybe not. Either way, we must realize that what we are incorporating into our bodies has a great effect not only on how we feel, but on who we are. If we continue to invest garbage in our system, over time, our bodies will respond in a way that aligns with the poor quality of the food we eat. If we take the right things, we can begin to feel the benefits of good. Quality entering our bodies.

But while we can understand that eating foods that are good for you is much better than eating processed and low-quality foods, what we often overlook is the fact that not only does what we eat affect us a lot, but also HOW we eat. that. You can eat exactly the same food twice, in two totally different situations, and it has very different results. I do not care how healthy the food you're eating is, if you're filling your face while you're on the computer, working away, barely paying attention even to chewing or tasting your food, healthy food could actually cause some problems.

You see, many times when I eat, especially in the past, I realize that I am eating fast and from a place of anxiety. Before I did not know I had anxiety, but the more I tuned in to how I felt, the more I began to see that I was suffering from severe anxiety and that I was eating from an anxious place. The problem with this is that instead of dealing with my anxiety, I'm taking it with food, thinking that the process of the food will help it disappear, but it never does, it just makes it worse, and sends a signal to My body that I want more anxiety, building like this on the cycle.

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Overcoming Severe Depression With Food – My Untold Story

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  1. I was suffering with depression from last 3 years.I am taking medicine from planet ayurveda and started feeling good with in a month. It shows good results.

  2. I love that his message is being open about his struggle, and that what you put into your body needs to be realized as a link to overall health.
    No shame in offering services and making a living at it.

  3. Anybody have a problem with therapists, social workers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists making money for helping people?
    There's nothing wrong with having something to offer to help people and also needing to live and earn money.
    Folks need to get off their judgement trains.

  4. 13 minutes in and still nothing about healing depression with food. Seems like the video is just to try to get you to register for the course.

  5. I feel you buddy, I'm suffering with such bad depression that I want to die everyday, as for food… I want to eat alot but then at the same time i don't wanna eat ever I'm kind of going back and forth

  6. I begun to think a lot of negative things until the depression that I felt became most unfortunate. But now w ith this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can fully concentrate my energy and .
    ideas into a decisive line on how to make my life much better constantly. I am pleased and enjoying several social actions..

  7. Thank you so much, this is so epic!!!! A way of life, I’m so moved!!!! It’s 11 months after this video was put out and it’s the end of the month! I definitely want to know more of what you’re talking about! I will return! I’ve been binge watching yours and your brothers channel for this whole week, I’ve seen this awesome change in you and I’m so proud of you and all of your great work, it’s not going unnoticed as I hope and pray that you know and receive the love! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. You look really healthy now, healthier than ever before in your vids. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. I’ve only just discovered your channel. I think your honesty is admirable. I really like how you tie food to so many other values—love, hospitality, joy, etc. Reminds me of how I went into real estate with the concept of home in mind. Nobody really understood, and in the end I wasn’t cut out for the work, but I don’t regret it.

  10. I’m very depressed. Vegan for 3 years. I don’t believe the diet is giving me the actual depression and the thought of eating animals fills me with guilt and anxiety. I have issues with gluten and various foods due to allergies. I am a 220 pound very muscular guy (former bodybuilder) and I don’t feel like I ever get enough calories and have sooo much fatigue. I don’t know what to do 🙁

  11. love u lil boy , you helped me a lot through my learning of cookery and your point of view really feels unique to me , thanks a lot buddy <3

  12. holy crap man, this is pretty underhanded of you guys. i just watched a 20 minute commercial of your course, which is charging desperate people money to fix something you cannot legally advertise as a cure for anything.

  13. I relate to all of this so much. I realized my problem with food through my most recent bout of anxiety and depression. Food and cooking have a huge impact on mental health. I'm still trying to work through it.

  14. I'm def an emotional eater – I eat when i'm bored, sad, depressed, anxious, i just wanna go out and stuff my face with a big buffé 🙂 I'll make a 2lb lasagna, and eat the whole thing.
    It's also a social thing, so eating with others, and cooking with other people, makes a colossal difference.
    There's lots of foods that cause inflamation in the body, and the inflamation can cause symptoms of anxiety and depression. I ate an egg/cheese/chicken/veggie pie, the other day, and the day after i just felt really depressed, and i'll get these blood filled pimples or whatever, here and there on my upper body.
    I tried fasting for a week, and It's really nice to not worry about food, even if i think about food every min of the day, the cravings disappear after 3 days, but it's reeeally boring to not eating anything for a week QQ. And also i tried eating more alkaline foods, and that improved my mood too – every time i eat something bad, i just feel really crap the day after.

  15. I have the opposite problem.. I've lost all interest in eating, and I try to force myself to eat but sometimes it ends up making me sick.. other times it's okay. Or I'll honestly forget to eat somedays and I'll sit down at the end of the day a realize I haven't had anything… I just walk into my kitchen everyday and I can't bring myself to have any interest.. in any food. I just eat because I should and only when I remember to.. idk what to do any more….

  16. Thank you for sharing. I know it's hard but it take strength to do what you do and thank you for helping others.

  17. Thank you for this video 🙂 I totally agree with you makes so much sense when someone else that has experienced some of the same things say things that are like wow

  18. This is so great. I can imagine how hard it is to stay on only one course when doing these videos. There's so much to tackle. I've just started watching your videos but I actually love that the series isn't one-note and that there's such a plethora of information (ideas/foodstuff/philosophies) included in just one channel. Cooking for me is like therapy these days. Wish the best for you, your projects, your brother and wife as well. Can't wait to see what the future holds for all of you and this channel. Take care and keep being whomever the hell you want to be. It's working and inspiring a whole lot of people to follow suit!

  19. I started a whole food plant based lifestyle as well as cutting out sugar, and processed foods, back in January and am down 75lbs and my depression is much less severe. My life has changed.

  20. Thanks for being real man. A lot of people out there struggle with depression and anxiety and the more we can talk about them the better.

  21. Thank you for making this video! I suffer from bipolar and my lows are quite severe. Food has been one of the major things that has changed things for the better for me. I spend all my free time making and cooking everything you guys put out there and it's been worth more than my actual therapy. It helps of course the your channel is run by two really cool people! Continue doing this! You truly are making a difference in so many lives.
    Love from SA

  22. Thanks for sharing this Josh. I've suffered from bi-polar & depression all my life. I also turn away from the world & isolate myself when I'm depressed. This is a good tool for you to help others. I hope and pray you stay well and wish you, your wife & brother happiness in your futures. Take care, you've got a good thing going here.

  23. I can relate to all of this.  I'm 47 and was abused by my clinically depressed alcoholic Father.  I was in denial about all of it, struggled with anxiety and depression, until recently when I made all these connections and got the right help to start processing it.  It is still a struggle.  Kudos to you for being so insightful and self-reflective at such a young age.  And thank you for opening yourself up to educate others who might be struggling with similar issues.  Peace.

  24. Thanks so much for sharing. I live with and manage my depression and there is no doubt that eating and state of mind are directly connected. I'm a big fan of the videos you and your brother post and really appreciate you opening up about this. Sending good vibes from Leeds, UK. Keep up the good work!

  25. Hey amazing to hear this..thnx fr sharing.

    Always thought u were a happy person n ur foods rocks.dont stress out keep it well God bless check out motivational doc

  26. I agree that there is a strong mind-body connection, and that eating foods that make your body feel better will aid in maintaining, over time, a more positive and healthy attitude / feelings.
    For example, if wheat (bread/pasta) is your go-to "comfort" food but makes your body feel bloated or triggers irritabile bowel, your mood won't really be lifted except for maybe the few minutes you're eating. Take a walk, though, and eat the right portion of something that your body needs (and that you like), and you'll wake up feeling better.

  27. "I want to say that I don't have an eating disorder, but the truth is that I think most people in this world have some form of, at least, disordered eating."

    That was poignant. I definitely relate to this and your experience with food.

  28. I wish I saw this at the time. Your course would really help me. I can relate to your story so much. 😢

  29. Man, I love, that you're weird. It's one of the best non-food stuff on this channel. 🙂 Please be weird.

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