Overcoming Molestation & Depression-Amanda Ferguson’s Story

Many are released from their past when Amanda tells her story of being abused between 11 and 13 years of age, suffering from depression, becoming suicidal and much more. This is her story AND HOW SHE SURPASSED. Amanda has written a book for women entitled "Conquering the Crossroads" that will be launched in July 2012 and is available for purchase online through Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. She has founded a mentoring program for young ladies and often ministers with her husband with profoundly prophetic precision in the "word of knowledge" with an obvious grace for emotional healing. For more information on this ministry of the power team of Amanda and her husband, Prophet Jonathan Ferguson, visit www.JCFNOW.com

Video credits to Jonathan Ferguson YouTube channel

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Overcoming Molestation & Depression-Amanda Ferguson’s Story

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  1. Your courage gives me strength to keep fighting the good fight and to trust the Lord for healing from sexual abuse I endured at 3 years old

  2. Thank you for sharing, Amanda! You are so brave. We all need to come forward and tell our stories. Love to you!

  3. I'm finally ready to acknowledge my son was molested as an infant, no older than 18 months old. By a "man" I was dating at that time. He used to tell me then, he put a knife under my pillow, on days he spent the night.. Bcuz he thought I would kill him. I didn't understand why he said that at the time. It wasn't until years later I understood why & what he was talking about. He was molesting my baby boy.. I got him out of my life. However, my son was "different" growing up. Personality wise, that is. He would do things that I couldn't understand. I believe the guys spirit somehow connected to that of my son's spirit and refused to let him go. My son is 18 years old now and I never told him what happened to him. He does not have a relationship with The Almighty God (Creator), he says he doesn't believe in love, he has a dark personality. His self image is very low. He's very rebellious, He's not a bad kid though. He's otherwise very well mannered and polite. I know God's the ONLY one who can help him. My son does not have a relationship with Christ and refuses to open up to God. I pray God will touch his soul, mind, body and spirit to heal Joshua and free him of his abusers hold. Someone please please please pray with me for my son's victorious outcome. In the name of Christ through the Holy Spirit. Let this be so…..

  4. I follow you on instagram and just found you on youtube. I too had a dad in the home and he never really talked to me or had a loving relationship. So it made me have sex with boys at a young age, just to feel some kind of touch from a guy. My mom is going through cancer and just like you I say "Why Lord"? I have nobody, no husband, no boyfriend. Please pray for me if your reading this because Im going through so much hurt

  5. Lov u prophetess thank you so much u real and i got help from your testimony let me no wen u coming to memphis to preach I need to see u in a sercive again in jesus name!!

  6. Important lesson to me out of this is….. Don't from a criticizing opinion; from any angle; cause the past of a person has an effect on a person and what they may need as support vs a whole person, and what they may act or dress like, for affirmation. This msg really opened a door for God to convict me deeply!!! Our eyes know nothing- but what's present, so let's just accept and Love without understanding and when you are a friend, the rest will come out- to the safety of your pardon of charity.

  7. I know my story needs to be heard but at this time I am not sure my family is in agreement with transparency.

  8. Its amazing how they all do the same and every story you hear your own. Thank you for sharing because so many need this (sadly) may God bless all survivors of sexual abuse with triple portion of Grace.

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