Overcoming Anxiety, Depression & Fear…my story

Mental stress due to lack of nutrition, purpose and passion led me to a difficult place in life. Anxiety and depression have been huge challenges. This is my story and how I built a foundation to get up from the physical and mental hole I was in.


Thanks for watching my video … First, a little

I grew up with a loving and supportive family.

After graduating from high school, I left home.

I continued the school because that is what you should do …

… but I felt lost. I had no idea why I was there.

I had no purpose and my mentality and my health began to deteriorate.

I quickly gained 50 pounds. I also started to get …

… episodes of blurred vision, nausea and numbness in my hands / tongue

Now I know that bad nutrition and a bad mentality was the catalyst …

At that time I was confused and, frankly, I was really scared.

So I went to see a doctor with my heart in my hands …

…. and crushed him with fear

The fear of possible diseases says that he said he probably did.

Being extremely vulnerable created the opportunity.

… so that a seed of fear may be planted in my head.

Has anyone ever put you in a box of limitation and fear?

this created anxiety and episodes of depression …

… that challenged my life changed my reality.

In the lowest part, it was difficult for me to leave the house or get out of bed …

It was difficult … I even thought about wanting life to end many times.

but … ENOUGH!

After years of dealing and coping, I was DONE.

I had already finished letting my mentality ruin my life!

and it prevents me from being the husband, father …

And the person I wanted to be. It's over feeling this way!

After 10 years of dedication to the creation of a strong body.

… and regaining control over my mentality

… the sadness once in my eyes

…………..It is gone!!

Today I have a beautiful little family that I adore.

I have developed a mindset of positivity, love and a foundation of health.

that I can teach my beautiful wife, friends and family that I love.

But the most important thing is that I can pass this on to my daughter.

She does not need to go through or feel that pain!

I want to teach and learn with …

A community of people so that we can …

Accelerate the process of assembling ourselves and our loved ones …

… of mental stress that keeps those peaceful smiles on our faces.

Actually, the life you change will not be yours alone.

So please come, say hello and connect …

Video credits to You’re Worth More YouTube channel

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    Overcoming Anxiety, Depression & Fear…my story

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    1. I am so glad I came across this video because I currently myself I am suffering with anxiety depression panic attacks and fear everyday most of my days I feel so lost and confused I tell my husband I'm not myself anymore I don't know who I am I'm scared I'm worried and Afraid that I would never be back to myself I have been like this since the beginning of February of this year 2017 everyday is a struggle and a fight for me and I know I have to keep moving forward for my husband and my children but it is very hard but after watching your video and knowing that there are other people who deal with anxiety depression and all that other stuff it brings me comfort to know I'm not the only one and I'm not going crazy so I just pray to God he helps me overcome this and in time I will be myself again. thank you for this video

    2. hi my girl freind is being tortured by anxiety nervousness and deprrssion she is only 24 years old i am scared im trying to be her rock but its a scary situation. i love her so mich what can i do to help? does cbd help at all?

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