On the CURE for rope worm (anxiety, panic, depression…) Quick summary of my story.

Tenth month in a cure of twelve to eighteen months. Healing of parasites and, later, anxiety, depression, etc. Up to now it's working!

Transcription (summary) of the video:

"This is Joan Hileman … a summary of my journey of the last three and a half years and how I'm healing from a parasite called a ropeworm … using chlorine dioxide and Kalcker's Parasite Protocol found in This book (Healing the Symptoms knows it as Autism – free book – see the link below) Children with autism have the same parasites as me and this also works for me.

Then, quickly, my trip has been: The health problems began years ago with a round of antibiotics: fog in the head, migraines, food intolerances … Three and a half years ago I went through something traumatic and I got really sick.

In the worst I've experienced: rapid weight loss, uncontrollable crying, panic / fight or flight, deep depression, rhythm, rolling, screaming, massive head fog, total exhaustion, sleep problems, facial numbness, dizziness, tics / spasms , devious thoughts, insane sensation and appearance, difficulty reading and simple math (or learning new things), huge holes in my memory, and I could only eat a few things. I also had some self-destructive behaviors.

The doctors did not help The blood and stool tests returned "normal"
"Here are some antidepressants."

He took them, he also took anti-anxiety medications. I spent my days wandering, crying, finding distractions, going minute by minute, wanting to die every time another attack came. (Hundreds of times I wanted to be dead.) Walk constantly on a tightrope between appearing normal and losing your head. Family almost destroyed again and again. He did the GAPS diet and coffee enemas for months.

I finally discovered the root of all my problems. Big Parasites
(after two years of being sick)

Researched and, for a year, tested: eucalyptus enemas, lemon juice enemas, papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds, multiple supplements to kill parasites, all spicy, zapping, ozone treatments, a lot of hydrogen peroxide, Humaworm, turpentine , enough diatomaceous earth to choke elephant, seven or eight cleanings of 3 days, three fasts of only water: two for twelve days, one for sixteen. I felt much better not to eat.

Still very sick.
Losing hope
Then I felt induced to read my diaries on You Tube.
I have no idea why, but I'm desperate enough to do anything.
Weeks later, due to these videos, a stranger in Canada approached me. He knew the cure.

Ten months doing CD / MMS and Kalcker's parasite protocol.
I'm recovering my life. I am receiving my health, my energy, my brain, my sanity, recovering them. And my joy and my peace.

I'm healing from this parasite called a rope worm. "

(My trip on this protocol is documented in videos called "32 True Journals" from video number 62.

God bless you all! See below the link to the book.

Video credits to Joanie Hileman YouTube channel

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    On the CURE for rope worm (anxiety, panic, depression…) Quick summary of my story.

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    1. i have photos of the ropeworm sliding down from my scalp. No big deal. What is the big deal are the flat wave organelles that are the adult collembola fungal insects growing to maturity on my head thanks to mold infection. Groundwater is polluted and oceans rise. Anyone can become infected but the light skinned persons make better hosts for the collembola. They need lots of daylight to thrive for one reason or another. Mold and fungal insects the world over. Heck i saw them rise up from the turf on the Fifa football field whenever UK was televised, Russia 2018.

    2. yeah okay we identify with all those symptoms. Please document precise protocol involving MMS.

    3. Thanks I've been suffering from anxiety and sometimes very low energy levels, also I go through manias of highs and lows.
      Just placed my order and planning on going through the protocol I think I'm going to start off a low-dose protocol and see how I feel. I purchased Jim Hummels book and I am very excited and glad to see others that seem to have had amazing results to say the least.
      I hope that you are getting the results you need and will be looking you up on Facebook, I have always been into natural healing and have been a warrior to keep natural healing and just healing in general available to everyone and to stop this evil entity the FDA whose primary goal is to protect big Pharma not people.
      Anyway just wanted to say thank you for the video and I'm reading through the comments trying to learn more. God bless and when our body is in balance and our immune system is working properly everything else just falls into line. Pharmaceutical drugs just treat the symptoms and most have massive side effects that create the need for other drugs of course all this cost a lot of money there lies in the real agenda of the FDA and big Pharma, money money money.

    4. Hi Joanie..I just wanted to share that there is some connection of sound of water and these parasites namely the rope worms..The moment I hear water sounds like tap water or waterfalls or rain sounds these parasites move a lot as if it's affecting them.I don't know what's the connection but was curious to know if anyone else has similar experience…thanks

    5. Thanks for this video. I've been on MMS for 4 months now for chronic lyme disease, and it turns out I have parasites too. Terrible anxiety and constant trapped feeling. Hopefully it improves soon. Are you still doing better?

    6. I missed it….. really …. what are you saying? Turpentine didn't cure your parasites? I am also using Olive leaf (which makes me deadly ill & I don't want to eat anything!


    8. Also ! Take spirulina to take away die off symptoms as well as many other benefits. Remember milk thistle protects the liver therefore it helps keep mind clear because liver can operate better. Radishes also help liver. Eat 2 grams ginger root per day 🙂

    9. We don't have to chat I just got excited and wanted to share info. I am passing many rope worms myself. I do bentonite clay with psyllium husks and Activated charcoal. Just like a mud pie 🙂 It pulls out the ropeworms somehow. I feel really sick before I shit them out. I take many herbs like ginger, turmeric, Garlic. I eat kimchi and Sourkrout and things of that nature. I take turpentine regularly. I am getting many more worms now. After waking I use enemas with coffee and lemon juice, sometimes Garlic. I wish you the best and I hope you are taking brain supplements. I reccomend Iodine, Selenium, Nac, Boron, zinc, copper. My mind is so much sharper because of these. Especially Iodine, Selenium and NAC. Best supplements for brain fog. Mop up those toxins ! Bless you !!

    10. muchas gracias por tu valentía al compartir tu experiencia, esto ha hecho que reconozca los míos y que no estoy haciendo las cosas mal, besos

    11. My prayers go out you for god to heal you!
      Please pray for me also to be healed! I'm self healing with prayers for guidance from god. All things are possible with god!!!
      I'm sick and can't get diagnosed! Suspect infectious disease!

    12. Hi. How did you get the rope worm? Did you travel out of the country? May God bless you in every way.

    13. This sounds exactly like what i've had for 2 years, and i've lost a whole section of my life cause i haven't been well enough to work, and all the docs said was that I need anti depressants, i had more and more gut issues i didn't believe it was an emotional thing, it was a couple of months ago that i was so hungry all of the time! to the point where i would feel dizzy and panicky and it would only calm if i ate, that meant i was eating 5 main meals a day, and each time never feeling full! i took an over the counter worm treatment and thats when i found out it's worms, although they are dead in my stool sample even though i can see them, the GP has said my stool is negative (as they don't identify dead worms!) i've started to feel better but my aniety is still so high and i just want them gone!

    14. I believe we all have ropeworm because there is something wrong with our food supply. Try Dr Natura's colonix and turpentine ( 100% pure gum spirits), I simply did these two things and cleaned up my diet and I am cured after 19 years of being sick. It's something you have to stay on top of also otherwise you'll fall back and get sick again.

    15. You people are fucking demented. Drinking paint-stripper?! ha ha ha knock yourself out. Drink it until you liquify your internal organs. Darwinism at work.

    16. Hi, did you ever have any side effects from CD or ozone therapy? I get histamine intolerance (maybe ozone kills even my good gut bacteria), extreme sweating, anxiety when stressed out and my body just wants to contract, hair loss, and extreme muscle and body weight loss (even on the face).

    17. Joannie sounds like you were in protracted withdrawal from pharmacuticals,people can get so sick even after stoppage.some are as sick as you said you were for years.

    18. I am currently taking para 1 by cellcore…and after a week started getting very long ropeworm.
      It could have been I was expelling them before but I was not physically checking my poop.
      My concern is getting rid of these things long term. How will we know if we are parasite free. Or is that even possible.
      Also the way I found out I had them was by doing the hulda clark protocol (tincture of sweet wormwood, black walnut hull, and cloves) & then did a liver/gallbladder cleanse of epsom salt drinks followed by olive oil and lemon juice. Definately an over 2ft long worm was expelled. I had no idea that would happen.
      Please give a in depth video of your cd/mms protocol. I can confirm the totally gross pic on internet of a long worm hanging out of someone's behind IS REAL occurance..I thought that was just internet sensationalism. Nope it is absolutely real possibility and happened to me.
      Now how do we get rid of these nasty things forever? 🐍
      I have more to say but this is long already. GBU 🙏

    19. I’ve had a similar situation,  can’t figure out if the parasite is purely physical or non physical though.   Saddened to know that DE isn’t enough to get rid of it as i just started it recently and had some hope..

    20. I have looked you up on Facebook and left a friend request. I am right where you are and started CD 3 months ago. Very tough pulling these from the body. Would love to connect.
      I am from Maine too!

    21. Do you think antibiotics could have caused your symptoms? They sound a lot like Fluoroquinolone Toxicity…

    22. Hi it's me again. I'm wondering if you also had Mercury amalgams of had removed some prior to you being sick. I just can't seem to
      Work out exactly what my issue is. I am reacting to anything I eat or drink especially during the first meal of the day. The pulse in my solar plexus beats fast and I get an adrenaline rush and then anxiety and near panic. It's awful, I am losing so much weight. Not sure my body would cope with something like choline dioxide as it is not even coping with food or water!! Feel very lost. What kind of reaction did you have when you first took chlorine dioxide?

    23. Hi Joanie, i feel your pain so much of what you say sound like my journey. I too have been on mms and starting to feel my energy return after 3 weeks,feels so fantastic and exciting. Hope your healing continues! Thanks so much for sharing.

    24. Thanks for your video Joanie and I wish best of health to you.. I recently started Kerri Rivera's protocol and right now I am at 5 drops per day. I have had headaches in one quadrant of my head since 2 days ago and wonder if this is normal. I am wondering if this is normal and if I should stop or keep going. Did you experience any symptoms like this?


    25. Joannie I release loads of things that either look like mucoid plaque and perhaps worms but I can't be sure. Did you ever have a pulse in your stomach? I get a burning in my stomach and then it switches to a pulse in my stomach and so I can't eat at that time, which seems to be happening very often. The only time is seems calmer is when I have acupuncture or cranio sacral therapy. Did you ever try those therapies? Do you have any pictures of the worms you expelled?

    26. It's my first time seeing your video . Can you explain more about the cute plz. Cd mms??? I would also love the cure.

    27. Thank you very much for your summary video, could you please tell me what sort of hydrogen peroxide treatment you tried and what ozon treatment you tried as I think they shoul work similarly to the CD treatment, Best regards

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